Best Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Revised design, large color touch screen and step-by-step user guide. These are the improvements that benefit the new Thermorix from Vorwerk. It is launched a little more expensive than its predecessor, at € 1,139, against € 1,000 for the TM31.


This test has been updated and enriched with the measures used in our new protocol. In addition, since the first publication of this test, the Thermomix TM5 can be completed with the Cook-Key, a magnetic key which is installed in place of the recipe keys and makes the Thermomix connected 

No, contrary to what one might imagine, the TM5 (or Thermomix cuvée 2015) is not connected. It works with a free application dedicated to enriching the experience of the user who wants it. However, you can connect it by adding the Cook-Key , which costs € 129, as well as a subscription to the Cookidoo platform at a price of € 36 per year.

Compared to the previous generation, the evolutions of this multi-function robot cooker from the famous German brand Vorwerk are immediately visible: touch screen, sleek design displaying only a single dial and automatic closing of the lid. Among the interesting promises, Vorwerk also claims that his new robot is more discreet, which seems important to us given that noise was one of the main criticisms we made of him. So we spent a month with the device in our kitchen. Then we brought it back to our laboratory to give it a new test battery, in accordance with our new protocol. So, the gain in comfort justifies that we pay a little more for this Thermomix,

Best Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Thermomix TM5

2. Thermomix TM5

3. Vorwerk Thermomix TM6, Built-In Wifi Countertop Appliance Cooker with 20 Different Culinary Functions, 110v USA Version

4. Vorwerk Thermomix Tm31 Tm 31 NEU OVP Transparenter Varoma Neue Version Mit Glanz Best Quality Fast Shipping Ship Worldwide From Hengheng Shop

Convenience of use

True to what its predecessor already knew how to do, the Thermomix TM5 chops, mixes, slices, weighs, cooks, simmers … However, it still does not grate raw vegetables and does not cut into slices. We can regret it, especially since some robots on the market, like the Magimix Cook Expert , push versatility even further.

The design of the Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 has been completely revised. In addition to its more rounded shape and the presence of a handle. It is especially its large touch screen that changes everything.

The device is delivered with a certain number of accessories: a steam basket, a plastic whisk, a set of knives (directly installed in the bottom of the bowl), a small measuring cup also serving to obstruct the top of the lid, a double-layer dish for steam cooking (named Varoma by Vorwerk), a spatula, as well as a paper recipe book and a magnetic “recipe key”.

In addition, Thermomix has developed an application to enrich the user experience (see box).

The large handle on the back is clearly visible. Although this is not the kind of device that is carried around all the time, and even if it remains on the work surface, it will still have to be moved regularly, especially for cleaning, and the handle makes it easier this manipulation.

Appreciable function that was already found on the TM31: the integrated balance. It is certainly not as precise as a kitchen scale, but we appreciate finding it directly integrated – not all models on the market have it. It provides precise weighing to the nearest 5 g.

Recipe keys

The Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 is ​​delivered with a recipe key to magnetize on its left side. It contains the 200 recipes “My daily cooking” found on the book, and other keys can be purchased. Thermomix comes out regularly; they cost between 30 and 40 € per key.

The whole point of the recipes contained on these keys lies in the step-by-step guide that you can find live on the Thermomix screen. Please note: when buying new keys, you should not lose them. Indeed, you can save them on your personal space in the application, by entering the unique number written on each key. But the TM5 has no internal memory: once a recipe has been made, it memorizes the title. But not the production step by step. To be guided, you must apply the recipe key in question on the device.

Another regret with this proprietary key system: if you buy recipes on the application, you benefit from step-by-step monitoring on your smartphone or tablet, but not on the Thermomix screen, which is so comfortable, because you don’t is no way to transfer them through to the unconnected device.

However, since the first version of our test, another possibility is now available to users who wish to benefit from “guided” recipes. This is the famous Cook-Key, which we love to the device instead of recipe keys to make it connected via Wi-Fi. For an annual subscription, the user can then load into his TM5 all recipes he wants and benefit from guided recipes. You can read our Thermomix test in online mode in the Cook-Key test .


Maintenance can be the black point of multifunction robots. We can even manage to avoid using its robot in the anxiety of cleaning

The demonstrators of Thermomix (the robot is only sold in sales at meetings) do not fail to show the function which they call “self-cleaning” and which makes you want. Half a liter of water and a few drops of detergent, the robot is started for a few seconds at speed 5 and rinsed. Fast and efficient when the bowl is lightly soiled.

The knives are removable for easy cleaning. Just hold them and rotate the base. Their shape has been reviewed and it is noted that less food tends to slip under it.

