Best Runtastic Orbit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022:

At the end of summer 2014, connected bracelets are likely to flock to stores, and perhaps even in a somewhat unreasonable way: range expansion (Fitbit …) or newcomers (Huawei, LG, Toshiba …), they many will pretend to grip our wrists to “  self-quantify”“; in other words to assess our physical activities, or even the quality of our sleep. Among the legitimate brands that had not yet expressed themselves in this area. Runtastic intends to fill this gap with the Orbit, here in test. Runtastic is this Austrian firm which, since 2009, has carved out an international reputation by producing applications for smartphones dedicated to sport. To date, the brand claims 85 million downloads worldwide (including 40 million registered accounts) and 6 million downloads in France (including 3 million registered).

The brand founded by four students had already launched two connected objects: a running watch (which is no longer on sale on the Runtastic site but which can still be found in web marketers ), as well as a scale called Libra . With the Orbit bracelet, offered at € 120 at the time of its launch. Runtastic is expanding its range in an area where it deserves a voice. But does the Orbit have enough to be heard? Response after 15 days of testing

Best Runtastic Orbit Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022

1. Runtastic Orbit 24 Hour Activity (Fitness & Sleep Tracker)

2. Runtastic Orbit 24 Hour Activity Fitness & Sleep Tracker w/ Wristbands & Clip

3. Runtastic GPS Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

4. Runtastic Colored Wristbands Orbit


Neither handsome, ugly, nor very original in its aesthetic approach. The Orbit takes the form of an anti-allergenic polyurethane bracelet into which a small electronic module slides. It is recharged using a USB cable at the end of which is a tiny magnetic connector. The module has a 1.5 cm square screen under which there is a steel-colored button. The Orbit is supplied with two straps, as well as with a black clip support for a belt. Bracelets of different colors are available on the manufacturer’s websitein sets of three (€ 29.99), which is quite a good idea (yellow / orange / pink or green / gray / white of your choice). The Orbit is waterproof down to -100m, making it the most resistant bracelet behind the. Garmin Vivofit (-50m), the Misfit Shine (-45m) and the Polar Loop (-20m ).

The daily sensor

The hitch simply grips the wrist with two small lugs. The closure system is simple and firm. No worries about losing the bracelet. The Orbit offers various functions: display of the hour, the number of steps taken, that of the calories burned and the active minutes. To access this information, simply press the button as many times as necessary. At first glance small, the screen size turns out to be sufficient for reading the data. Another feature: recording a smileyon the activity curve. This validates a good moment in the day or the achievement of a physical goal for example. Double pressing the button saves. Despite everything, the function is hardly interesting since later, it is not possible to record what the smileys that appear in the application on our activity curve correspond to.

The Orbit also assesses the quality of our sleep. It is necessary to make a long press on the button to trigger this mode which will be validated by a small vibration. Same manipulation to return to day mode. Strongly the bracelets that will do this on their own, because we often forget to launch these modes, which implies that we can sleep with the bracelet in Day mode, or spend a day with the bracelet in Sleep mode. And there, it is not terrible to collect relevant information…

Very appreciable, an intelligent alarm wake-up function allows up to 3 alarms (My Orbit section in the application) on desired days.

Similarly, you can configure the Orbit to vibrate after a period of too much inactivity (60 min). A little reminder to invite us to move. Good point, it is possible to calibrate the time window during which this function will be effective. But not the duration of inactivity beyond which the bracelet will vibrate.

The interface

The ad hoc application with a very cute little name: “Me”. Without being very original, it has the merit of clarity and above all of simplicity of use

The screen displays line by line the data collected in each category (Steps, Active minutes, Calories, Distance, Sleep time). By pressing the desired line, a new screen opens, revealing the detail of the information in the form of a graph. By placing the index on the screen, it is possible to display a time line to scroll from left to right. This allows you to display the precise data at a given time (find out how many kilometers you have traveled at a given time, etc.).

The same manipulation on the Sleep graph allows you to know more deeply the periods of deep or light sleep. Note that it is possible to couple Orbit with a Runtastic application. The manufacturer claims that the sensor will adapt its calculation algorithm according to the activity. Concretely, nothing makes it possible to verify this information, the interface of the “Me” application does not integrate data from other Runtastic applications.


Announced at 7 days by Runtastic, we measured the autonomy at 5 and 4 days respectively the first and the second week of our tests.

The bracelet is therefore standard, except for the autonomy of the Vivofit from Garmin, announced at one year, and the Shine from Misfit, which is 3 months. The sensor fully charges in approximately one hour.


The first connected bracelet from the company Runstastic is discreet, complete and can often claim to do more than others. Its watertightness in deep water may appeal to some, but this characteristic will remain limited to a limited number of users. We would have appreciated a greater interactivity with the applications of the Austrian firm and perhaps also a more original design. In the state, the Orbit remains a bracelet among others, even if its qualities seem obvious.


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