Best TomTom GO 6100 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

We thought that with the smartphone, a real Swiss army knife, the GPS PNDs would have become obsolete. This was without counting TomTom, which delivers the GO 6100 with integrated SIM card, just like its predecessor the GO 6000. So what really changes?


Continuity is essential for the GPS specialist TomTom. After the PN 6000 GO 6000, here comes the GO 6100. Nothing changes or almost: the diagonal of the screen goes to 6.1 inches (15.49 cm) or 0.25 cm difference from the GO 6000. We find a SIM card that allows updates over the air , receive alerts for danger zones (free) and traffic information of course. So what makes them different apart from the screen size?

Best TomTom GO 6100 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. TomTom GO 6100 WORLD, 1FL6.002.55

2. Premium XtremeGuard Screen Protector Cover for Tomtom Go 6100 6″ SatNav (Ultra Clear)

3. Tomtom GO 6100 Stylus Pen, BoxWave [EverTouch Capacitive Stylus] Fiber Tip Capacitive Stylus Pen for Tomtom GO 6100 – Jet Black

4. Navitech Black Hard Carry Case/Cover Compatible with The Tomtom Go 610/6100 / Tomtom Trucker 6000


Do not rely on the impressive TomTom GO 6100 box. Inside, there are very few elements: the GPS, its suction cup holder with its flexible head, all rather reduced, a USB / micro cord USB and the cigarette lighter socket, not forgetting a rather brief user manual. The GO 6100 is the same size as its predecessor. The GO 6000 (169 x 105 x 20 mm) but a bit heavier (304 g versus 292 g). Due to its low thickness and reduced width, there is no need to stretch your hand to hold it well. 

The quality of manufacture does not suffer from any criticism: hard plastic with an anthracite gray banding, a black back and a also gray back speaker. All the connectors are on the lower edge of the screen with the power plug (micro-USB), the port which makes it possible to position it on the support and a place for a microSD card. The slightly curved back where the speaker is located contains a slot which is used to wedge the GPS with its support. 

The latter is really compact and easily installed on the windshield. With its ball joint system, the GO 6100 can be installed in all directions. Once attached to the windshield, just turn the dial to secure the assembly. Despite an announced autonomy of 2 hours, it is better to connect the GPS to the cigarette lighter socket of the vehicle. At least, the micro-USB port for power remains accessible even when the GPS is installed, unlike GPS whose socket is on the back. 


The TomTom GO 6100 is powered on quickly and the signal from the satellites is acquired extremely quickly, even inside premises. The screen displays a series of command icons that are scrolled from right to left. Note that the screen is very responsive. Among these commands, we find the traditional ones such as “Search”, “Go to home”, “Recent destination”, “My destinations”, “My routes”, “Voice command” and “Settings”. In this last function, possibility is given to adjust the display, the guidance mode, the zoom on the map, the choice of voice, the activation of the voice command, the type of maps, the sounds and alerts, with including security alerts (danger zones, frequent accidents, risky areas,

Route guidance

First of all, you will need to create an account on the TomTom MyDrive website and download the software for free to your PC or Mac. A mobile application version is also available for smartphones and tablets. TomTom MyDrive allows you to update (4 times / year) the map but also to plan a route from your smartphone, tablet or computer and then transfer it to the PND. On the other hand, from the application, we have a view of instant traffic with possible slowdowns. So much for the description of the system.

There are three ways to set up an itinerary. The first, already mentioned, goes through MyDrive. The second, via voice command with a list of pre-established commands on the navigation aid (“help”, “go to a parking lot”, “go to a petrol station”, “report a speed camera” …) or on GPS control (“70% volume”, “activate sound”, “2D mode”, “3D mode”, “zoom in” …). In the left corner of the screen, a microphone surmounted by a gauge appears as soon as the voice command is activated. Speak loud enough and clearly enough for the GPS to understand your instructions. Otherwise, you are good for a rehearsal. The ideal is to get as close as possible to the device. You might as well perform this maneuver when stopped.

Finally, the third solution, the most classic, consists in typing the address directly from a virtual keyboard. In the field dedicated to research, you must then type the first letters of an address or a POI for the answers to appear. Then just choose the corresponding destination. In all cases, the route will be calculated according to the criteria we have chosen (toll roads, ferries, carpool lanes, “unpaved” routes, type of route – fast, short, ecological, pedestrian, cycling). 

Additional functions

With the decree on the ban on wearing Bluetooth or wired headsets, speakers, FM and GPS hands-free kits are the party. And yet, at TomTom, we refuse to integrate a hands-free mode. Because from an audio point of view, it is not of high quality. Given the position of the GPS on the windshield, the driver has to yell to be heard.


In the end, the TomTom GO 6100 does not deserve. On the other hand, it changes little, since the only difference with the previous model lies in its function of danger zones now free for life (€ 29.90 per year after the 3 months free on GO 5000 and 6000). The two new models 5100 and 6100 therefore offer cartography, danger zones and TomTom HD Traffic, all for life. If you didn’t have a GO 6000 or 5000, then the 6100 or 5100 may interest you.