Best Xgimi H2 Global Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The Xgimi X2 is a model dedicated to home cinema which, unlike the BenQ or Optoma models, focuses on versatility and simplicity of use (Android, autofocus and quality audio system), but it is far from ‘be perfect.


The Xgimi H2 Global Version video projector has a 0.47 “DMD Texas Instruments TRP DLP chip (DLP4710) displaying a 1,920 x 1,080 px native Full HD definition. The chip is coupled to a 1,350 lumen LED light source This is less than on a BenQ W1090 (2,000 lm), but as we will see the brightness of the LEDs rivals without problem with the lamp models.The LEDs of the Xgimi H2 do not change and benefit from a duration life of 30,000 hours, three to four times more than a conventional UHP (ultra high pressure) lamp. This video projector has an audio system composed of two speakers and a radiator *, * signed Harman Kardon.

Another peculiarity and not least, the front camera which allows the Xgimi H2 to focus on its own and especially to correct the trapezoid automatically, which is very practical when you often move the projector and it is off-center . On the operating system side, we find the Android 6.0 system with a GMUI overlay specific to Xgimi, powered by a quad-core Cortex-A53 processor, a Mali-T820MP4 GPU, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space. The video projector also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; the latter is used to connect an external speaker, but also to use the video projector as an enclosure.

The Xgimi H2 Global Version video projector is the cousin of the Xgimi Z6 Polar . It works the same way, but has a larger DLP chip (0.47 “versus 0.3”), a higher brightness (1350 lm against 700 lm), a more powerful audio system , the automatic keystone correction system, and it makes a little less noise.

The Xgimi H2 Global Version has a few competitors like the Optoma HL10 which we have not yet tested. The Xgimi H2 is sold for around € 1,000.

Best Xgimi H2 Global Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. XGIMI H2 19201080 dlp Full HD Projector 1350 ANSI lumens 3D Projector Support 4K Android WiFi Bluetooth Beamer

2. CACACOL XGIMI H2 Android 3D Smart TV Home Projector | Native 1080p HD | 1350 ANSI Lumens. Auto Focus | MEMC HDR10 | Harman/Kardon Hi-Fi Stereo Speaker | Global Version

3. XGIMI Halo Smart Mini Projector, 1080P FHD 800 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, Android TV 9.0, Support 2K/4K. Portable WiFi/Bluetooth Harman/Kardon Speaker, Indoor/Outdoor Theater More Than 5000+ Apps

4. 極米XGIMI H2 DLP 3D Android 4K Projector | 原生1080P. 1350ANSI流明 | Harman/Kardon原裝音响 | 海外華人 中英文通享版

5. CACACOL 小米Xiaomi 4K Projector 米家MJJGTYDS01FM | ALPD 3.0激光超短焦 | 原生4K UHD. 5000流明光源亮度 1500ANSI流明 | Dolby DTS双全频音响系统 | 海外華人版

2D image quality

This Xgimi H2 Global Version video projector is equipped with fixed optics with a ratio of 1.2: 1. It can project a basic 2.5 m image with a 3 m recoil. With this model, our measurements are taken at 2.5 m in order to obtain an image of 2 m base as for the other projectors. This video projector does not offer a  lens shift (optical device making it possible to move the projected image vertically or horizontally without distorting it or having to move the device; Editor’s note) ,but it is of course possible to modify the horizontal and vertical trapezoid to compensate for its possible inclination at the cost of a slight loss of definition. 

The H2 has an automatic focus and trapezoid system. Each time the projector is started, it focuses to guarantee a clear image. The keystone adjustment is found in the settings. It then displays white dots on the screen and adjusts the trapezoid according to the result of the photo captured by the front camera.

The optical unit is very satisfactory, especially when coupled with a medium-sized DLP chip. The image is a little less precise than on a BenQ W1050S , but it remains fairly clear. Native Full HD 1080p definition allows you to display a large image while retaining detail in the image.

Smart mode provides the best rendering – so to speak. We have measured an average delta E (difference between expected colors and displayed colors) to 10. A value very far from the limit of 3 below which the human eye no longer perceives the differences between the colors requested and the colors displayed. The color drift is therefore clearly visible.

Functions and ergonomics

The cubic format of the Xgimi H2 is quite impressive. It measures indeed 20.1 x 20.1 x 13.5 cm for a weight of about 2.5 kg. It is a little more compact than a conventional BenQ W1050S or W1090 type video projector, but it is also higher.

Small refinement of the Xgimi H2 model, the lens protection cover opens automatically when the projector is turned on and closes when the projector is turned off. We can also see – to the left of the Harman / Kardon logo – the camera used for automatic keystone correction over ± 45 ° vertically and ± 45 ° horizontally (the video projector displays a set of points and, depending on the captured photo, it corrects the distortion in software). 

Below, we can see the imposing passive radiator used by the audio system to improve the bass rendering, a thread for mounting on a tripod or the ceiling mounting and the grilles which allow to suck the air cool to properly cool the assembly. The four legs are adjustable to level the Xgimi H2.

The four buttons on the projector are only used to manage the audio part. This model replaces a Bluetooth speaker and can thus control the music of the connected device (play / pause, next track). The “music” button starts the H2 in audio mode. The button on the far right is the classic power button. Finally, the red border materializes the tactile part for volume control. The projector is Bluetooth compatible in both directions. That is, it can connect to a Bluetooth speaker and also serve as a wireless speaker. Do not lose the remote control since it is impossible to use the projector only with the buttons on the chassis.

Consumption and noise level

We measured the consumption of the Xgimi H2 Global at 106 W with the maximum brightness (87 cd / m²). This is much less than the BenQ W1050S, for example, which consumes 190 W for the same brightness. Compared to a lamp model, this video projector is therefore very energy efficient. In addition, it is very silent. We measured noise between 35 dB (A) and 36 dB (A) 1 m in front of the projector. It is thus much quieter than the famous BenQ W1070 and W1090 , and even much more than the Qumi Q38  and Q3 Plus . The most annoying is the variation in the fan speed which is clearly audible and can sometimes annoy.


The Xgimi H2 is frustrating. It has everything to make an excellent projector, but it sins by a factory calibration that can be improved and by a version of Android that requires some knowledge to take full advantage of the H2’s capabilities. The Xgimi H2 Global Version remains a very good versatile projector, but lovers of beautiful images will more easily orient themselves towards the BenQ W1090 associated with a Shield TV .


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