Best Nacon Compact Controller Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Since not everyone has the desire or the means to buy a high-end game controller like the Revolution Pro Controller 2 for their PS4 , Nacon has also thought of offering entry-level controllers. Thus comes the Compact Controller, a very classic controller. But which is positioned this time at a lower price than the official DualShock 4 controller from Sony. We are testing here its transparent and luminous version, which has the merit of attracting the eye.


The Compact Controller is available in two versions: one transparent, the other not. Each is available in different colors, but the base of the controller remains the same.

Best Nacon Compact Controller Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Nacon Compact Controller Light Edition Accessory Playstation4

2. Compact Controller Nacon Wired Illuminated Green for PS4

3. NACON Wired Compact Control

Construction: aesthetics at the expense of comfort

So here we are dealing with a very classic controller, which differs from the DualShock 4 on several points. Its shape, first of all, is less slender, especially at the handles.

As the name suggests, the Nacon controller is also more compact, especially compared to the Revolution Pro Controller and even compared to the DS4. Small hands will appreciate, large hands much less. Indeed, while the handles of a standard controller reach the palm of the palm, those of the Compact Controller should be held with the fingers and the top of the palms if you have medium to large hands. This may be a problem for some, fatigue occurring faster under these conditions, especially since the analog sticks are quite firm and the handle, not particularly light (230 g approximately), encourages to hold it firmly enough .

Our transparent version also adds another constraint, this time due to the materials used. The shell being made of transparent plexiglass, it turns out to be extremely smooth and can therefore become slippery, perspiration occurring more quickly. 

Nacon has indeed chosen not to hide anything from the bowels of his controller. No non-slip material compromises this total transparency, not even on the back where we could have benefited from elastomer grips, for example. It is a choice, but the aesthetics here prevails over the comfort of use; it is therefore better to know before choosing such a version.

Apart from this small flat, we must emphasize the good manufacturing quality of the Compact Controller: certainly, it does not shine by its choice of materials, but it shows itself well assembled. The printed circuit in red and the various components visible through transparency have their little effect, the controller does not look like a vulgar declination with transparent shell made in a hurry.

Installation and settings: automatic recognition on PS4 and PC

Using the Compact Controller couldn’t be simpler: just plug it into a USB socket. On PS4, the controller is unfortunately not able to wake up the console; it must go through the ignition button of the latter. On PC, the controller is recognized in XInput, which allows its use in most games. Nacon does not however offer any driver for macOS or Linux, no more than adjustment software. In short, it’s classic plug’n’play .

At stake: healthy behavior, for lack of real strength

We did not expect miracles with such a controller, but at the time of testing, it must be said that the Nacon Compact Controller is doing quite properly. If, as we emphasized at the beginning of this test, the comfort is not as good for large hands compared to the official controller, the behavior of the controller is healthy and we do not regret any malfunction. Analog sticks respond well, as do triggers and buttons. No creaking, no play in the controls, it’s quite satisfactory for an entry-level controller.


Without really shining, the Nacon Compact Controller exhibits healthy behavior and offers what one is entitled to expect from an entry-level controller, no more no less. The DualShock 4 remains a notch above, but if you are looking for a secondary controller to play occasionally with others or if you prefer a model more suitable for small hands, this Compact Controller can be quite suitable.


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