Best Jura IMPRESSA C65 / C60 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Fast, simple and elegant”, this is how Jura extols the merits of its Impressa C65 robot crusher. Always available in the manufacturer’s catalog, this automatic machine has a touchscreen interface supposed to facilitate access to the different menus and a single Rotary Switch button to control the entire machine.


Launched at around € 1,000, the Jura Impressa C65 is now available at a price of € 800. If it is not one of the most expensive machines in our comparison, it is nevertheless positioned in the mid-range segment. With such a positioning, Jura therefore necessarily overlooks certain options while ensuring that it offers an exceptional user experience. To do this, it has a technical sheet that could not be more classic with, to its credit, a bean container with a capacity of 200 g, a tank for ground coffee, a water tank with a capacity of 1.9 l, a pseudo cup-warming tray, but also a steam nozzle to sublimate the milk froth and increase its smoothness, thanks to a revolutionary fine foam technology. Just that !

Best Jura IMPRESSA C65 / C60 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum

2. Jura 15068 IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum Includes Jura Milk Container. Care Cartridge, Decalcifying Tablets and Set of Ceramic Cups and Saucers

3. Jura 15006 Impressa C60 Automatic Coffee Center

4. Jura 15070 E6 Automatic Coffee Center, Platinum

5. Jura 15215 D6 Automatic Coffee Machine, 1, Black

Ease of use

As a preamble, it is clear that the Jura IMPRESSA C65 / C60 is a monster of technology. Relatively imposing, it meets the dimensions of 28 x 34.5 x 41 cm (W x H x D). Inevitably, it is not suitable for narrow kitchens and cannot be installed on a shelf either. We are far from the compactness of the Scott Slimissimo or the Panasonic NC-ZA1 . Therefore, this congestion must really be anticipated before purchase.

In terms of finishes, we are a little disappointed to find that almost the entire robot-shredder has a plastic coating – even if it looks good and inspires confidence. The design of the Slimissimo with its chrome effect makes more followers. Only the spout and the cup tray are made of stainless steel. Note that in passing, these two elements are particularly messy and sensitive to fingerprints. Provide a cloth at hand for the most maniacs.

The front of the machine is very refined, which is quite positive. This is undoubtedly linked to the (half) touch screen of the Impressa. Only three keys are tactile: “P” to integrate the various coffee programs, a mode to activate the maintenance, the icon of which represents a group of drops of water and a mode to launch the steam mode.

Two physical buttons are present and in particular the Rotary Switch located on the left side of the machine which allows to navigate in the different menus by turning its wheel. To validate a program, a press on the Rotary Switch is enough. This combination is in itself quite effective, although a bit tedious when you carry out the manipulations. The right hand wheel is just a selector to start hot water or activate steam mode.

Easy maintenance

The screen of this grinding robot takes on its full meaning for the maintenance of the machine since it is through it that the user is informed when it is necessary to descale the machine, change the filter cartridge, empty the grounds container etc. Note that after 200 preparations, the Impressa requests cleaning of the machine. This operation, as much as that of descaling, is automated, the machine guiding users step by step.

For the rest of the elements (cup rest, water tank, grounds container etc.), they are very simple to remove and replace. Small flat on the drip tray which is a bit long. Result, it is difficult to move it to the sink without spilling it here and there.

Upon switching on, the Impressa automatically starts rinsing the nozzles. Good point.

Finally, if it is possible to put each of the elements in the dishwasher, Jura does not advise it to ensure their durability.


As Jura says, the Impressa is a model of speed. According to our protocol, this time takes into account the start-up of the machine, the preheating, the rinsing of the nozzles and the flow of coffee (40 ml classic espresso). Between all these stages, the first coffee in the morning will be ready in 1 min 17 s. This result is more than correct if we compare it to that of the Delonghi Autentica Cappucino which is very slow, posting 1 min 55 s on our stopwatch.

Power consumption

On the consumption criterion, this automatic machine is more than disappointing by consuming 3.6 W after spilling a coffee, where the Krups Automatic Espresso consumes only 1.4 W. 

As a reminder, we have chosen to measure the consumption of robot grinders from the start until their extinction after the preparation of 3 espressos and 3 long coffees, including rinsing. On this model, we observed a consumption of 0.082 kWh, which is slightly less than the Barista T (0.1 kWh) but more than the Panasonic NC-ZA1 (0.048 kWh). 

In terms of electricity consumption, this cost remains reasonable and represents 17 cents per month on the electricity bill, at the rate of 3 coffees per day.


The Jura IMPRESSA C65 / C60 is rather silent on rinsing with a measurement raised to 55 dB, where the Melitta Caffeo Solo displayed 66 dB. The noise emitted by the work of the crusher rises to 68 dB; this data is a little high but remains very correct, especially if we compare it to that of the Saeco Minuto HD8761 with its 73 dB. Finally, for extraction, our sound level meter displayed 54 dB; good average.

We thank Priceminister for the loan of this machine.


If at first glance the Jura IMPRESSA C65 / C60 imposes by its size, its quickly accessible features are ultimately limited. The integrated screen is a nice bonus when the control system, the Rotary Switch, is a bit disappointing. Never mind, the use remains comfortable once handling is assimilated. Not very noisy and really fast, it would however have deserved some finishing improvements.


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