Best PlayStation Classic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

After the NES , the Super Nintendo , the Mega Drive , the Commodore 64 or even the Neo Geo. It is the turn of the PlayStation to experience a “classic” reissue. Sony’s cult 32-bit console, released in 1994, thus returns in a miniature format, accompanied by around twenty games.


Launched in France on September 9, 1995, the PlayStation completely shuffled the cards and immediately placed Sony among the console manufacturers to follow. With more than 104 million copies sold worldwide, it will have marked an entire generation, which has often discovered video games through it. For many, it is the console that brought the medium into adulthood and that which will have democratized 3D. It is therefore hardly surprising to see it return, 25 years later, in a “Classic” version. Holding literally in the hand, accompanied by two controllers substantially identical to those of the time and integrating 20 games, the PlayStation Classic has, on paper, everything from the irresistible geek object to offer for Christmas.

Best PlayStation Classic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. PlayStation Classic

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4. PlayStation Classic (Renewed)

5. Sony PlayStation Classic – PlayStation

Construction and ergonomics

45% smaller than the PlayStation, this reissue impresses with its loyalty to the original. Based on the very first models of the console. It pushes the vice until reproducing the serial port on the back, which disappeared in the following models. The smallest button is thus present, the proportions are perfectly respected and the hood – which obviously does not open here anymore, absence of CD player requires – is truer than life. The whole is impeccably assembled and benefits from an excellent level of finish.

The three buttons “Power”, “Reset” and “Open” respectively serve to power on the console, to access the main menu and to change the “virtual” disc for the games concerned. Remember that some titles, like Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy VII , held on several CDs and therefore had to be changed during the game. As on the NES or the Super Nintendo Classic Mini, however, we regret that the “Reset” button is the only way to access the menu to save or change the game and that it is therefore necessary to get up regularly to activate it.

In terms of connectivity, the PS Classic is of course modern and does not really differ from other retro mini consoles that have been released in recent months. Power is supplied via a Micro-USB cable (supplied in the box, but without the AC adapter) and connects to the screen via an HDMI cable, also supplied. At the front, two USB-A ports allow you to connect the two controllers that come with the console. Again, the attention to detail is impressive, since Sony has pushed the vice to reproduce the semi-rounded shape of the connector. Offering a perfect illusion when the pads are connected.

Interface and gaming experience

Small technical point before mentioning the software part: the PlayStation Classic includes an ARM Cortex A35 SoC clocked at 1.5 GHz, a PowerVR GE8300 GPU, 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage in eMMC format. Little power, therefore, but more than enough to emulate a PlayStation. On this point, Sony has also chosen to use PCSX ReARMed, a proven open source emulator.

If the Sony mini console shines with its build quality and has an undeniable appeal, the charm is unfortunately somewhat broken when you turn it on. In terms of interface, the Japanese company makes almost no effort and is satisfied with the union minimum. Sad menu without any sound covering, basic carousel unrolling the original jackets and, above all, no dressing or modification options. ‘picture. 

The games are offered in 4: 3 and therefore respect their original ratio. But you have to do with two black bands on the sides once a title is launched. No improvement of the image is also proposed, we must be content with the original definition, without the slightest possibility of adding even a slight antialiasing, for example.

The backup system is particularly limited for emulation. Each game has its “virtual memory card” which allows you to use the original backup system (often restrictive: remember the ink ribbons of Resident Evil … ), but also offers a single recovery point. Each time you press “Reset”, an automatic backup is created. You can therefore resume your current game at any time. Two problems arise, however, related to the fact that there is only one backup location: impossible to share your game with another or create multiple backups, while it is very easy to overwrite your backup previous involuntary and therefore lose its progression.

The twenty games included in the PlayStation Classic:
  •  Battle Arena Toshinden (50 Hz)
  •  Cool Boarders 2 (50 Hz)
  •  Destruction Derby (50 Hz)
  •  Final Fantasy VII
  •  Grand Theft Auto (50 Hz)
  •  Intelligent Qube
  •  Jumping Flash (50 Hz)
  •  Metal Gear Solid
  •  Mr driller
  •  Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey (50 Hz)
  •  Rayman
  •  Resident Evil: Director’s Cut (50 Hz)
  •  Revelations: Persona
  •  R4 Ridge Racer Type 4
  •  Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
  •  Siphon Filter
  •  Tekken 3 (50 Hz)
  •  Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (50 Hz)
  •  Twisted Metal
  •  Wild arms

We come to the heart of the matter, moreover, what makes the PlayStation Classic as sexy as it is, a little disappointment in terms of fun: the catalog of games on offer. Even if all this remains subjective, it is still difficult to imagine someone having fun, in 2018, on Destruction DerbyRainbow 6 , Twisted Metal , the first GTA or Jumping Flash . Many other more important titles are also missing (in bulk: Gran Turismo , Tomb Raider , Crash Bandicoot , WipeOut , one or two Final Fantasyand. We have to face the facts: PlayStation 3D has aged extremely badly, so much. So that it is the 2D games in the catalog ( Oddworld , Mr Driller , Rayman , Puzzle Fighter II Turbo ) that are the best out of it today.

Of course, a handful of great titles are timeless ( FF7 , Metal Gear Solid , Resident Evil ) and have an interest in being discovered or rediscovered today, in conditions extremely close to those of the time of their release. But, as it stands, the PlayStation Classic has too many gaps to be really essential, unless you buy it first for the object. And then, we will not lie: there is a good chance that it will be possible to hack it in a few weeks and thus install any PlayStation game on it. His interest will then be increased tenfold.


The PlayStation Classic is above all a beautiful geek object, a perfect reproduction of one of the most significant consoles in history. On this point, Sony has done an excellent job. Unfortunately, because of a disappointing catalog of games, 50 Hz versions in shambles, almost no VF and an austere interface, it struggles to rekindle the flame of the 32-bit era.


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