Best Kenwood Blend-X Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022

Best Kenwood Blend-X Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022:

On its Blend-X Pro BLM800WH, Kenwood offers a number of significant functions combined with a precise power variator, and thus sells a device that is as well suited to regulars of the blender as to neophytes.


The Blend-X Pro BLM800WH is a blender with a power of 1400 watts, launched at 250 € by Kenwood. For this price, he has 6 programs, two of which are specifically designed for coarsely or finely chopping food. Its power variator also allows you to freely adjust the speed of rotation of the blades. Finally, it comes with a separate card holder and a spatula.  

Best Kenwood Blend-X Pro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022

1. Kenwood Silver Blend-X Pro Variable Speed 1.75 Quart Blender

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2. Oster Blender | Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup, Brushed Nickel

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3. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel

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4. Ninja 1000 Watts Blender NJ600, Silver/Black, 72 Oz (Renewed)

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5. Blender Smoothie Maker, COOCHEER 1800W Blender for Shakes and Smoothies. High-Speed Professional Stainless Countertop, Variable speeds Control. 6 Sharp Blade, 2L BPA Free Tritan Container

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Convenience of use

At first glance, the Kenwood Blend-X Pro BLM800WH’s engine block inspires much less confidence than that of the Riviera and PR384A bar. Its front is covered with plastic badly imitating metal, the buttons (imitation stainless steel) are not one with the rest of the base as is the case at Riviera and Bar. Finally, the plastic wheel (imitation stainless steel always) seems fragile, less united than that of the  Philips HR2195 / 00 Silence, for example.

The LED used to mark the power is permanently on, even when the blender is turned off. You have to unplug it to see it go out. Regarding the power supply and the electrical wire to be disconnected, that of the Blend-X Pro BLM800WH seemed a little short. On the other hand, the non-slip feet are better thought out than those of the Moulinex Faciclic LM233A10: they cover a large surface and do not destabilize the device.

The 2-liter bowl is made of glass and weighs just under 2.2 kg. It simply clips onto the engine block and the handle can be placed on the right as well as on the left. The lid closes with a seal that is difficult to remove if it has been pushed in all the way and the hatch which allows ingredients to be added during mixing does not clip. Be careful not to see it come off when handling the container. It has holes on the sides. In addition, it is not graduated. This design prohibits any use of the cap as a mini measuring cup.

Mixing efficiency

In a less well-finished aspect than that of the Riviera and Bar PR384A, the Blend-X Pro BLM800WH proves to be a formidable competitor as regards the mixing of food and ice cubes. The crushed ice function is particularly effective. In exactly 34 seconds, the 300 grams of ice cubes are completely reduced to snow.

The Blend-X Pro BLM800WH passed the smoothie test with flying colors. No ice cubes are to be reported and all the pieces of fruit have been mixed. With the icing on the smoothie, you hardly feel the pieces of apple skin that other blenders can’t mix as effectively. It is flawless.


With 80 dB measured, the Kenwood Blend-X Pro BLM800WH is the loudest blender in our comparison when we reach the power of 250 watts. At full speed, we reach 83 dB. This noise is related to its power: indeed, the Blend-X Pro BLM800WH is the most powerful model in our comparison, behind the KitchenAid. And so it’s also the loudest at full power … behind the KitchenAid too.


The bowl can be completely dismantled and all the elements can be washed one by one. However, only the glass bowl is dishwasher safe. Remember that the device has a “rinse” function (30 s during which the pulse function is activated several times). If in the user manual, Kenwood advises using this function to rinse the bowl before dismantling it for a more complete cleaning, nothing indicates that it is not recommended to add dishwashing liquid. Also, in our opinion, nothing prevents using the pulse function or this “rinse” function for cleaning, as with other models of blenders.


The Kenwood Blend-X Pro BLM800WH is an excellent blender that will delight both beginners and more experienced users. Powerful, fast, and efficient, it will do great service in the kitchen. However, it remains a bit noisy and its finish deserves more attention.


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