Best Sony MDR-ZX310 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The MDR-ZX310 is the evolution of the MDR ZX-300 , one of the best-selling models by Sony. From a very basic design at first glance, he puts forward some interesting arguments when listening.

Sold for just a few dozen euros, the MDR-ZX300 is a helmet that you see a lot on the street. Even if it attracts a more female than male clientele, it appeals to young people as well as to older users. Three reasons for this: a very low price, colorful finishes and a rather flattering warm sound.

The new Sony MDR-ZX310 takes the recipes of its predecessor (MDR-ZX300). Its design has been slightly refined and modernized, but it retains an always very mellow sound aesthetic. It is also available in four finishes: entirely black, black and red, black and blue or all white.

Best Sony MDR-ZX310 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Sony ZX Series MDR-ZX310AP Headband Stereo Headset

2. Sony MDR-ZX310-BLACK Wired Headphones with Lightweight Adjustable Headband and Swivel Earcups

3. Sony MDR-ZX310/WQ ZX Series stereo headphones

4. Sony MDR-ZX310

5. Sony MDR-ZX310 Headphone – Black


With a simple design, the MDR-ZX310 is an over-ear headset with not very thick annular ear cushions. It therefore does not isolate much from outside noise. In addition, its plastic hoop does not include any padding. But fortunately, it is quite light (109 g on our scale) and a well thought out shape. Its ear cups can easily be adjusted in front of the user’s hearing flags. In fact, it is not unpleasant to wear. It holds relatively well in place when one is in motion while not tightening the ears too tightly.

We also appreciate that the MDR-ZX310 can be folded flat and on itself. It takes up less space in a bag or in a large pocket

These headphones are an entry level model; so don’t expect to find a whole set of accessories in the package. Its cable, relatively thick and striated to avoid knots, does not even include a control unit with microphone for smartphone. There is also no storage bag, which is a bit of a shame. Apart from that, the plastic packaging is well done and beautifully presented.

Manufacturing: Simple but neat 

The structure of this helmet (headband, hinges, slides, ear cup shell, etc.) is entirely made of molded synthetic plastic material. It’s not the most solid or the most chic, but the pieces are thick enough not to fear immediate breakage. The implementation is also relatively neat. The parts are precisely adjusted and assembled and the outer shields of the earpieces display a very successful metal finish.

The transducers built into the earbuds are only 30mm in diameter, which is normal for entry-level headphones, but they are already quality models. They are equipped with PET diaphragm, metal chassis, a large moving coil as well as a serious ventilated and perfectly shielded motor. Their acoustic load is also well worked. The shell walls of the atria are thick, in order to limit parasitic resonances.


Listening, the return of the Sony MDR-ZX310 is warm, soft and very smooth. The bass is not very deep. On the contrary, as can be seen on the measures, it is fairly shortened, like the treble. However, the bottom of the spectrum seems subjectively generous, with a lot of material.

Compared to the previous generation MDR-ZX300, we also see that the midrange has gained a little clarity and ventilation. However, the sound still seems a bit muffled in the treble and the spatialization remains limited.

Nor should you expect delusional sound levels from these headphones. The sound is clean, the sensitivity is correct, but it saturates quite quickly when you push the volume. However for a model under 30 €, these Sony headphones are doing well. Its sound reproduction is not transparent or detailed, but it is generally homogeneous, correctly balanced, with pleasant timbre that does not fall into excess of heaviness or acidity.

Technical specifications of Sony MDR-ZX310 headphones

  •  Type: closed earbud
  •  Transducers: 30 mm PET diaphragm electrodynamics
  •  Impedance: nc
  •  Sensitivity: nc
  •  Frequency response: 10 Hz to 24 kHz (manufacturer’s data)
  •  Supplied accessories: none
  •  Cable: 1.2 m
  •  Weight: 110g


This new version of one of the low-cost portable headsets among the best-selling by Sony brings some small improvements to listening, with a little more clarity and presence on the voices. For the rest, we find the same qualities and limitations. The performances are not exceptional, but the sound rendering is pleasant. The design is minimalist, but neat and elegant.


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