Best Injustice 2 PS4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023. Oppression 2, the follow-up to Precept Kombat programmer NetherRealm’s Justice-League-inspired battling game, is the workshop’s fourth-largest game with a cinematic initiative, which strings with each other a collection of one-on-one conflicts with prolonged cutscenes to produce a de facto interactive film.

All these attempts, which NetherRealm presented, in the rebooted Temporal Kombat (usually referred to as MK9), fill up a void left available in several combating games: A more engaging single-player element for players who do not necessarily have enough opportunity to stay on top of the devoted affordable players who dominate online.

Injustice 2 improves this principle, overshadowing the projects of its predecessors, while additionally including brand-new systems as well as good manners that specifically target non-competitive play. The project provides among the most effective DC tales in years, packed with diligently constructed cut scenes loaded with a collection of DC superheroes and also bad guys. The emphasis on making the video game inviting to all comes within the loot system, which allows you to personalize statistics and also look. Oppression 2 does something special by offering a deep, enriching experience for both laid-back players as well as experienced pros.

If you are planning to acquire the Injustice 2 PS4, then Black Friday and also Cyber Monday are the best possibility to buy the best Injustice 2 PS4 and also save approximately 37% on the very best Oppression 2 PS4. Look into the below best Oppression 2 PS4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers and also conserve massive this Cyber Monday. I have actually assembled a leading list of the most effective Injustice 2 PS4 Sales & Deals Available today.

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Best Injustice 2 PS4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023

1. Injustice 2: Legendary Edition

Injustice 2: Legendary Edition is a superhero fighting game that truly lives up to its legendary status. With an expansive roster of DC Comics characters, exceptional graphics, and engaging storyline, it’s a must-have for fans of both fighting games and comic books. The game’s multilayered narrative keeps you hooked, while the comprehensive Legendary Edition includes all downloadable content, adding significant value. The gameplay is smooth and intuitive, making it accessible to newcomers yet offering depth for experienced players. However, some might find the learning curve steep for mastering combos. Overall, it’s a thrilling experience that faithfully represents the DC universe.

Key Features

  • Expansive Character Roster: Play as iconic DC characters with unique abilities.
  • Engaging Story Mode: Experience a compelling narrative with branching paths.
  • Legendary Edition: Includes all DLC content for added value.
  • Stunning Graphics: Visually impressive with detailed character models.
  • Accessible Gameplay: Suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers.


  • Rich Storytelling: Captivating narrative with multiple character perspectives.
  • Impressive Visuals: High-quality graphics that showcase DC’s heroes and villains.
  • DLC Inclusion: Legendary Edition offers tremendous content value.
  • Varied Gameplay: A balance of accessibility and depth for all players.
  • Competitive Scene: Thriving online community for competitive play.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Complex combos may deter newcomers.
  • Some Balancing Issues: Certain characters may be overpowered in online play.
  • Microtransactions: Optional in-game purchases can be a drawback for some players.

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2. Injustice 2 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

Injustice 2 on the PlayStation 4 delivers an excellent fighting game experience, but without the bells and whistles of the Legendary Edition. The game boasts a vast selection of DC characters, a gripping story, and visually stunning battles. The single-player campaign is engaging, but without the additional DLC, you may miss out on some fan-favorite characters. Gameplay is accessible, making it enjoyable for both casual and hardcore gamers. However, the absence of DLC in this version can be disappointing. Nevertheless, if you’re primarily interested in the core gameplay and don’t mind missing a few characters, the Standard Edition is a solid choice.

Key Features

  • DC Character Lineup: A diverse roster of superheroes and villains.
  • Compelling Story: A narrative-driven single-player campaign.
  • Visually Impressive: Stunning graphics and detailed character models.
  • Accessible Gameplay: Easy to pick up and play.
  • Online Multiplayer: Compete against others in intense battles.


  • Strong Story: Engaging single-player campaign with a gripping plot.
  • Beautiful Graphics: High-quality visuals that showcase DC’s iconic characters.
  • Accessible Controls: Easy for newcomers to learn.
  • Online Battles: Thriving online community for competitive play.


