Best Roccat Suora Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022:

If the peripherals for gamers are often extravagant, the trend is more simplicity and sobriety on the side of keyboards. Each manufacturer goes there in fact with its “frameless” keyboard, devoid of shell, with bare mechanical switches on the chassis and no more keys than are usually required in office automation. It is now Roccat’s turn to propose such a model, called Suora and aimed at providing players with ” raw, undiluted performance “.


The Suora is the opposite of the manufacturer’s Ryos models . Unlike the latter, rather imposing and with additional shortcut keys, the new kid plays the card of simplicity and is placed in front of keyboards like the Logitech G610 , Razer BlackWidow X Ultimate or Corsair K70 . The Roccat Suora is sold at the recommended retail price of € 99.99.

Best Roccat Suora Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2022

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First remarkable point when discovering the Suora, its compactness. Despite the presence of a full numeric keypad, the keyboard occupies only a rectangular area of ​​43 x 12.5 cm on the desk. It is the most compact full mechanical keyboard in our comparison, and probably also one of the lightest (only 810 g). A low mass obtained through the use of an aluminum alloy chassis which gives the passage a more noble side to the product. The underside is unfortunately plastic, which somewhat penalizes the general aesthetic, especially as the shiny black edges are rather messy. The design of Suora is nevertheless very sober, Roccat having simply chosen to affix its logo above the arrow keys. Difficult at first sight.

Despite the absence of a palm rest, the typing position is satisfactory due to the low height on the front of the keyboard (13 mm). The rear is slightly raised by 5 mm (18 mm in the end), but the angled keys allow you to obtain a pleasant and almost flat striking surface.

For a more pronounced tilt, it is possible to extend the two feet located under the back of the keyboard, to reach a height of 29 mm.

These two feet also provide better stability to the Suora on the desk, since they are fitted with rubber pads which replace the other four located on the front. Either way, the keyboard doesn’t move, but you can still drag it effortlessly to move it.


No cable management system is provided, the braided cord (about 2 m) comes out at the back, in the middle of the keyboard. The Suora also does not have a USB hub or mini-jack plugs for a headset, nor does it offer dedicated macro keys. Roccat nevertheless offers 6 macro functions on the keys located above the arrow keys. The manufacturer also had the good idea to add 4 keys above the numeric keypad to increase, decrease, mute or activate the game mode. The latter allows you to deactivate certain keys that you do not want to see working during a part (Windows, Alt Gr, etc.).

Finally, the function keys F5 to F12 each host a secondary function, which can be activated in combination with the FN key (open Windows Explorer, browser, messaging, calculator, and audio / video playback control functions) . The same goes for the “Imprecr Syst” key, which is also used to vary the intensity of the backlight.

The latter is adjustable on 10 levels and can also activate the “breathing” mode, the only visual effect offered. No RGB here, the switches incorporate a blue LED and the color cannot therefore change.


While most of the manufacturer’s keyboards are equipped with Cherry MX switches, the Suora uses models manufactured by TTC, which can also be found on the Roccat Sova MK . These are copies of the Cherry MX Brown and react in a very similar way: required force of 45 cN at the start of the stroke and then 55 cN just before activation after 2 mm of stroke (4 mm of total stroke). The typing quality is satisfactory and one can hope for a good longevity in as much as the manufacturer guarantees his switches for a minimum of 50 million activations.

Be careful however, like many mechanical keyboards, the Suora is quite noisy. The switches themselves are involved, but are not helped by the resonance of the chassis which is heard if you type a little hard on his keyboard.

With regard to electronics, the Suora benefits from anti-ghosting with N-key rollover. So that all the keys on the keyboard can be taken into account without error. The exchange frequency with the computer reaches 1,000 Hz (1 ms).


  • Compactness on a keyboard, however complete.
  • Dedicated volume keys.
  • Good typing quality.
  • Blue backlight adjustable in intensity.


  • No palm rest, even optional.
  • Plastic finish under the chassis a little disappointing.


Discreet, compact and offering a convincing typing quality, the Suora goes straight to the point without forgetting the essential functions. It turns out to be as pleasant in gaming as in office automation – if you accept the noise of its mechanical switches – and will suit players looking for a simple and efficient keyboard.


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