Best Optoma HD25 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Optoma, known and recognized for its DLP projectors, markets the HD25, a model that integrates the Texas Instrument 4244 chip in DarkChip 3, identical to that of the  BenQ W1070 that we liked so much. Like its competitor, this Home Cinema projector offers interesting equipment and active 3D compatibility at a low price (launch price: € 1,000).

Best Optoma HD25 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Optoma HD25, HD (1080p), 2000 ANSI Lumens, 3D-Home Theater Projector

2. Optoma HD25-LV DLP PROJECTOR – DESKTOP – 3200 ANSI LUMEN – 1920 X 1080 – 1.07 BILLION Leather Bound

3. Optoma EH200ST Full 3D 1080p 3000 Lumen DLP Short Throw Projector with 20,000:1 Contrast Ratio and MHL Enabled HDMI Port

4. Optoma HD25e 1080p 2800 Lumen Full 3D DLP Home Theater Projector with HDMI

5. Optoma W365 WXGA 3600 Lumens 3D DLP Business Projector

2D image quality

First difference with the BenQ, the HD25 projects a smaller image at equal distance: 1.67 m at 2.01 m against 2.03 m at 2.64 m for the BenQ W1070.

With the best settings (see box), the projector delivers a natural image, with faithful colors (average deltaE of 2.7) and well-managed high and low lights. The only flaw is the slightly too blue gray gradient, measured at 8110 K instead of the expected 6500 K. The BenQ W1070 is doing slightly better with a color temperature measured at just under 7000 Kelvin.

On the contrast side, BenQ is once again a cut above. The HD25 delivers a contrast of 360: 1 and 1090: 1 depending on the amount of white in the image (340: 1 and 1330: 1 for the W1070). More concretely, it benefits from a brighter image (150 cd / m² against 90 cd / m²) – because its image is smaller -, but its black is also less deep (0.14 cd / m² against 0.07 cd / m²).

Like the BenQ W1070, the rainbow effect (AEC) is contained. The defect remains visible on the most contrasting images (subtitles on black stripes of a film), on the other hand all the editorial staff of the Numerics agrees that it has been clearly attenuated.

3D image quality

The 3D goes without surprise by the active technology, because in addition to being very complicated to install in video projection, the passive generates a huge extra cost linked to the polarized screen.

To offer the lowest price, Optoma does not deliver any pair of glasses with its projector. In addition to the DLP Link transmitter integrated into the projector, Optoma offers a 3D RF kit (for greater signal range) at € 130 which includes a pair of glasses and the transmitter. Then count 100 € per additional pair.

Even if they are a little expensive, these glasses have at least the advantage of being comfortable and rechargeable via USB.

The 3D rendering of the HD 25 is simply perfect. In addition to perfectly transcribing the effects of gushing and depth, DLP technology does not display any image duplication. It is even more gifted than plasma televisions in this area. It’s amazing!

Functions and ergonomics

For quite understandable reasons of economy of scale in the production of hulls, Optoma has reused that of the HD20 for the HD25. The camera is therefore compact but the lens-shift absent. The video projector must therefore be located directly in front of the projection screen.

The connectivity is complete. It consists of two HDMI inputs, a VGA and a composite. To this are added two audio line inputs and an audio output to recover the sound on an audio kit. Which is not bad, because, even if they can help out, the built-in speakers do not allow you to immerse yourself in a film.

The delivered remote control is very practical. Compact and backlit, it has many shortcuts and has a large range of action; finally a point on which Optoma does better than BenQ.

Consumption and noise level

Like its competitor, noise is the major defect of this projector. We measured it at a little over 40 dB (measurement made at 1 meter distance). It is therefore better to place it as far as possible from the sofa so as not to be disturbed by the fan.

Finally, its energy consumption is in the average of video projectors: 225 W in operation and 0.2 W in standby.


With its HD25, Optoma signs a video projector with an attractive price / quality ratio. Only problem, the competitor BenQ has in its catalog a projector built on the same basis and of a slightly better quality: more precise image adjustment, and more complete equipment. This Optoma therefore barely misses the fifth star.


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