Best Sony Alpha 6600 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The Alpha 6600 (A6600) hybrid camera is at the very top of Sony’s APS-C sensor range. Presented at the end of August 2019, it succeeds the Alpha 6500 (A6500) which remains in the catalog.


Presented at the end of summer 2019 alongside the Alpha 6100 (A6100) , the Alpha 6600 (A6600) hybrid camera constitutes the new top of the range APS-C range – sensor smaller than the reference 24×36 used on more expensive high-end models. The innovations are not necessarily numerous, the evolution of the Alpha 6500 (A6500) indeed brings only improvements by small touches.

The Alpha 6600 (A6600) has for him a design resistant to dust and humidity, but also a stabilization of its sensor. The Bionz X processor is integrated for better performance. Extended sensitivity is increased, eye detection and real-time autofocus tracking of humans or animals are present. Finally, we can note the arrival of HDR video with an HLG mode.

The Sony Alpha 6600 (A6600) was sold at a price of € 1,600 in naked version. Among the competition, we can compare it to the X-T3 from Fujifilm, the OM-D E-M1 Mark II from Olympus or the Lumix G9 from Panasonic.

Best Sony Alpha 6600 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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Efficient, but a bit long start

All the management of the autofocus and the reactivity of the camera is part of the main axes of evolution chosen by Sony. The detection of human or animal eyes, real-time monitoring, faster, artificial intelligence for better efficiency, in short, Sony puts the package. Positioned as a leader in the hybrid market, the manufacturer does not want to be left behind.

Equipped with the E 16-55mm F2.8 G lens, the Sony Alpha 6600 (A6600) was generally very efficient and fast. The results are close to those obtained with the Alpha 6400 (A6400). The startup is a little faster, but does not manage to pass under the bar of the second. Photo flow measurements – without going through the burst mode – do not show too much delay. On the other hand, the behavior of the box can be erratic with a lack of consistency in its behavior on this precise point.

Burst with autofocus and exposure

On the burst side, we get without difficulty results that confirm the promises made by Sony. Several modes are available, you will have to select the “Hi +” option, which is the fastest.

Excellent autofocus tracking

After the Alpha 6400 (A6400), the Alpha 7R IV (A7R IV), the Alpha 9 II (A9 II) or even the RX100 VII, the Alpha 6600 (A6600) once again confirms Sony’s mastery of his subject. Face and associated eye detection and real-time monitoring of the brand’s autofocus remain among the market benchmarks. Attention, the technology is not perfect, but remains very effective. During our tests, we had only a reduced number of waste. In real conditions of use, it is a real pleasure to rely on its automatisms.

Image quality

Electronic noise management

The increased sensitivity and image quality of the Alpha 6600 (A6600) confirm once again the excellent 2019 vintage of the Sony APS-C range. The maximum value now reaches ISO 102,400, even if this is only to be reserved for exceptional situations as the quality is degraded.

For the rest, difficult to visualize a difference between 50 and 400 ISO. A bit of smoothing begins to appear at ISO 800 with an increase in the loss of fine detail to ISO 1600. But it is above all at 3,200 ISO that the real level of loss appears. Depending on the requirements of the moment, it is even possible to go up to ISO 6,400, keeping in mind the appearance of a larger mottling.

Latitude of exposure

To verify the scope of the work from an “artistic” point of view, we photographed our test scene over a range of +/– 5 EV and corrected the raw files with our editing software to obtain a similar exposure.

Sony once again confirms its know-how and shows its mastery in the design of photographic sensors. Between the low and the high lights, the results are good, even very good. In the case of overexposure, at +2 EV, we can note a slight beginning colorimetric drift. The phenomenon is accentuated at +2.3 EV, then marks a new important step at +2.6 EV. It is interesting to note that even our maximum values ​​still have a good level of detail, while some boxes burn all the details.

Regarding underexposure, a slight noise appears from -3 EV, without causing too many problems. The degradation is really too noticeable at -4 IL, even if it remains reasonable. Our two measurements at -4.6 EV and -5 EV are obviously the worst.


Dropper developments

The Sony Alpha 6600 (A6600) has real advantages to highlight on the video part. Recording can be done in 4K / UHD up to 30 fps. It’s a bit insufficient, an X-T3 reaches 60 fps. However, the video mode of the hybrid is rich. Many functions are available such as recording with the S-log 2 and 3 curves. From now on, an HLG mode is also available for making videos in HDR. Function dear to Sony, the presence of a proxy mode for easier postproduction is not forgotten. To top it off, an HDMI jack and a microphone jack are always available, and a headphone output is appearing.

Autofocus and rolling shutter

Like the photo part, the autofocus is very effective. Focus changes are smooth and easy. Several settings are available depending on the type of scene or the desired rendering. Eye and face detection with tracking is also present, and just as effective. This is an excellent point for making videos without taking the lead.

As on the recently tested Alpha 6100 (A6100) or on the Alpha 6400 (A6400) tested a little earlier in 2019, the rolling shutter – tilting of the verticals during a lateral movement of the camera – is too present.


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