Best Sony Playstation Gold Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The Sony Playstation Gold Wireless gaming headset returns in a second 2018 version with even more promise. Does it have everything it takes to win the hearts of PS4 players? The answer now!


Sony and its Playstation subsidiary renewed their flagship wireless gaming headset a year ago: the Gold Wireless. Above all designed to work together with the PS4 and PS VR, this model promises mountains and wonders ( “ultra-comfortable design” , “exceptional sound quality” , microphone sound “exceptional clarity” , “give life to your games 7.1 “virtual surround sound ) for any player looking for a wireless listening and communication companion. This model was launched at the start of 2018 at a price of € 100

Best Sony Playstation Gold Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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3. PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset: Limited Edition – White

4. Playstation Gold Wireless Headset (Bulk Packaging) (Glacier White)

5. PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – PlayStation 4


The 2018 version of Gold Wireless is based on the original version of 2014 with a reworked design and design. The helmet thus gains in compactness, discretion and lightness. The long arch is thinner and is now fully covered with imitation leather. This material, also used on the pads of over-ear atria, conceals a relatively fine and flexible foam. The ear cups are made of plastic. Overall, the manufacturing and finishing of the helmet is quite successful. The assembly is relatively neat and robust, we did not detect any particular defect during our test period. The 2018 Wireless Gold is arguably the lightest wireless headset on the market today. However, it is not the most flexible. Furthermore, the ear cups hardly rotate on the horizontal axis. Wearing around the neck is therefore not the most pleasant possible.

The extreme lightness of the helmet plays in its favor in terms of feelings of comfort. The helmet is easily placed on the head and you hardly feel the weight of the helmet and the contact with the headband, even if the foam used is far from being thick. The set holds very well in place and the earpieces correctly fit the pavilion of the ears. The extremely generous deployment of the headband (approximately 34 cm to 45 cm by measuring from ear to ear passing through the top of the skull) allows both small and large heads to put on the helmet.

Unfortunately, that is not all. In fact, the user quickly finds himself confronted with two points which limit the time of use: a more or less marked pincer effect (but always present) according to the morphologies and, above all, a particularly marked point of contact at the level of Headsets. 

Software quality

Gold Wireless is accompanied by a dedicated application on PS4 available on the Playstation Store called “Companion of the headset.”

It is not really very complete and responsive, but it at least has the merit of offering a minimum of customization on the sound rendering. It offers several EQ modes (depending on certain games and more general) and a 3-band graphic EQ to obtain a personalized profile on the headset memory (position 2 of the switch). The rest of the settings (including microphone gain) are made via the console’s audio settings menu.


Gold Wireless (2018) offers a correct experience which can be a little more satisfactory if you opt for a personalized EQ profile

Basic, without any correction on the part of the user, these headphones naturally focus on the mediums which makes them a companion above all made for voice communication. He is indeed shy at the ends of the audible spectrum (low and treble extremes) and shows a slight affection for the midrange around 1 and 2 kHz approximately. The voices are therefore naturally put forward and intelligible in all circumstances, without being particularly warm, clear or airy. In this area, the stamps are fairly well respected. On the other hand, we will go back for precision. 

The sound rendering is generally not very detailed either on the mediums or in the other regions of the audible spectrum for that matter. This general lack of precision, combined with the timidity of the mid-high / treble and certain mask effects, bring a slightly “dull” and fuzzy side to the sound. 


Gold Wireless (2018) is far from being as impressive as its promises suggest. It nevertheless fulfills its mission correctly and can satisfy you if you are not too demanding and above all you have a very limited budget (we often find it below the € 70 mark). If you are a hard player and you want both a good listening experience and comfort, it is better to invest a little more and turn to other references such as the G533 or the RIG 800 for example.


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