Best Nespresso Citiz Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Compactness, preheating time reduced to 25 seconds, 2 cup volume settings (short and long) with the possibility of programming the length of the coffees yourself, this is what this Nespresso Citiz coffee machine made by Magimix promises. Described as elegant, timeless, compact and ultra-design, the Citiz is supposed to meet all the needs of users.


Although they are manufactured by different brands (Krups, Magimix and Delonghi), Nespresso machines follow each other and look alike in their rounded design. We recognize “the Nespresso leg” in the forms and the ergonomics. The Citiz that we are testing today is positioned in the middle of the range of Nespresso machines. It takes place after Inissia , U , Pixie and before ** Lattissima ** and Maestria. Launched at € 179, the Citiz is available in several colors: flame red, titanium and chrome (+ € 20). The Citiz model is available in a version for milk drinks under the name Citiz & Milk, marketed at € 249 for the red and black models and € 269 for the chrome version, which also includes an Aeroccino, emulsifier for the preparation of foam hot or cold milk. 

Remember that this accessory is sold separately and completely independent, therefore compatible with any coffee machine. The main feature of the Citiz is to integrate two automatic programmable keys. In addition, it promises fairly short warm-up times (25 s). Like the U Milk, it is designed from 50% recycled materials. But the real question remains: does this machine justify its price? Does it live up to our expectations?

Best Nespresso Citiz Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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2. Nespresso D121-US4-BK-NE1 Citiz Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Milk Frother, Black

3. Nespresso CitiZ Espresso Machine, Black (Discontinued Model)

4. Nespresso C112-US-CH-NE FBA_C112-US-CH-NE Citiz Espresso Machine, Chrome

5. Breville-Nespresso USA BEC630SIL1BUC1 Nespresso CitiZ by Breville-Silver Single serve, capsule espresso maker, One Size

Ease of use

Nespresso promises compactness and, in fact, the Citiz can be installed in the most confined spaces and be housed on a shelf without any problem. Its weight is 3.4 kg for contained dimensions of 13 x 27 x 37 cm, (W x H x D) with a very singular appearance, all in length. However, it is not the most compact of the comparison, not achieving the feat of thinness and lightness of the ** Inissia ** ultra compact (12 x 23 x 32.1 cm) or the Senseo Up of Philips (11 x 23 x 35 cm).

On this mid-range machine, Nespresso integrates exactly the same physical buttons as those present on the U. The insertion and release of the capsules, they differ from the U and U Milk models. Exit the small trigger, here we find an arm that rises and lowers to eject the capsule.

The Citiz is not burdened with frills. Like the Inissia model, it has two buttons with flashing light during preheating and fixed when the coffee maker is ready for extraction. Exactly like on the Inissia, the factory settings provide for standard quantities, i.e. a 40 ml espresso and a 110 ml lungo coffee. The user can nevertheless personalize his settings in order to adopt a length of coffee appropriate to his desires. If the handling is simple and effective (just keep one of the buttons pressed during extraction and then release it when the water level to memorize is reached), the manual remains essential to know the procedure to follow. Because, like on all machines with few buttons,

Easy maintenance

The Citiz is made up of several accessories: the water tank, the capsule collector containing up to 11 used capsules as well as the cup holder grid, all easily detachable, repositionable and washable. Unfortunately, the accessories are not intended to go in the dishwasher.

Remind users that it is recommended to carry out descaling twice a year. The operation is simple, fast (20 min in all) and is done in 3 steps: empty the capsule container as well as the “drop collection container”, place a liter container under the spout of the machine, then add a descaling product to the water tank and run. In the instructions for use, the manufacturer states that the use of vinegar is not recommended and may damage the machine. To activate the descaling mode, simply press the 2 buttons of the machine simultaneously and follow the instructions in the manual. By pressing the large cup button, the water flows, carrying with it the descaling solution in the circuits. The user will only have to rinse with clear water and exit descaling mode to find a descaled machine. Simple, provided of course read the instructions.


Will the machine hold the promised 25 seconds of preheating? Well yes, our test measurements attest to 25 seconds very precisely. Remember that speed is a characteristic common to all Nespresso machines: the Inissia and the U also preheat in less than 30 s.

The extraction of coffee takes 15 seconds for a 40 ml and 15 seconds for the second espresso that follows, it is much faster than on the models mentioned above (15 seconds for a 40 ml). If we compare these times to the  Philips Senseo Viva Café , they seem much faster. It takes 40 seconds to preheat and 24 seconds for the first coffee in the morning.

Power consumption

This machine automatically switches to energy saving mode after 9 minutes, thereby increasing the consumption of the coffee maker to 0 W. Good point, because remember that some machines like the Philips Senseo Viva Café continue to consume, even when switched off.

In “standby” (when the water is kept warm), the Citiz displays a consumption of less than 1 W (0.4 W measured). This time and consumption can be reduced manually, it is enough to switch off the machine before automatic standby, by pressing the espresso and lungo buttons simultaneously.

During preheating, the most consuming phase for a coffee machine, the Citiz displays a contained consumption of 1120 W for a few seconds.


The Citiz is no exception to the Nespresso machine rule. Like the other models, it is quite noisy. We measured 54 dB in extraction with a peak at 61 dB during the first seconds. Note that this remains below the 68 dB measured on the Inissia.

Availability of capsules

As users of Nespresso machines know, the availability of capsules is one of the brand’s black spots. The capsules are only available on order via the website or in Nespresso stores. Furthermore, their price is quite high. The compatible ones are found in supermarkets. But do not always work very well with Nespresso machines as stated in the preamble.

Readers’ taste

By choice, we don’t rate the taste of coffees, but we let you rate your favorite coffees; you rated the Nespresso 5 stars (43% of voters gave it this rating) during our dedicated survey .


Nespresso delivers a compact, elegant machine that is relatively easy to use in everyday tasks. However, in practice the Citiz remains fairly close to the U, with a certainly different design and with a smaller tank (0.2 L less). Unless you have an aesthetic crush on the Citiz, it is better to opt for the U or the Inissia, cheaper and very similar in terms of promise and use.


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