Best Razer Raiju Ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

With the Raiju Ultimate, Razer offers its vision of the ultimate controller for PlayStation 4 and PC. Very inspired by the Xbox One Elite controller, it promises great customization and above all greater comfort, also freeing itself from the wire thanks to Bluetooth operation. Successful bet ?


At the end of 2016, Razer was already offering its vision of the PlayStation 4 controller with the first Raiju , a wired controller that had rather convinced us despite a large mass and a size that intended it for large hands. The Californian manufacturer puts the cover back in 2018 with a wireless variation and greatly improved, with in particular a real modularity. However, it really targets “  pro-gamers »With its elitist rate of almost € 200! To justify this price, Razer therefore offers several things: a form closer to the Xbox One controller than that of the PS4, despite a symmetrical positioning of the sticks, additional buttons and very advanced customization. Razer and Ultimate version requires, the RGB LEDs are also on the program, as on the last controller Wolverine Ultimate from the manufacturer, intended for the Xbox One.

Best Razer Raiju Ultimate Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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Inspired by the Xbox One controller

The first Raiju had already convinced us and with this Ultimate version, Razer wants to go even further. We thus find a rather massive design, closer to that of the Microsoft Elite controller than that of the Sony DualShock 4. The mass also remains high (351 grams). It’s heavy, much more than a DualShock 4 (217 g) and logically more than a wired Raiju (286.5 g), but less than an Elite with its batteries and accessories (366 g).

The finish is fortunately impeccable, with a plastic with an elastomer coating giving the impression of a rubber touch on the entire shell, as well as grips in the same material, but textured behind the handles for better grip.

Razer’s Hyperesponse buttons are of course present and advantageously replace the classic buttons of the DualShock 4. Their reactivity is an asset, especially in games requiring a certain dexterity, like FIFA 19 or Bloodborne . For this, Razer always uses mechanical switches similar to those used for mouse clicks. Strangely, and despite the presence of an RGB backlight on the controller, these buttons are not themselves backlit. This is not a big loss, however, as an experienced player does not need to look at their controller to find the button to press!

Like the classic Raiju, the Raiju Ultimate offers additional buttons. Thus, these are two large buttons that find space at the back, as well as two additional triggers. It is possible to reassign their functions via an application – we will come back to this -, but also to deactivate them, which can be useful to avoid involuntary activations. 

A customizable product at will

The controller is accompanied by an Android and iOS application which is essential. Indeed, it allows (once the controller connected in Bluetooth to the smartphone) to remap the keys, but also to manage the vibrations or even to adjust the brightness of the backlight. Razer requires, the controller has customizable RGB LEDs with different effects. It is for example possible to activate the lights by pressing the keys or to create a breathing effect, in the same way as on the brand’s Chroma products.

The application also allows you to create several profiles adapted to each game. It is possible to instantly change profiles via the button located under the left stick.

Unpleasant latency

Once in play, the Razer Raiju Ultimate unfortunately shows its first limits. Indeed, an unpleasant and annoying latency appears randomly once the controller connected to a PS4. It is strangely not noticeable on PC. A disappointment for a controller supposed to be designed for competition. This is delivered with a 3 m braided cable allowing a connection without latency, but we hoped to be able to do without it, especially since the micro-USB connector of the cable is once again proprietary! An annoying habit at Razer, which prevents the use of another cable in case of loss or breakage, for example, or simply if you want to connect a longer cable. A radio link via a receiver to plug into USB on the console might have been preferable, Bluetooth doesn’t

Let’s finish with the storage case provided, very useful for protecting the controller, especially during transport. It is however not always easy to store the USB cable in the upper part, it coming into contact with the analog sticks. It is therefore wiser to remove the sticks, but Razer has not provided any other place to store them next to those which are not used; there was however room for two more dwellings …


If the Raiju Ultimate is not quite the ultimate controller promised by Razer, it nevertheless has undeniable qualities, such as its comfort and appreciable customization. Very pleasant in hand, it provides a good experience, close to what the Xbox One Elite controller offers. However, the latency which sometimes increases in Bluetooth, as well as buttons that are not always very well placed, do not make it really essential for “pro-gamers”.


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