Best Sigma dp0 Quattro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Dp1, dp2, dp3: for Sigma expert compacts, the song and the declination by focal length is now well known. New with the Quattro series, the dp0 Quattro takes on, for the first time on a brand case, a 14mm f / 4 equivalent to a 21mm f / 4.

Best Sigma dp0 Quattro Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Sigma DP0 Quattro Compact Digital Camera

2. Sigma DP2 Quattro Compact Digital Camera

3. Sigma DP1 Quattro Compact Digital Camera

Getting started

The Sigma Quattro follow each other and look alike and, like all good products that improve over time. We appreciate each time a little more the design and very atypical ergonomics of Sigma expert cases. The very off-center grip / stock has long been digested and assimilated by our mimines – which we must still have not too small. Finally, we only see the good sides of these Sigma Quattro. Yes. We are ready to close our eyes to the non-orientable and non-touch screen lacking in definition and to the sometimes psychedelic display. Yes. We are ready to remember that there is no Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS. Yes. We live very well without all the stuff, gadgets, zippers and pegs that we usually like on other boxes, and too bad if it does an optional optical view finder  – no flash.

The dp0 is rough formwork, nothing useless, just the necessary and practical. The ergonomics are very understandable, direct, efficient and simple. What to pass the excellent Ricoh GR for a Chinese puzzle. On the hood, in addition to the trigger and the ignition button, a mode button allows you to select your PASM work mode as well as three customizable modes. 

The two knobs, robust and well notched, allow you to play on the aperture, the speed and the exposure compensation, depending on the circumstances. We’d almost dream of a real diaphragm ring, maybe for the next time. In the meantime, we are satisfied with the access to the memory card by the left edge, where there is also a USB socket. By cons, do not look for HDMI, microphone or headphone jack, this is not the point here.


On the back, none of the technological fanfreluches that we usually like. What to change the display mode, what to read its images, a Focus key to switch from automatic focus to manual (without focus peaking), what to change the collimator (there are 9, it is possible to change the size to gain precision), an AEL button to lock the exposure and the essential QS button which provides access to basic settings. 

Everything is there, neither too much nor too little. Sigma dp Quattro are practical, easy, many more manufacturers should be inspired by it. Too bad that only Sigma and Leica, somewhere, remain the last of the Mohicans when it comes to rational and refined interface …

So this is it. We like the Sigma dp0 Quattro, because it is an invitation to photographic travel and it is not necessary to get lost in the mazes of the submenus or the manual to appreciate it. We are even ready to close our eyes to the very, very cumbersome lens, which however allows to balance the grip. On the other hand, despite the two Li-Ion batteries of 7.2 V, 1200 mAh and 8.7 Wh supplied (just like the mains charger), the autonomy pill reaching, with difficulty, the 200 views remains difficult to swallow , but the dp0 Quattro is not intended for compulsive triggers anyway. That said, since the charge indicator drops almost visibly after every ten photos, it’s almost practical …


Whoever goes slowly surely goes and, it is rather good news, the dp0 goes a little less slowly and a little more surely. Without becoming a war lightning either, the autofocus hangs more and even surprised us with its excellent skills when face detection was activated; a point on which we did not expect Sigma.

The Sigma dp0 Quattro proves to be the fastest quadruplet when it comes to focusing in good light conditions. Since it goes from two to three times faster than its brothers. Excellent! On the other hand, under 3 Lux, it is penalized by the low aperture of its lens (14mm f / 4) and requires almost 1 second on average to execute. The ignition always takes three seconds but the recording time is set to that of the dp3 Quattro. In absolute terms, it remains very slow but, given the style of use for which the dp0 is intended. It is a very relative problem. 

Note, however, that the 2.3 seconds shown in our graph are an average. In fact, the dp0. Quattro will take 3.7 seconds between the first and the second image, then about two seconds between each following image. The burst, as for it, is rather surprising since, in all cases, it is established at 3.9 images per second on 7 views (limitation of the buffer memory), and this, whether you work in RAW + JPG High, in JPG High (5424 x 3616 px, or 19.6 Mpx) or in JPG Super High (7680 x 5120 px, or 39.3 Mpx).

Image quality

Don’t want to go back to your ophthalmologist? Instead, you can test your visual acuity with the 14mm f / 4 of the Sigma dp0 Quattro. The optical excellence it demonstrates is a real challenge for the best eyes and, from f / 4 to f / 8, it will be difficult to distinguish which opening offers the best dive as the whole is teeming with details, from the center to the periphery, with exemplary homogeneity and imperceptible distortion. 

You will therefore not hesitate to use your compact expert at full opening and then to close slightly, in case of bright light or to gain a little depth of field. From f / 11, the extreme corners gradually weaken but remain at a very good level. If you are looking for performance, f / 22 is to be avoided because of the strong diffraction which creates like a light white veil in front of the image. Nothing dramatic, however, if all the lenses we tested were as good at f / 22, we would be delighted.

As for image processing, it is well known that JPGs are the weakness of boxes fitted with a Foveon sensor. Here, this translates on the one hand into very slight chromatic aberrations – which will disappear if you work in RAW with Sigma Photo Pro 6.3  – and a rise in sensitivity to the pain beyond 800 ISO. And by “hardly”, we mean “totally unusable” as the colorimetry becomes eccentric. Also note that the dp0 Quattro sometimes tends to under-expose. Knowing that, nothing to report: all you have to do is find a subject that is suitable for photography at 21mm.


  • Breathtaking image quality … up to ISO 800.
  • 14mm f / 4 optics with exemplary homogeneity.
  • Clean and rational interface.
  • Quality of construction.


  • Bright, non-articulated screen.
  • Overall slowness.
  • Some chromatic aberrations.
  • Very limited autonomy (but a second battery is provided).
  • No stabilization.
  • A little cumbersome objective.
  • Cannot be used above ISO 800.
  • No video.


The Sigma dp Quattro follow each other and look alike, continuing to raise the bar for optical excellence very high. In 21mm, few cameras will be able to compete with this Sigma dp0 Quattro: if you are looking for a very defined wide-angle, for architecture, landscape, etc. it offers a more than credible alternative to very high definition or even medium format DSLRs.


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