  • Lack of DLC: Standard Edition does not include additional characters.
  • Missed Content: Some fan-favorite characters are only available through DLC.
  • Limited Customization: Fewer cosmetic options compared to the Legendary Edition.

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3. Triforce Injustice 2: The Versus Collection

The Triforce Injustice 2: The Versus Collection is a collector’s dream for Injustice 2 fans. This Not Machine Specific edition includes a detailed Batman and Brainiac statue, an exclusive steelbook case, and the Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack for DLC content. The quality of the statue is impressive, making it a standout addition to any DC enthusiast’s collection. However, this package is primarily for collectors, as the game itself is not included. If you’re a dedicated fan looking for exclusive memorabilia, this edition is worth considering. Otherwise, if you’re primarily interested in the game, you may opt for one of the game editions.

Key Features

  • Collector’s Edition: Includes a high-quality Batman vs. Brainiac statue.
  • Exclusive Steelbook Case: Adds a premium touch to your collection.
  • DLC Content: Comes with the Injustice 2 Ultimate Pack for extra characters and skins.


  • Impressive Collectibles: The Batman and Brainiac statue is a standout piece.
  • Exclusive Steelbook: Adds a premium look to your game collection.
  • DLC Inclusion: Ultimate Pack provides additional gameplay content.


  • Game Not Included: Does not come with the Injustice 2 game itself.
  • Pricey: The collector’s edition is more expensive than standard game versions.
  • Limited Appeal: Primarily aimed at hardcore collectors rather than general gamers.

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FAQ 1: How do I unlock additional characters in Injustice 2: Legendary Edition?

To unlock additional characters in Injustice 2: Legendary Edition, you can either progress through the game’s story mode or purchase the downloadable content (DLC) characters included in the Legendary Edition. Story mode allows you to unlock characters gradually as you complete chapters, while the DLC characters are accessible immediately with the Legendary Edition purchase.

FAQ 2: Can I play Injustice 2 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition online with friends who have the Legendary Edition?

Yes, you can play Injustice 2 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition online with friends who own the Legendary Edition. The online multiplayer features are compatible across different editions of the game, so you can still enjoy epic battles with your friends regardless of which edition they have.

FAQ 3: Does the Triforce Injustice 2: The Versus Collection include a digital copy of the Injustice 2 game?

No, the Triforce Injustice 2: The Versus Collection does not include a digital copy of the Injustice 2 game. This collector’s edition focuses on providing exclusive physical collectibles such as a statue and steelbook case, but the actual game is not included. You will need to purchase the game separately.

FAQ 4: Are there any differences in gameplay between the Injustice 2 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition and Injustice 2: Legendary Edition?

No, the core gameplay experience remains the same between the Injustice 2 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition and Injustice 2: Legendary Edition. Both versions offer the same engaging combat mechanics, character abilities, and stages. The primary difference lies in the content included, with the Legendary Edition offering additional characters and DLC content, making it a more comprehensive package for fans of the game.


In conclusion, the Injustice 2 series offers an enticing array of options to cater to different preferences. The “Injustice 2: Legendary Edition” stands out as a comprehensive package, providing an immersive DC universe experience with a rich story, extensive character roster, and excellent DLC value. It’s a top pick for both casual and competitive gamers.

The “Injustice 2 – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition” provides a solid gaming experience, but it lacks the DLC content of the Legendary Edition. Still, it’s a worthwhile choice for those who prioritize core gameplay and storytelling over additional characters.

On the other hand, the “Triforce Injustice 2: The Versus Collection” is a collector’s delight, offering exclusive memorabilia like a stunning statue and steelbook case. However, it’s primarily aimed at die-hard collectors rather than gamers seeking the full gaming experience.

Ultimately, the choice between these editions depends on your gaming preferences and whether you’re a dedicated collector. Each product has its merits, ensuring that fans of the DC universe can find the right fit for their interests.

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