Best Nacon Revolution Pro Controller Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Unlike Microsoft, which took charge of the design of its Elite controller, Sony has left it to other manufacturers to offer more advanced controllers than the default controller for its PlayStation 4. Nacon is one of the lucky ones elected and thus offers its Revolution Pro Controller, which stands out from the DualShock 4 on several points: wired operation, analog sticks in an asymmetrical position and tiltable by 46 °, an adjustable mass, a directional cross and larger buttons, 4 additional buttons that can be associated with macros, and especially 4 integrated profiles configurable via software, to modify the behavior of the controller.


Like most high-end controllers, the Revolution Pro Controller is primarily intended for professional and demanding players. Nacon also specifies that his gamepad was ” designed and developed in collaboration with professional e-sports players “. Objective: to offer a more comfortable, more precise and configurable controller. All this has a price, however, and if the recommended retail price is below that of the Razer Raiju (169.99 €!) And Wildcat (149.99 €; for Xbox One), or Microsoft Xbox One Elite controllers(135 € now; 150 € at launch), it still exceeds the 100 € mark (109.99 €), almost double that of a DualShock 4 (59.99 €). Despite this, the Nacon controller is therefore less expensive than its direct competitors on PS4 and One.

Best Nacon Revolution Pro Controller Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 PS4 Playstation 4 / PC – Wireless/Wired – Nacon-311608

2. NACON Revolution Pro Controller V2 [Wired] Gamepad PS4/PC Playstation 4 eSports Fighting Customisable

3. NACON Revolution PRO Controller Gamepad PS4 Playstation 4 eSports Designed

4. Nacon – Revolution Pro Controller 3 (PS4)

Construction: much more convincing than the PC version

If the Revolution Pro Controller can be considered as a PS4 version of the Alpha Pad GC-400ES (PC compatible only), its manufacturing quality exceeds that of the latter at all levels.

Indeed, despite an almost identical shape and size, the two controllers do not seem to be positioned on the same range. The adjustments seem better on the Revolution Pro Controller, making the Alpha Pad look like an entry-level product, or even a working version that is not quite finished.

The quality of the plastics however seems close, but the manufacturer has obviously placed the cursor a notch higher for its PS4 controller. We thus find a shell mainly made of plastic with a soft touch, very pleasant in the hand, embellished with small areas in black plastic, finely glittered, for a slightly more metallic visual effect. Shiny plastic is also used on the triggers. Certainly, the Revolution Pro Controller should not be ashamed of the official controllers of Xbox One and PS4. Even if it does not reach the level of an Xbox One Elite controller.

Although it is intended for the PlayStation 4, the comparison with the Xbox One controllers is inevitable. Since the Revolution Pro Controller takes the template and especially the asymmetrical positioning of the sticks of the latter. Enough to offer a real alternative to the DualShock 4 in terms of handling. On the other hand, the Nacon controller is more imposing and small hands are likely to be a little less comfortable.

Installation and settings: 4 integrated profiles, adjustable sensitivity

The controller configuration software can be downloaded from the Nacon website after creating a user account. It is compatible Windows 7/8/10 only, which will not appeal to users of macOS or Linux.

This software allows you to create profiles and save them in the controller which can accommodate up to 4 simultaneously. To use them, switch to “Advanced” mode via a small “Mode” switch located on the back of the controller. The light ring that surrounds the right stick then changes from blue to red. We then switch from one profile to another with the “Profile” button, also located on the back. The profiles are each associated with a red LED; those of profiles 1 and 2 are below the “share” button, while those of profiles 3 and 4 are under the “options” button.

For each profile, the software allows you to configure the 4 macro keys M1 to M4, change the assignment of each of the buttons, modify the intensity of the vibrations on each of the handles and personalize the light ring that surrounds the right stick.

The behavior of the right analog stick can also be modified: adjustment of the dead zone and the response curve make it possible to gain precision or reactivity according to the games and the angle of inclination of the stick. So, in a shooting game, for example, you can choose to apply a low sensitivity on the first degrees of tilt to take advantage of good accuracy when aiming, then apply a high sensitivity on the last degrees to move the camera quickly while our character is moving.

At stake: precision and adaptation

The DualShock 4 has only to behave well, it faces a well-sharpened Nacon controller. If the behavior of the buttons and triggers remains fairly close on the two controllers, the differences being especially on the shape and the grip, it is quite different with regard to the analog sticks, true strengths of the Revolution Pro Controller . Although we prefer the non-slip side of the sticks of the DualShock 4. It is clear that they are less precise than those of the Nacon controller. The gain can be seen in particular in shooting games, which directly benefit from the amplitude of 46 °. Adjusting the stick response curve also improves accuracy.

The same goes for racing games, even if nothing obviously replaces a good steering wheel. The triggers would however have benefited from offering a longer run with. For example, a locking latch to reduce the latter in games that do not take advantage of their analog operation. As on the Razer Raiju and Wildcat or Xbox One Elite.

As for the 4 buttons M1 to M4, they are very useful for making certain functions accessible without having to move the thumbs of the analog sticks. The ability to assign macros to them is also a blessing for automating certain sequences of commands, especially in combat games. On the other hand, do not intend to have authorization to use them during an official tournament.


Pleasant to use, precise and fully configurable, the Revolution. Pro Controller is a convincing alternative to the official DualShock 4 controller. The position of its analog sticks will delight those who appreciate Xbox controllers.


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