Best Nikon Coolpix P7000 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

With the Coolpix P7000, Nikon is back in the compact expert range. A very successful and efficient model but which has to face the G12 and LX5.

After a halftone P6000 that tried to stand out with “out of the ordinary” options like GPS. Nikon is refocusing on the essentials to deliver a compact expert who must be able to compete with the Canon G12 , Panasonic LX5 and other Samsung EX1.

Best Nikon Coolpix P7000 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Nikon Coolpix P7000 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 7.1x Wide Zoom-Nikkor ED Lens and 3-Inch LCD

2. Nikon Coolpix S7000 16 MP Digital Camera with 20x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom 3-Inch LCD (Black)

3. Nikon COOLPIX P7100 10.1 MP Digital Camera with 7.1x Optical Zoom NIKKOR ED Glass Lens and 3-Inch Vari-Angle LCD

At first glance, the P7000 and G12 have a family resemblance. A sober, massive and black line, bordering on austere. Even if it falls into the compact category, the P7000 hardly fits into a pocket: 11.42 × 7.7 × 4.48 cm. A size that gives pride of place to orders. The body of the case is stuffed with a control button. All the main shooting parameters have its direct shortcuts.

Let’s start with the classic. The top of the device houses the mode selection wheel with all automatic, program, speed and aperture priority, manual, access to preprogrammed scenes, and three custom modes. The shutter button, zoom control, and an exposure compensation dial occupies the immediate vicinity. In contrast, on the far left, a multi-function shortcut wheel gives direct access to white balance, bracketing, sensitivity, image quality. One of the positions is customizable in order to complete the panel of accessible functions. By making these parameters accessible at the click of a button, this wheel is very practical to use.

The back of the device reveals a surprise: the presence of a coding wheel for navigation. Proven navigation accessory at Canon, it’s a first at Nikon. The manufacturer thus abandons the cross directional pad. A choice that we appreciate, because of the speed it brings to the handling of the P7000. A wheel completes / doubles the functions of this coding wheel.

The grip is very pleasant and comfortable. The massive body of the P7000 helps it hold. The presence at the front on the handle slightly advanced, and at the rear on the thumb rest, of a non-slip rubbery material guarantees the good stability of the device which does not slip at all.


The P7000 offers a fixed LCD screen 3 inches (7.6 cm) diagonal for a definition of 921,000 pixels. The display is very good: responsive and precise. Like all direct competitors, the P7000 adopts a 10 million pixel sensor . All manufacturers seem to have passed the word to stop (at least temporarily) the race for megapixels in the category of compact “experts”. A choice that without affecting the image quality ensures better management of the noise increase. The sensitivity of the P7000 ranges from ISO 100 to 3,200 with high sensitivity mode (Hi 1) to 6,400, and a night mode to ISO 12,800.

The P7000 stands out from its competitors with its focal range. With its 7.1x zoom, it covers 28-200 mm (35 mm eq) against 28-140 mm for the G12, or 24-90 mm. The objective offers a maximum aperture of 2.8 in wide angle and 5.6 in telephoto. Note that the zoom is active in the video mode.


Nikon equips its camera with an HDMI output to connect the P7000 to an HD TV. There are also image correction functions, including D-Lighting. The latter is very practical for keeping details in the clear and sober areas of a scene.

In use, the P7000 turns out to be rather pleasant with rather correct recording times (except in RAW). As for autofocus, if it is rather reactive in well-lit environments, it becomes winded in darker areas with an autofocus assist lamp so aggressive that it is difficult to use it.

Image & Video

The image quality is there. The optical combination of the lens associated with the sensor delivers detailed, very well-defined images with faithful color rendering. Note that the P7000 has a slight tendency to underexposure. For the white balance the P7000 achieves a great neutrality, to the point of giving some coldness to the x shots. It is also very flexible, and perfectly manages mixed lighting that mixes artificial light and daylight. The noise remains unsuspected up to ISO 400, very discreet up to ISO 800, to then be more present at higher sensitivities and attenuate the precision of the images. No surprise there.

For video, Nikon aligns with its competitors with a 720p mode. The P7000 has an on-board stereo microphone, and, pleasantly, a mini-jack socket so that you can connect an external microphone. On the quality side, no surprise either (neither bad nor good), the video sequences are clean and without burrs.

The P7000 finds its place in the category of expert compacts but its few slowness makes us prefer the Canon G12. Still, the Nikon has successfully returned to this niche with undeniable ergonomics and an impressive range of parameters.


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