Best Polar RC3 GPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Polar, the brand specializing in heart rate monitors, is launching its RC3 GPS, a multisport cardio watch incorporating a GPS chip. Sold around 230 € when it is launched, it is an accessory for demanding sportsmen. But which will also motivate amateurs wishing to coach, or even push their limits somewhat…

Best Polar RC3 GPS Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Polar RC3 GPS Watch

2. Polar RC3 GPS Sports Watch

3. Polar RC3 GPS Bike with Heart Rate Monitor, Black

4. Polar RC3 GPS Sports Watch


Quite voluminous but light (58 g), available in black or orange, the RC3 GPS displays, like many other multisport watches, a rather mastoc… and plastoc look. A solid bracelet with metal fastener allows you to attach it carefully. Note that on the wrist, its width can sometimes cause some discomfort. The watch has five buttons: Light, Up, Start, Down and Back, the use of which proves to be rather intuitive.

On its monochrome screen, the display is large and clear, an important quality – not to say essential – during a running session and what is more a competition. It can be used for various activities (to be calibrated in Settings): Running, Cycling or Other sport. The RC3 GPS is supplied with a heart rate belt.

Functions and training

The Polar RC3 GPS is quite simple to use as soon as you marry its ergonomics. The Up, Down and Back buttons allow you to navigate in its different menus and pages. The Start button ensuring the validation of the choices. Appreciable for morning or night outings, the Light button is used to light up the screen for about ten seconds, the extinction being automatic. Once the watch is activated, the GPS signal is picked up in a good minute, a fairly honest and confirmed duration during our three outings with the watch. It supports rain since the RC3 GPS is. IPX7 standard and can therefore be submerged up to a meter for 30 minutes.

In use, the watch memorizes and displays numerous data: start time, duration, distance, average pace, maximum pace, maximum altitude, elevation +, elevation -, laps, best lap, average lap. Regular users will also appreciate the weekly summaries, as well as the summaries, accessible with a few presses on the different buttons.

The return to start point functionality may seem like a gadget but is very practical if you want to run or pedal outside of your usual circuits: a bit like a compass, an arrow on the screen indicates the direction that you must follow to find the exact place where the activity started. Followers of athletics tracks will be able to record their laps manually or automatically (practical to check the regularity of their pace!). The on-board altimeter will be a precious companion for advanced activities.

The autonomy of the RC3 GPS is announced at 12 hours in GPS. We did not have to recharge it for our three outings of just over an hour each, all spaced a week.

The interface

Complete, but remaining very readable, it allows you to upload the output data and view very detailed summaries of the sessions. Followers of advanced training can even annotate each of their turns.

Interesting for laymen, the Allure curve on which it is enough to move a cursor to find on a map (or satellite view) its position at a specific location during the race and know – understand – why we slowed down or accelerated . The Progress graph is also there to compare several outings with each other on the same route. Still fairly underdeveloped (in any case compared to the community possibilities offered by. Nike, for example), the possibility of creating challenges or joining them. 


Very well designed and establishing itself as an (almost) complete tool. The Polar RC3 GPS watch will be able to convince quite easily the already assiduous athletes who will be able. Thanks to it, to carry out a precise follow-up of their outings and their progress. Riders or cyclists less bitten will wear on the wrist an electronic coach to say the least stimulating, although a little cumbersome. The perfect complementarity of the manufacturer’s dedicated site is an asset that should not be overlooked.


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