Best Nikon D500 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The D500 has many advantages, both in terms of its excellent image quality as well as its speed, functionality and well thought out design. But he still fishes when it comes to the automatic focusing of his Live View and his wireless system.

The D500 is an APS-C SLR positioned as the little brother of the D5 with full -frame sensor . We find  the  same autofocus and the same measuring system plus nt  CMOS 20.9 megapixel sensor, a large rotatable touch screen and Ultra HD compatibility. Enough to fill the specifications of cameras in its category. Only a few slight faults deprive him of flawlessness.  

The bare body is around 1,700 euros on the Internet and there is a kit  with  a DX 16-80mm f2.8-4mm lens at 2,500 euros. Unlike many kits, this one is really very good, with a very versatile focal length 24-120mm. 

Best Nikon D500 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR (Body Only), Base

2. Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR (Body Only) (Renewed)

3. Nikon D500 DX-Format DSLR Body – Bundle with 32GB SDHC Card, Holster Bag, Tripod, Memory Wallet, Cleaning Kit, Mac Software Package

4. Nikon D500 DX-Format Digital SLR (Body Only) (International Model)

5. Nikon D500 Wi-Fi 4K Digital SLR Camera Body with 64GB Card + Backpack + Battery + Kit

Welcome to  the 1 million ISO club

Speed ​​isn’t everything to work in bursts. It is also necessary to manage high sensitivities, the only possible condition for taking sports photos under various conditions of opening speed. The Nikon D500 can go up to 1.6 million ISO, the highest sensitivity in  its price category. 

The  jpegs are clean up to ISO 6,400. From there, we can start working in  raw  to obtain more details with the counterpart of a pronounced grain and the presence of hot pixels in the dark areas. Between 12.800 and 102.400 ISO, the jpegs offer some small details  and  we perceive a processing of color noise. We can get usable photos in small format, but overall, the Nikon D750 at the same price level produces better photos.  

However, the color rendering and white balance of the D500 are excellent. Note that this is also the first SLR  at a consumer price that offers video in Ultra HD. The quality is also very good for an APS-C sensor: the colors and sharpness are excellent and the dynamic range is quite wide.

The art performance

This Nikon D500 is fast, very fast for its price. And its autofocus system is just as swift and precise. Equally efficient is the cheaper Canon EOS 7D Mark II for individual shots. One of the reasons is the 16-80mm lens which is fast, but not enough to keep up. 

In burst mode, with automatic exposure and focus to continuous activated point, the D500  n r t  10.7 frames / second for an unlimited number of jpeg and more than 40  raw + jpeg  on a XQD memory card. With an SD card, you drop 10 frames / second.  

The autofocus follows much the pace,  which is not  surprising  then that this is the same system as D5. However, care must be taken to properly adjust it according to the type of action in order to obtain the best result. 

The battery life is quite good and we can attest to the fact that the tropicalized case is insensitive to sweat.  

The only  area  in which the Nikon D500 is lacking in performance is the automatic focusing of its Live  View  which is very slow: 1.3 seconds with good lighting. In addition, the continuous focusing of Live  View  is not extraordinary with video.  

Almost everything you need

The case is robust and comfortable to hold for long periods. The layout of the controls is well thought out, the viewfinder is large and bright. We find the typical array of customizable settings s  Nikon. It  has  almost all the features that one can expect from this type of camera: a microphone jack and headset,  the  electronic image stabilization in video, a neutral color profile. There  are  also separate settings for photo and video and the camera stores different exposure settings for each mode. 

The only real downside of the D500 is its wireless connection management. Whether for file transfer or the mobile application, there is nothing to satisfy an average user and even less an expert. Add that we even had to uninstall the application because even deactivated it drained the battery.  

It looks like it is only there to transfer files  to Nikon’s photo sharing service. Remote control comes down to a simple trigger. 


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