Best Polar Loop 2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Exit the Polar Loop. The first connected bracelet of the sports accessory designer gives way to Loop 2. What is changing? Is this activity sensor relevant? But above all, is it worth it to equip it? To find out, the best was to try it …


Almost two years after the Loop , Polar returns with Loop 2 . If it looks a lot like its predecessor, the new activity sensor wants to do more and do it better. Launched at around 119 €, it is trying to make its way into the heart of the plethoric offer of trackers and wants to target sports enthusiasts as a priority while remaining within the average of the rates charged.

Best Polar Loop 2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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Black, pink or white, choose yours! The Polar Loop 2 is for everyone. Immediate observation, the bracelet being quite bulky (2 cm wide, anyway), it may turn out to be a bit flashy on the ladies wrist menu. After all, it’s all about tastes and colors… the pink offered is frankly pretty. It is all the more so since the LEDs used to display the functionality of the bracelet are red for the pink Loop 2, and black and white for the white version. The tone on tone in the activity sensors, you had to think about it!

As with the Loop, the first contact with Loop 2 is completely sealed by a ridiculous concept. Everyone can adjust the size of the bracelet to their wrist size by cutting with scissors – yes yes! – the silicone strap! When you have just spent 119 €, it is clearly a hazardous manipulation which you have no desire to indulge in. In addition and despite a clear manual, you can very well “looper” and shorten the bracelet a little too much. Finally, it is impossible to imagine a second life for the sensor the day we want to change it and possibly resell it…

Once this perilous operation has been carried out, here is the Loop 2 ready for use.

The sensor is supplied with a proprietary charger whose magnetic tip quite simply finds its place on the back of the bracelet. Beware not to lose it; Polar has a web platform to synchronize the data recorded by the sensor. It will also be necessary to use the small cable for this purpose. It can nevertheless be purchased separately on the manufacturer’s site (€ 19.90).

The daily sensor

A little embarrassing and visible, even on a man’s wrist, the Loop 2 nevertheless fulfills its mission perfectly. Without doubt inspired by Nike’s Fuelband – the ancestor of connected bracelets – the display based on LEDs is quite practical, even if it requires manipulation. A permanent display – but more energy efficient – would have been appreciated. Please note, the white LEDs on the white bracelet are almost invisible outside when the daylight is strong enough! It is a real defect noted. As the day goes by, the Loop 2 displays a small gauge which fills up as our activity level progresses against the objectives set (in number of steps) in the Polar Flow app (iOS and Android ).

This is where Polar wants to distinguish itself by basing its evaluations not only on the number of steps taken, but also based on the profile of the user. Thus, the owner of Loop 2 will choose in the application his level (1, 2 or 3), depending on whether he spends his days rather sitting, rather standing, even if he is downright very active. In addition, it is possible for sports sessions to determine your training level, on a graduated scale from 1 to 6, ranging from Occasional to Pro.

Good points: you can program a vibration alarm (possibly recurrent), as well as notification of incoming calls, SMS and calendar reminders. When the time comes, the bracelet vibrates (a bit weak for our taste). It displays the name of the correspondent if he is identified in the smartphone. Otherwise, the word “call” will appear. In case of received SMS, it is “message” which scrolls. And for appointment reminders, only the word “calendar” appears on the surface of the bracelet.

The interface

On the Web, when the Polar Loop 2 is connected to a computer with its small cable, it is a complete sport and health platform that opens to the user, with his calendar, the possibility of planning his training sessions or even ” access a real personal assessment. It is simple, clear and practical to use, provided that you are a little assiduous.

If we favor synthetic reading, the application is perfect for that. A “pie chart” deploys over the course of 24 hours all the stages of the day, indicates the time spent at rest, seated, in average activity, intense or sporting and, of course, the percentage of the activity carried out compared to the target set. The whole is very detailed. If the objective is not reached, some recommendations are lavished to reach it (“Reach your objective with 42 min of squash, 2 h 30 of light dance, 4 h 13 of slow walk”, for example). This is certainly very indicative, but it gives an idea of ​​the work remaining to be accomplished.

Small personal assessments are also indicated from day to day, as many lines in French wanting to be motivating, even reassuring, in any case always encouraging. Be careful however, to benefit from it, you must have worn the Loop 2 at least 10 hours continuously (excluding sleep and rest). And daily and weekly data can be graphically accessed. Again, we can see his activity commented under certain conditions: having worn the Loop 2 for more than 10 hours per day for at least 5 days for a weekly review; and over a period of at least 21 days for a monthly comment. All of this turns out to be very interesting and ultimately allows you to benefit from a particularly detailed personal dashboard.


Our test of the Polar Loop revealed a bracelet that did not keep its promises (3 days of autonomy instead of the 5 days announced). By announcing up to 8 days of autonomy for its Loop 2, Polar is not lying: this is indeed the duration that we have seen. Beware, however, to remain vigilant and to check after a few days if the sensor is still underfoot. Otherwise, as we did, we will notice one fine morning that, for lack of sufficient battery, the Loop 2 did not end the night by our side and ended up falling asleep … forgetting that it had to monitor the quality of our sleep up close!


More complete than the Loop and benefiting from a truly engaging smartphone application and Web platform, the Loop 2 has successfully entered the large family of connected bracelets. A little bulky for our taste, which can limit its daily wear, it retains the major defect of its elder, namely the need to cut it to adapt it to the size of the wrist. The fifth star was not far …


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