Best Smeg BLF01 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Smeg is a high-end appliance manufacturer that boxes in the same category as Kitchenaid. Attractive design and quality of materials are the main advantages of BLF01, available in several colors. This model immediately attracts sympathy and will not mismatch in the kitchen of Elvis Presley.


Launched at € 230, the Smeg BLF01 is a non-heating blender with a power of 800 watts, with very elegant trim. Here, we are not talking about innovative systems like the tilted bowl of the Electrolux ESB9300 Masterpiece Collection or the friction cooking of the  Riviera & Bar Le Boss BL 870A . Whether in terms of design or the technologies used, this model inevitably recalls the 1950s. However, it is the only blender model in Smeg’s catalog for the moment. 

Best Smeg BLF01 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Smeg BLF01CRUS 50s Style Blender,, Cream, 48 Ounces

2. Smeg Blender Pastel Blue BLF01 PBUS

3. Smeg Citrus Juicer Pastel Blue CJF01 PBUS

4. Smeg Variable Electric Kettle KFL04 SSUS, Polished Stainless Steel

5. Smeg Variable Electric Kettle KFL04 PGUS

Convenience of use

At first glance, the Smeg BLF01CREU inspires confidence, since it is made of metal. The fifties aspect is further reinforced by the name of the Italian manufacturer composed of raised and stainless steel letters, like old American cars. 

Under the base, there is a cord storage that accommodates the electric cable, in whole or in part. It is very practical and ensures discreet storage, all the more appreciable since the BLF01 is made to remain visible on a work surface. 

If the engine block is worthy of appearing prominently in the pantheon of well finished products, the bowl is more subject to caution. First complaint, it is plastic. This makes the whole thing lighter and easier to handle, but even if it is made of Tritan, a material presented as extremely durable, scratches will appear as you use them. Too bad to have such a beautiful object disfigured by a striped bowl.

The cover closes with a seal system and despite the absence of an appendix to help remove it, it is easily removed, while remaining tightly sealed. The cap closing the food insertion hatch can be clipped. However, even without fixing it, there is no risk of it escaping when handling the bowl.

Mixing efficiency

Crushing ice is no problem with the Smeg BLF01. At the end of the dedicated 50-second program, there are no chunks left. That said, the operation may be too efficient and the result is more like snow than crushed ice. 

The smoothie program lasts 1 minute and the result is not very smooth. We did not notice any piece of ice in the preparation, but we can smell a few pieces of banana still not mixed. We noticed during mixing that too large pieces of fruit gave him a hard time. It is therefore important to prepare the ingredients carefully.

Finally, the skin of the apple that we do not peel to judge the smoothness of the mix remains very present under the tooth.


Maintaining the Smeg BLF01 is easy. The bowl is completely and easily disassembled thanks to the ingenious cap / key. The cap that closes the food insertion hatch also serves to disassemble the blade block to separate it from the bowl. 

As is often the case, all of the elements are dishwasher safe.


The Smeg BLF01 is a blender that requires meticulous preparation of the ingredients to ensure good mixing. But its devastating look and the general quality of its materials (despite the plastic bowl) argue in its favor. In addition, its control modes make it suitable for both novices and experienced users.


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