Best Ricoh Theta SC Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The Theta SC succeeds the Ricoh Theta S. It is the fourth 360 ° version of Ricoh, a pioneer in the sector. The characteristics of the Theta SC change little or even regress due to a recording limited to only 5 minutes. No 4k or microSD card slot, but a lower launch price.

Best Ricoh Theta SC Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. RICOH Theta SC2 Beige 360°Camera 4K Video with Image stabilization High Image Quality High-Speed Data. Transfer Beautiful Portrait Shooting with face Detection Thin & Lightweight for iPhone, Android

2. Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera (Black)

3. Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera (Blue)

Getting started

The design of the Theta SC does not change from that of the Theta S. Long and elongated, the camera is carried with one hand like a remote control. It has only four keys: Wi-Fi ignition and toggles between photo mode and video mode. The fourth button, the trigger, is located on one of the two sides and falls perfectly under the thumb.

The coating of the shell seems slightly different, but still pleasant to the touch. LEDs indicate which mode is activated. It’s always simple and effective. The only notable change is the disappearance of the mini-HDMI socket. The mini-USB socket is always present to charge the camera. It does not include a screen to view its recordings or anticipate the framing.

The Ricoh Theta SC is available in four colors (blue, white, beige and salmon pink). 

The Theta SC is equipped with Wi-Fi, in particular for remote adjustment and editing of files. We always regret the obligation to use three different applications to trigger, configure and edit photos and videos. Ricoh insists on splitting each operation, we are still trying to understand why. It turns out to be more tedious than anything else. The additional workload is significant and requires a lot of manipulation which could have been avoided either by switching directly from one application to the other, or by grouping everything in a single application, which competitors generally do. 


To trigger, configure and transfer your images, you must use the Ricoh Theta S application. The video mode gives access to Full HD and HD definition. In photo mode, you can set the speed, sensitivity, white balance, and exposure compensation. As with the Theta S, it is not possible to view the framing in video mode. For editing photos, you must have the Theta S + application to apply a filter, change the display, change the background and share the images on social networks. For editing video files, use the Theta + Video application, which is finally available on iOS and Android. 

The previous version of the application proposed sharing on many social networks and saving the image in the gallery. Now only Facebook and Twitter are directly supported and it is no longer possible to save the image with the changes if it has not been previously published on All this is really restrictive and discouraging in use.

A version is available on PC or Mac computer, but it does not allow any retouching. It is only dedicated to viewing. We would have liked to be able to push further the edition and the use of this particular 360 format. The sympathetic and fun side is therefore mainly limited to shooting. For the next version, we very much hope that Ricoh will focus its attention on a more advanced application, but above all that brings together all the shooting and editing settings.


Like the Theta S, the Ricoh Theta SC does not have a slot for a memory card, but only an internal memory of only 8 GB. This is particularly frustrating, especially if you decide to back up for a long time without the possibility of discharging the internal memory. We are far from a Kodak SP360 which accepts cards of 32 GB or from a Nikon KeyMission up to 128 GB. We find it difficult to define the positioning of this camera limited no longer to 25 minutes, but to 5 minutes d ‘maximum recording. The only way to justify what looks like a step back is price positioning, since the camera was launched at 100 € less than the Theta S.

Like the previous models, the Theta S has no particular resistance to falls or bad weather. It is not particularly intended for backpacking in hostile environments. It is therefore satisfied with a universal thread to fix it on a tripod. We also regret the absence of a self-timer which would have made it possible to film or photograph without seeing the one holding the camera appear; or you have to use time-lapse mode and disappear between two photos.

The Theta SC is a clone of the Theta S, the mini-HDMI connector less and with an even shorter recording time. So expect nothing better, except for a softer price and new colors. Still, we still perceive it as a playful object.

Image quality

Unlike the Kodak SP360 or the 360 Fly , the Ricoh Theta SC films in a completely spherical 360 °. It has the same 1 / 2.3 “CMOS sensor with a definition of 12 Mpx and two bright lenses that open to f / 2. While waiting for the arrival of the Ricoh Theta 4K , here we must be content with a definition Maximum Full HD 1920 x 1080 px at 30 fps only. As on the previous version, the main drawback of this spherical capture concerns the prominent presence of the thumb that triggers. Unfortunately there is still no self-timer for setting the camera on a support.

The image quality is the same as that generated by the Theta S, overall correct. The dynamics are good and the definition honest. Since there is no possibility to zoom in the image, we do not recommend that you be too far from the subject. 

On the sound side, this is not exceptional, but it remains perceptible, unlike most cameras. So do not hesitate to raise your voice a little to make sure you distinguish the dialogs correctly.


  • Minimalist design.
  • Manual photo settings.
  • Video quality.
  • 360 ° spherical.


  • Filming time limited to 5 minutes.
  • No memory card slot.
  • No 4K.
  • Three different applications for the three uses.


The Ricoh Theta SC is a copy of the Theta S, but is limited to one 5-minute recording per sequence. It is therefore not suitable for those who wish to film for a long time, but it still allows filming in 360 ° spherical. Only its price positioning explains this step backwards which makes it a regressive, even unfinished product, compared to the Theta S.


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