Best Raiju Tournament Edition Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Raiju Ultimate’s little sister , the Raiju Tournament Edition is not just a less well-equipped version of Razer’s very high-end wireless gamepad. This game controller for PlayStation. 4 and PC is distinguished by the positioning of its analog sticks, inspired by that of Xbox controllers.


Standing out from the official DualShock 4 controller of the PlayStation 4 is not easy. As it is already very convincing in many respects. In addition to being displayed at a reasonable price of 59.99 € (recommended retail price). Razer is nevertheless one of the manufacturers who intend to surpass the Sony controller. If this often involves a few additional buttons and modularity, it is also in terms of ergonomics that third-party manufacturers can do well. Illustration with this Raiju Tournament Edition which does not have much to see with DualShock 4 (DS4) on this point.

Best Raiju Tournament Edition Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition Without the1.04 Firmware Gaming Controller Bluetooth & Wired Connection

2. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition, Wireless and Wired Gaming Controller. Programmable Mecha-Tactile-Action-Buttons and Esports Ergonomics

3. Razer RZ06-02610100-R3G1 Raiju Tournament Edition Wireless and Wired Gaming Controller. Mecha Tactile Action Buttons, Interchangeable Parts and Quick Control Panel, Black

4. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition-Mercury Gaming Controller Bluetooth & Wired Connection

5. Razer Raiju Tournament Edition with the1.04 Firmware Pink Gaming Controller Bluetooth & Wired Connection

Construction: a beautiful Xbox controller … for PS4!

If we are talking about Xbox controller here while the Raiju can only work on PS4 and PC, it is not by provocation. Indeed, the Raiju Tournament Edition does not just adopt proportions and a size similar to those of the Microsoft controller; it also uses the layout of its analog sticks. The left stick is thus deported at the top of the controller, when the right stick remains more in the center. We like it or not, it is always that we appreciate to find such a provision in a PS4 environment, which will certainly appeal to players accustomed to the Xbox controller and wishing to find their habits on PS4.

So to speak, Raiju Tournament Edition and Raiju Ultimate share the same shape (within a few millimeters). If the fairly massive design remains, the proportions are nevertheless a little more compact compared to the first Raiju and the Xbox. One controller from Razer, the Wolverine , which are even wider at the handles. With 159.4 mm wide by 104 mm high and 65.6 mm thick, the Raiju Tournament. Edition is therefore always intended more for large hands than for small ones. Although it remains of reasonable size in absolute terms .

Even more than with the first Raiju, it is nevertheless its mass which can really surprise when you are used to the official controller of the PS4, since we measure this time 321 g for this Tournament Edition which therefore always acts as a weight heavy despite its 30 g less compared to the Ultimate version. It is in any case much more than the DualShock 4 and its 217 g. But we remain under the 366 g of the Xbox One Elite gamepad fully equipped.

An application to manage buttons and vibrations

In order to authorize the creation of different usage profiles depending on the games. Razer offers to use its Raiju application, compatible with Android and iOS. However, this only allows you to modify the function of the buttons M1 to M4 as well as the intensity of the two vibration motors for each profile created. Note also that it is absolutely necessary to go through the application to configure the buttons M1 to M4. Impossible to do it directly via the controller and it’s a shame.

We would have appreciated being able to also change even the sensitivity of the analog sticks, like what the Wolverine Ultimate offers via its Synapse application. Razer therefore still has a long way to go to offer as many settings as Nacon on its Revolution Pro Controller gamepads , for example, which allow fine tuning of the response curves of sticks and even triggers.

Disabling Bluetooth latency that makes wire preferable

While the DualShock 4 enjoys impeccable wireless behavior, the same cannot be said of the Raiju Tournament Edition – just like the Raiju Ultimate which does not do any better, by the way. Latency is indeed noticeable when the controller operates in Bluetooth. A firmware update  can be performed via a PC in principle to reduce this lagand fix some bugs, but we can’t say that the Raiju suddenly becomes as fast as with a thread despite this fix. The cable therefore becomes compulsory, in particular if the aim is performance in a competitive game. We must then accommodate the 2 small meters of length of this cord … Under these conditions, we wonder why Razer has not opted for a radio link with a receiver to plug into the console, it seems better control if you look at the side of his wireless mouse for PC.

However, there remains a joystick to use, with precise analog sticks and designed to be used for long hours of play.


Well finished, comfortable, the Raiju Tournament Edition had everything to seduce players wanting to replace their DualShock 4 with a controller inspired by the design of Xbox gamepads. This was without taking into account its latency in Bluetooth and its ridiculously short cable which limits the possibilities of using it by wire. Difficult under these conditions to advise it with its sale price as high at launch (149 €).


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