Best Xbox One Recon Tech Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Microsoft has taken advantage of the release of its Xbox One S console to improve its gamepad, passing at the same time to a white color rather than black. In order to offer another design to players, without directing them to the very high-end Elite controller, the manufacturer is now marketing a Recon Tech version of its controller. A newcomer ultimately very close to the original.


In order to harmonize the rating within the comparison of joypads, we decided to lower the rating of the classic Xbox One controller to 4 stars. The Xbox One Elite Microsoft  has indeed set the bar high and earned 5 stars, forcing us to revise our assessment criteria.

Finished the white of the classic Xbox One S controller, place in a dark gray “military” color with a few golden touches on the top of the handles and in the middle, for an appearance finally quite masculine and clearly oriented towards shooting games. However, while we could expect real ergonomic changes, these are limited to the use of an elastomeric coating on the back of handles, similar to that used on the handle Xbox One Elite , but spread over a smaller area. Soft-touch plastic”The latter is unfortunately not in the game. Microsoft has also added two non-slip areas on the top of its controller. Areas that ultimately do not have much interest, since it is not in these places that the hands risk slipping, fingers do not normally touch these locations during use.

Apart from these mainly cosmetic changes and the still interesting addition of elastomer on the back, the Recon Tech controller offers nothing more than the Xbox One S controller. We invite you to consult the latter’s test to find out all of its features and the functions it offers.

Here are some photos of the controller, below, to better give you an idea of ​​the aesthetic differences compared to previous versions.

Best Xbox One Recon Tech Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Xbox Wireless Controller – Recon Tech Special Edition

2. Xbox Wireless Controller – Patrol Tech Special Edition

3. Controller Gear Officially Licensed Patrol Tech Special Edition Xbox Pro Charging Stand (Controller Sold Separately) – Xbox One

4. Controller Gear Combat Tech Special Edition Officially Licensed Xbox Pro Charging Stand (Controller Sold Separately)

5. Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport Blue Special Edition


  • Comfortable grip, well-worked ergonomics.
  • New elastomer inserts behind the handles.
  • Careful manufacturing quality.
  • Precise and non-slip analog sticks.
  • Large vibrating triggers.
  • Battery compartment, practical in case of battery failure. Optional battery.
  • Precise directional cross.
  • Works on PC with USB or Bluetooth.
  • Integrated mini-jack socket.


  • Battery not supplied, obligatory batteries (works with rechargeable HR6).
  • Clicks of the directional cross which may displease.
  • Non-slip area on the top more aesthetic than really useful.


The Xbox One Recon Tech controller is ultimately not much more than an aesthetically different version of the Xbox One S controller. We therefore find all the qualities of the latter, but do not wait for other innovations. Too bad Microsoft has not taken other elements of its Elite controller – in addition to the elastomer inserts on the back of the handles – to offer an intermediate range.


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