Best Marshall Major III Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The Major is undoubtedly the most popular helmet from Marshall, and one of the few that has been able to boast of competing with Beats in terms of popularity. If, like his rival, his first models had not convinced us. Marshall (that is to say Zound Industries) has raised the bar, especially with the Major II Bluetooth . Let’s discover together what the III has in store for us …

Best Marshall Major III Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Marshall Major III Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones, Black – New

2. Marshall Major III Wired On-Ear Headphone, Brown – New, 6.3 x 6.3 x 3.4 in (4092184)


3. Marshall Major II Black

4. Marshall Major II On-Ear Headphones, Brown (4091112)

5. Marshall Major II On-Ear Headphones, White – Discontinued


Unlike those of all products in the latest Marshall range (including the Mid ANC ). The logo of the Major III Bluetooth was not given a facelift. Why, we do not know, still it is that instead of adorning itself with the soft bronze shade. It remains confined to good old white plastic.

In accordance with the manufacturer’s promises, the helmet design has been reworked, in a subtle but undeniable way. Marshall makes a definitive cross on the ovoid shape of the hoop so criticized and gratifies his newborn with considerably thicker pads. All this offers undoubtedly superior comfort to previous models. The support is very good, while avoiding the pincer effect thanks to the better distribution of the pressure on the skull and the softness of the pads. After five or six hours, however, a slight discomfort may be felt in the cartilage.

The distribution of commands has also been redesigned. The helmet is now fully controlled from the multifunction button, responsive and intuitive. A long press turns it on / off, a long press turns it on and activates Bluetooth pairing, the longitudinal axis (up / down) allows you to adjust the listening volume and the anteroposterior axis (front / back), to navigate between the tracks. Finally, a simple press allows you to take / reject calls and a double press invokes the personal assistant of your chapel.


It’s not just the design of the Major that changes: Marshall also equips its latest model with new “optimized” transducers promising a crystal-clear sound, better defined, with improved low frequency power – in short, a V signature

And V signature there is! This is almost a 180 ° turn for Marshall, whose headsets were known on the contrary to highlight (sometimes too much) the midrange. As always, the frequency response curve announced is fully in line with the results of our measurements: flattered bass, low mid / low midrange, then high backward midrange. While the previous models gave pride of place to the frequency range between 1 and 2 kHz. It is now that between 2 and 5 kHz that gives voice, or rather cymbal. 

Unlike Marshall, we would not call this rendering “crystalline”, but rather “pinched”, even slightly garish. Fortunately, it flirts with shine, certainly, but doesn’t never becomes really aggressive and spares our eardrums the joys of sibilance. On the other hand, all the breaths, the “ch”, “f”, “s” are propelled to the front of the stage, impossible to ignore.


Many elements have been redesigned by Marshall since the Major II Bluetooth – some to the advantage of Major III, like comfort, others more questionable, like the new transducers. In addition, we find the rock’n roll aesthetic, the excellent autonomy and the complete and intuitive management of orders. The III and II therefore each make valid arguments, which will give advantage to one or the other depending on the needs and expectations of the user.


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