Best Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Nikon persists in its concept of camera equipped with a video projector. The Nikon S1100PJ is the second camera of its kind for the Japanese manufacturer.

The Nikon Coolpix S1100pj is the successor to the Coolpix S1000pj, the first compact camera to integrate a projector.

If you want to share your photos without posting them on a website, this is probably the best solution. This 14.1 megapixel camera also has a 5x optical zoom and a touch screen. All this comes at a price: around 300 euros, but its characteristics are rare and original.

The S1100pj is available in black or green versions, and it easily fits in a pocket or handbag. In metal and plastic, its finish is classic and in the standard of what can be expected from Nikon.

Best Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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The Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ tends to improve its predecessor by many characteristics. First, its sensor offers a higher resolution (2 megapixels more). At around 14 lumens, according to Nikon, the projector is also almost 40% brighter than its predecessor. This allows you to project the photos with better visibility without having to be in total darkness. However, in broad daylight, this is clearly insufficient.

It is also worth remembering that, although the camera can shoot images in a resolution of 14 megapixels, the projection resolution remains in 640 x 480. A standard definition which does not allow to display as beautiful images as those displayed on the unit’s LCD screen.

When displaying images, the image becomes larger, the further you get from the surface towards where you project it. According to Nikon, images can vary between 15cm and 1.20m. Note that when viewing an image, you can adjust the focus with the dial located on the top of the camera. It’s quick and easy.

On the back of the device, a large 3-inch touch screen with a high resolution of 460,000 pixels. If you tilt the device to one side, the image also switches. Same thing when projecting an image.
Shooting options are displayed on the touch screen only. No dial or buttons to change options. This contributes to the smoothness of the device, while leaving room for the projector wheel. Next to it is a button for zooming, and another for the shutter.

The zoom offers a focal length of 28-140mm (35mm equivalent). In less than two seconds, you go from one extreme to the other. Same period of time between the moment the camera is turned on and the first shot.

At the back, there is also a Scene button which provides access to 17 modes, one of which incorporates settings optimized for all. Also at the back, a button dedicated to recording videos, in 720p. Note that on the front, the zoom is permanently integrated so that the device remains ultra-flat.

The Nikon Coolpix S1100PJ offers no less than five methods of reducing blurring, including the Vibration Reduction system dear to Nikon. Since there is no way to hold the camera well, it may happen from time to time that the image is not perfect despite its efforts to stabilize the image.

The S1100pj is remarkable for two reasons. First because it is able to project images stored on an SD card, SDHC card or SDXC memory card. But also because it can project what a PC or Mac displays.

The S1100pj can therefore be useful for professionals, but also individuals to share a slideshow of photos. In fact, Nikon even offers to save PowerPoint presentations as JPEG files.

Inside the camera, Nikon offers editing tools such as the possibility of adding handwritten annotations. All without going through a PC. In the same spirit, you can add animations, transition effects and sounds to your slideshows. You can even give notes, in the form of stars, to each picture.

For those who want to enhance their photos creatively, the S1100pj offers a few options such as softening a background, or adding a fish-eye effect.

We found the photos both colorful and well exposed. The images displayed on the screen provide a fairly faithful rendering compared to what will then be displayed on a PC or projected on the wall. If we had a complaint, it would be on the loss of detail at the edges of the wide angle image. In addition, the resolution decreases by three megapixels if you try to take pictures in ISO 3200 or ISO 6400 standards.

Nikon has the merit of improving an original and attractive idea with the Coolpix S1100pj. It is certainly a niche product but it works perfectly well as an ordinary camera, even if it is more expensive than normal.
 If Nikon plans to add 3D to the next model, this concept could really take off.


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