We were concerned that the screen might grip dirty or greasy fingerprints. It is actually easier to clean than that of the TM31 (which has many buttons). The smooth facade, devoid of grooves, limits dirt; one pass with a damp cloth is sufficient.

As for the cover, it can be cleaned very easily. It is not full of corners and its joint is well designed; food does not pass underneath. The seal is also not removable; it will be necessary to plan to change the complete cover when the seal shows some weaknesses.

All items are dishwasher safe.

Mixing efficiency

There is absolutely nothing to criticize the Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 for its mixing efficiency. Like the Magimix Cook Expert, it hands down the highest score.

Our first test consists of chopping an onion, an exercise from which it emerges victorious. While some robots tested provide irregular or shredded pieces rather than cut, the TM5 gives full satisfaction. The size of the pieces is uniform and the cut is clean.

We add to these pieces 500 g of frozen vegetables (mixed and sized) and 200 g of water to make a velvety soup. The TM5 does not have programs, we chose a suitable recipe in the application (the key “My daily cooking” does not contain it). The result is perfect, neither too thick nor too liquid. The texture is pleasant. There are no pieces of vegetables left and you can no longer smell the celery-branch fibers. Among all the robots tested so far, this is the one that provides the most pleasant result to taste.

Finally, we gave him 300 g of ice cubes. The TM5 does not have a program for making crushed ice either. In this configuration, we launch 10 pulses (which briefly turns the blades at maximum speed). On the TM5, this function is a little hidden: named “Turbo”, it is found in the same menu as the kneader (sensitive icon at the bottom of the screen). Like the Magimix Cook Expert, the Thermomix piles up all of the ice, leaving no piece larger than the others.


When we placed our sensors in the Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 tank to measure the temperature, one thing immediately jumped out at us, it was the speed of heating. Whatever temperature you control the robot, it reaches it extremely quickly. For example, to reach 40 ° C, it takes two times less time than the Magimix Cook Expert (less than 4 min). And the most impressive performance, by which it leaves all its competitors in place, is the change from 40 to 55 ° C, which requires only 2 min 30 s (the Cook Expert needs almost 10 min). Thus, even in the case of short cooking, there is no fear to be had; the food will not be badly seared in browning or undercooked.

As mentioned, we carry out tests at the minimum temperature (37 ° C in the case of TM5), then 40, 55 and 95 ° C and in general, when we control a temperature with a robot, our measurements always reveal oscillations above and below this temperature, with a greater or lesser amplitude. 

In the case of the Thermomix TM5, our only disappointment concerns the low temperature. It is indeed there that it is least at ease, since it heats a little more than required (between 39 and 41.5 ° C). In this little game, the Magimix Cook Expert is much better. Not only does it drop to 30 ° C, but it sticks better, not exceeding the expected temperature by more than 1 ° C. At 40 ° C again, there is a difference on the TM5: about 4 ° C more than expected. It is not the first time that


Vorwerk promises that its new Thermomix is ​​quieter than the old one.

The sometimes stressful strident ringing – which continues to ring once the preparation is finished, urgently requiring intervention – has been replaced by a much softer and more pleasant ringing. If it continues to ring after the preparation is complete, just press the dial to stop it, which is very easy, even if you do something else and even if your hands are dirty.

Of course, the noise level differs depending on the food you chop or pile. Mashing ice or turning sugar cubes into icing sugar is necessarily noisier than grilling cooked vegetables … Our protocol consists of making measurements with water only, at 250 W and then at full power. Its noise level remains the weak point of the Thermomix: it is among the loudest. At these two powers, our sound level meter sees red. 

We measured 83 dB at 250 W, where the discrete Moulinex models ( Cuisine Companion and i-Companion) emit only 68 dB. At full power, the difference is roughly the same: 89 dB measured for the TM5, when the most discreet robots emit 73 to 74 dB (especially the Moulinex models, always). In simmer, the TM5 is the least discreet. But with a measurement at 57 dB, its emissions are reasonable and closer to those of the other robots in our comparison.


The Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 is not a big power saver. To prepare a velvety soup, it consumes 0.3 kWh, which is average, fulfilling its mission quickly (23 min versus 30 min for the Magimix Cook Expert).

And in simmer (30 min at 80 ° C), it is incredibly economical. To complete the exercise, it consumes only 0.02 kWh; it is four times less than the Magimix under the same conditions.


We can regret that the Vorwerk Thermomix TM5 is still a bit noisy, or that it does not push versatility until the preparation of raw vegetables. He knows how to do everything else very well, offering ease and comfort of use greatly increased by the touch screen and the recipe guide. We would have preferred a more open system than the proprietary keys. But the step in terms of comfort is already enormous. Finally, the mixing efficiency is impeccable and the cooking performance is very good.


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