Best TomTom GO 930 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The successors to the TomTom GO 520, GO 520 T, GO 720, GO 720 T and GO 920 T have arrived! These are the TomTom GO 730, GO 730 Traffic, and GO 930 Traffic. The GO 530 and GO 530 Traffic will therefore not be sold in France.

These newcomers are strictly identical to the old models (same dimensions and same functions). Only a few new features make it possible to differentiate them:

  • The frame finish is now black.
  • “Advanced lane guidance”: the various lanes of road axes are now supported, with a photo-realistic display.
  • IQ Routes technology: it optimizes journeys and gives journey times closer to reality.
  • The menus are slightly modified, with some changes in the colors.

We will, in the rest of this article, focus on the new features of this new range. Also, we invite you to read the articles dedicated to previous models for more information. We will also return at the end of the page to the bonuses present in the GO930 compared to the GO 730.

Best TomTom GO 930 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. TomTom GO 930 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

2. TomTom GO 930 GPS Navigation Display (Only) A

3. Gomadic USB Charging Data Coiled Cable for the TomTom Go 930 Will charge and data sync with one unique TipExchange enabled cable

4. TomTom GO 720 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

5. TomTom GO 730 4.3-Inch Portable Bluetooth GPS Navigator (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Advanced lane guidance

The first novelty for GOs in the 30 series, “advanced lane guidance” – a formula found by TomTom France – makes it easier to visualize the route to follow. At motorway exits, the map view temporarily switches to a photo-realistic mode. This innovation is not really one, since Navigon has been using it for over a year with its “Reality View”.

And TomTom has not perfected the system since it retains the same limitations: only motorway exits and a few expressways are concerned, the view is frozen and reproduces only the roads. So don’t expect to see buildings, trees or other things lining your path on the screen. If “advanced lane guidance” is a little extra, it is not at all essential for correct guidance. It is also possible to deactivate it in the options menu.


Here is the real novelty of the 30 series. IQ Routes is a technology which takes into account information on the average density of road axes. In fact, the other GPS calculates the routes taking into account the maximum speeds allowed on the roads. If the results are satisfactory on the highway and in good traffic conditions, they quickly deteriorate in town or during peak hours. To improve these calculations, it is necessary, for example, to take into account road signs (stop sign, low beam, retarders, …) and the average density of the axes used.

This is what IQ Routes does! It uses the information sent by TomTom GPS owners who use Map Share for this. Thus, everyone participates in the evaluation of the actual traffic observed on the roads. TomTom therefore has a map which contains not only the maximum authorized speeds, but also the average speeds of the vehicles traveling there; all over two separate periods: weekdays and weekends.

This system offers two advantages:

  • Give a more precise estimate of the journey time
  • Take a faster route than the one using the maximum authorized speeds

It is also possible to deactivate IQ Routes; this allowed us to assess its interest. Here is a concrete example: we started from a point A located in the Paris suburbs to go to the heart of Paris. Without IQ Routes, the proposed route was 18.7 km in 28 min, and passed by the ring road. Unrealistic journey time, we would have been happy to take only 28 minutes to complete it! With IQ Routes, time rises to 32 minutes for 14.1 km bypassing the ring road and passing by the quays. It is a much more interesting option and closer to reality.

GO 730, Go 730 Traffic and GO 930 Traffic: the differences

Now let’s move on to the differences between the 730 and the 930. While the latter only exists in one version, the GO 930 Traffic which incorporates the TMC, the GO 730 is offered in two versions: one with TMC and the other without.

For the rest, the TomTom GO 930 Traffic is distinguished by a more extensive map. It adds the coverage of North America and some countries of Central Europe.

The GO 930 Traffic also offers a remote control that allows full control of the GPS and related functions such as the MP3 player.

Finally, only this high-end version offers EPT. This system makes it possible to continue following the trajectory of the vehicle, even when the GPS signal is lost (tunnels, tall buildings, …). To do this, he uses a gyroscope which detects variations in speed. In use, even if the EPT partially compensates for the lack of satellite reception, it is not at the same level of precision as these. When we entered a 1.5 km long test tunnel, we measured an offset of 300 m at the exit. The EPT therefore partly compensates for the absence of a GPS signal, but it cannot replace it over long distances.


Worthy successor to the TomTom Go 920 T, the TomTom GO 930 is distinguished above all by the addition of IQ Routes which optimizes journeys taking into account the real average speed observed on the roads.


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