Best Razer Huntsman Elite Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Keyboard manufacturers are fighting and trying to stand out, especially in the field of models for players, most often mechanical. Some thus rely on wireless, but it is more often the switches. That bring new features (reduced height, responsiveness, hybrid touch …). After its three homemade switches (Green, Orange and Yellow) and its mecha-membrane technology on the Ornata Chroma. Razer returns with a whole new type of switch for its Huntsman and Huntsman Elite keyboards: opto-mechanics! What to type at the speed of light?


The Huntsman Elite keyboard is available by Razer in a lighter version, without the suffix Elite. With no palm / wrist rests, multimedia keys and no backlighting on its edges, the Huntsman is displayed at € 50 less than the Elite model, at € 159.99 against € 209.99, allowing you to take advantage of opto-mechanical switches at a price – a little – more reasonable.

Best Razer Huntsman Elite Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard: Fastest Keyboard Switches Ever – Clicky Optical Switches. Chroma RGB Lighting – Magnetic Plush Wrist Rest – Dedicated Media Keys & Dial – Classic Black

2. RAZER HUNTSMAN ELITE: Opto-Mechanical Switch – Multi-Functional Digital Dial & Media Keys. Leatherette Wrist Rest – 4-Side Underglow – Gaming Keyboard (Renewed)

3. Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard and Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma Gaming Mousepad

4. Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard: Fastest Keyboard Switches Ever – Clicky Optical Switches. Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting – Programmable Macro Functionality – Classic Black


The Huntsman Elite enjoys an impeccable finish, which does not surprise us given its resolutely high-end positioning. This keyboard thus has a matt anodized aluminum plate, fixed on a slightly grainy plastic chassis of very good quality. Following the great fashion of the moment, it adopts a design called ” frameless“. That is to say without a cover surrounding the keys, for a more” airy “style. The keys seem to float above the chassis. An advantage for maintenance, since dust and other dirt are thus removed more easily. By blowing between the keys, for example.

On the other hand, it is less discreet once the backlight is activated, the light then diffuses more easily between the keys, especially since the opto-mechanical switches of Razer incorporate a light diffuser. in the upper part, which therefore does not only light up under the button, but also upwards and on the sides. Nothing is very invasive, fortunately visually, since the aluminum plate does not reflect too much light. a setting of theintensity on 18 levels – plus the possibility of switching off the lighting.

Razer however chose to illuminate its Huntsman Elite from all sides, integrating on its edges a translucent border backlit on 38 zones by RGB LEDs. This is mainly used to illuminate the support on which the keyboard is placed and therefore does not cause direct light pollution, since the border is positioned behind the edges and can only be seen by tilting the head a little. As if that were not enough, there is a second border of the same kind (20 RGB zones) all around the palm rest, which, it is true, makes the whole more harmonious. 


Razer’s opto-mechanical switches provide the characteristic touch of conventional mechanics. But their activation is not done via a metal contactor, but with an optical beam. More precisely, the switch is activated as soon as its moving part cuts the beam. If one can imagine that this design allows a gain of reactivity, it is especially the robustness and therefore the life and the constancy of the switch which progress appreciably. Indeed, by removing the physical contactor triggering the activation in favor of an optical sensor. We remove a wearing part and we make sure that the physical properties of the switch will change less over time. 

Of course, it won’t change the wear of the spring, but we can theoretically hope for a better longevity. Razer is not mistaken, moreover, and fully doubles the guarantee of its opto-mechanical switches, announcing a minimum of 100 million activations against 50 million for conventional mechanical switches.

In terms of reactivity, you must above all look at where the activation point is located, which is precisely reached here after 1.5 mm of travel. It is a little more than the 1.2 mm of Cherry MX Speed ​​switches. But it remains very little and below the usual 2 mm. Not enough to change the game in a game of video game anyway.


The opto-mechanical switches introduced by this Huntsman Elite provide a pleasant and fast strike. They are however only available in “click” version and are therefore quite noisy, which will put off a certain number of users. However, if you don’t mind, you’re here with an excellent keyboard, complete and well finished.


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