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Best Marshall Woburn Speaker Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2021. The Woburn is a truly fantastic speaker. It does develop deep and also punchy bass as well as very crisp high information that forecasts a hot and vibrant midrange. It’s the local point to an audiophile I have heard. This is true even with MP3’s where a great deal of information could be lost as well as tools may integrate as well as sound appear a bit defenseless.

The Woburn allows you to pick various instruments fairly plainly and also voices appear incredibly real, rich as well as powerful with lots of great outlining that in my experience frequently obtains lost. I have not paid attention to Queen in several years and was very startled to listen to all of the subtle enunciations in A Winter Story; she has actually been astonished truly. And also it has been the same with every little thing I pay attention to, be it a voice, guitar or a full-on orchestra. Classical, Opera, Rock, Steel, 80’s Pop, Punk, Grunge, Individual, Jazz– it sounds amazing.

Our evaluation simply gets the Marshall Woburn center back of the research and also a little accent audio speaker encountering my desktop computer to increase the point marginally. I am truly pleased and feel blessed to have such a charming sounding audio speaker. It’s pricey and filled me with uneasiness when we got it. Three months later on it has actually been paid off and all of us like it, no doubts whatsoever.

Right here I have actually detailed the best Marshall Woburn Speaker Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2021

Best Marshall Woburn Speaker Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2021

1. Marshall Woburn Wireless Multi-Room Bluetooth Audio Speaker, Black (04091921) (Restored).

Marshall Woburn Wireless Multi-Room Bluetooth Speaker, Black (04091921) (Renewed)
  • The largest speaker from Marshall, Woburn features a robust sound and appearance that makes it the perfect centrepiece for even the largest of spaces or the most discerning ears. Connect wirelessly either to Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect, AirPlay or Bluetooth. Combine it with other Marshall Wireless Multi-Room speakers to turn your home into the ultimate listening experience.
  • COME TOGETHER WITH MULTI-ROOM Wirelessly play different songs in each room or bring it all together and play the same song throughout the entire home. Simply start with one speaker and build your system overtime. Regardless of your space, there’s a Marshall speaker to fill it.
  • THE LOUDEST MULTI-ROOM SPEAKER The Marshall Wireless Multi-Room System taps into over 50 years of experience to bring you that live feeling. Turn your entire home into your own personal venue with sound that resonates with the power of live music. Just like being in the front row.

2. Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Audio Speaker, Lotion (4090971 ).

Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker, Cream (4090971)
  • Portable Bluetooth player with 90W output
  • Multi input for Bluetooth, RCA or Optical
  • Classic Marshall design details

3. Marshall Woburn Wireless Multi-Room Bluetooth Audio Speaker, Black (4091924) (Certified Reconditioned).

4. Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speaker Black, New.

Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black, - New
  • Larger than life sound - with high trebles, handles low base with ease and clear mid range
  • Wirelessly connect with Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX technology provides lossless wireless sound at a range of up to 30 feet while maintaining connectivity
  • Customize your sound - fine-tune your music to meet your requirements. Just use the Marshall Bluetooth app or the analogue controls on your speakers top panel to perfect your sound according to the room you’re in

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Stylistically all 3 audio speakers in Zound’s Marshall multi-room collection are of apparent Marshall heritage. But just the Woburn allows sufficient to prevent looking like a unique product. It does in fact look like a small technique amplifier from Marshall. It practically feels like a shame you can not connect an actual guitar in.

Determining 400x308x200mm and also weighing 7.9 kg, the Woburn is decorated by a big brassy Marshall logo design and also matching beading around the edge of a nicely stitched fabric speaker grille. On the top are some brass handles for volume, bass, treble, and for choosing the audio source. They enable some pretty finely-grained tweaks to the soundstage, and also close by are some even more hands-on controls; forward-skip and also backward-skip buttons.


The sound quality used by the Woburn is as pleasing as its renowned styling. The quantities go extremely high, but there’s no trace of distortion, and also the capability to fine-tune the bass as well as treble degrees rates. As a matter of fact, any individual who such as large bass is mosting likely to love the Woburn, which manages to supply reams of low-frequency action without muddying the midrange. It’s a clean, in-depth, and vibrant, yet cozy sound.

Nevertheless, there are a few traits. The Woburn appears stressed with high quantities; we located that it was difficult to ascertain to an extremely silent quantity for paying attention to in the evening. That’s a lifestyle thing, but personally, that places us off. Likewise, while listening to an internet radio station, if you choose to assign it to a vacant pre-programmed through the Multi-Room application, the Woburn plays a quick guitar riff prior to ceasing streaming. Extra insects.

As a pure multi-room system, it then functioned fairly well. Hooked-up to the two various other audio speakers in the collection, Acton and Stanmore, we had Bjork’s Utopia cd playing in perfect sync in three areas.

The Marshall Multi-Room application is rather uncomplicated; each ‘area’ audio speaker can be toggled to ‘solitary’ or ‘multi’, so it’s very easy to see which speaker is real-time and playing.

Nevertheless, controlling it all is not as easy as on a Sonos app. You can’t cue-up tunes, as well as the excellent adaptability across devices and also numerous applications does bring about a slightly disjointed user experience.

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