Best Nikon D3500 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

This is the cheapest SLR in the Nikon range, which is a strong argument in its favor. However, the D3500 is not a device at a discount and during our tests we were able to appreciate its image quality, its reactivity but above all its user-friendliness. It is undoubtedly a case that will provide a lot of pleasure to its users.

Replacing the D3400 released in 2016, the D3500 incorporates essential components such as its Cmos APS-C sensor of 24.2 Mpx, its reflex aiming at 95% of the field, its Full HD video at 60p or even its fixed rear screen and not 921 Kpts touchscreen. The evolutions are meager if we stick to its technical sheet and we would have liked to see a swiveling screen or a 100% aim, but it is essentially on ergonomics that Nikon has made some changes.

The camera, which retains a reflex grip with a marked and pleasant handle as well as an optical viewfinder on the top, is a featherweight. It weighs only 415 g with its battery and memory card, and measures 124 × 97 × 69.5 mm. It is even less than the EOS 4000D which occupies the entry level of its main competitor Canon.

In use, we found it more pleasant to use, especially because the D3500 has a power selector around the trigger button which offers better responsiveness. Switching to Live View mode is now done via a selector quickly accessible with your thumb, placed on the side of the shooting modes dial.

Best Nikon D3500 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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5. Nikon D3500 w/AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR + 32GB Memory Bundle

Fast for everyday photos

While the EOS 4000D and 2000 D are equipped with 9-point AF modules, the D3500 takes up the 11-point module from its predecessor. This is a criterion which partly justifies the higher price of this model compared to its competitors. This autofocus by phase correlation in optical aiming proved to be fast with a good sensitivity in low light. But beware of the use of Live View: it uses an autofocus by contrast on the sensor whose performance is significantly lower. In this mode, the D3500 is much slower than most of the hybrid devices on the market.

On the burst side, the camera connects the views at the rate of more than five images per second, but with a very low autonomy of the order of five to six views in Raw. It’s not much and the D3500 won’t be very comfortable on fast-moving subjects. But at this price, we expected it!

Image quality

The 24.78 MP Cmos DX sensor that equips the D3500 is the same as that already found in the D3400. Unsurprisingly, its performance remains equivalent with an overall satisfactory image quality and a range of exploitable sensitivity up to 1600, even 3200 Iso without risk.

The latter extends up to 25,600 ISO, but it must be recognized that at its extreme values, the results are more like a mixture of pixels than a photographic image.

Without reaching the wide latitude of exposure of high-end models with 24×36 sensor, the D3500 generates Raw files from which it will be possible to extract details in the shadows and highlights if the scene photographed is very contrasted.

In video, however, the device quickly shows its limits. Recording is limited to Full HD 1080p definition at 60 fps. No 4K therefore, no headphone or microphone jack. The sound recording is done in mono in the device. Contrast autofocus is also much less responsive than what hybrids can do even at entry level. If you are looking for a versatile camera for photo and video, it is better to turn to other models.


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