Best Delonghi Magnifica S Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The Magnifica S opens the range of coffee makers with grinder at Delonghi. With this model, the Italian manufacturer plays the card of simplicity and efficiency without sacrificing certain options.


Price positioning requires, the Magnifica S skips stainless steel finishes in favor of a plastic that seems to us to be of good quality and strong enough to last over time. If the materials used are not particularly subject to fingerprints, it is more the glossy stainless steel cup-rest tray that poses a problem for us, revealing some traces of splashing after the coffee has run out or after rinsing of the nozzles. 

What differentiates the Magnifica from the Magnifica S is the presence of a small LCD display which allows you not to read the information verbatim, but to take advantage, if not, of some warning lights to better understand your machine. The control panel is also not remote on any touch screen and you have to deal with the traditional physical keys, a little rustic, but nevertheless effective. 

Reading the control panel is ultimately quite simple. The on / off button is clearly identified, as are the keys for making espresso or long coffee or serving one or two cups. The coffee intensity adjustment wheel sits between the different buttons that make up the control panel. The latter is therefore easy to understand, even if reading the manual does not hurt. Finally, we find, at the top left of the machine, a second wheel which is used to activate the water or steam nozzle (for cappuccinos, for example). To make milk coffees, the only solution is to pour a little milk at the bottom of a cup, to make a coffee more or less long, according to your tastes, and to activate the cappuccino frother to prepare the froth. milk.

Best Delonghi Magnifica S Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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5. DeLonghi ECAM44660B Eletta Fully Automatic Espresso, Cappuccino and Coffee Machine with One Touch LatteCrema System and Milk Drinks Menu

On the display, certain information makes it possible to maintain the machine (when the water tank is not sufficiently supplied or badly repositioned, when the collector is marc is full, when it is necessary to descale the machine or when it there are no more grains in the dedicated bin, etc.). When the machine simply displays “Eco”, it is simply that it is ready for use. 

To personalize the drinks and access the machine settings, it is essential to go through the user manual and perform a key combination to record the desired cup length or the temperature of the drink. The Magnifica S offers to choose a temperature from 4 levels. We noted significant temperature differences between the different levels: 81° C (low temperature). 84° C (at the second level). 87° C (at the third level) and finally 90° C at the highest temperature level. . Remember that the extraction temperatures must be between 86° C and 96° C; those found on the Magnifica S are therefore perfectly in line with what we could expect.

The top of the machine accommodates a bean container with a capacity of 250 g. The grinding can be adjusted according to 13 levels on this machine, compared to 7 on the first Magnifica. Remember that the thickness of the grind has a direct effect on the taste of the coffee: the finer it is, the stronger the taste. The positioning of the wheel, well thought out, does not force you to put your hand inside the tank. Unlike what we have seen on the  Saeco GranBaristo Avanti . 

Easy maintenance

The nozzles are rinsed automatically when the machine is turned on and off, which is good for hygiene and maintenance. 

Only nozzle cleaning is automatic. For the rest, you must refer to the various indicator lights for maintenance. When one of the LEDs lights up, it is up to the user to maintain his machine manually after having made sure of the correct handling to be carried out by consulting the user manual. 

Regarding the passage to the dishwasher, Delonghi could not be more clear in its instructions for use: ” no part of the machine can be washed in the dishwasher” 

As is often the case, access to the extraction chamber is very easy, by removing the water tank, opening the hatch and finally pressing the buttons on each side of the extractor to remove it. This easy access makes it possible to thoroughly clean the coffee maker. Tthus avoid the damage that we may have encountered on certain Jura machines.


The Delonghi Magnifica S is quite fast. Remember that our protocol takes into account the start-up of the appliance, preheating, rinsing of the nozzles, grinding of the beans and flow of the coffee (40 ml classic espresso). This machine performs all these steps in 1 min 20 s. It takes an additional 34 seconds to prepare the second morning coffee. Finally, count 39 s to make a long coffee. This Magnifica S is one of the fastest coffee makers in the Delonghi catalog.

Power consumption

By default, the machine switches off after 15 minutes. However, by performing a series of operations on the control panel. It is possible to adjust the extinction after 30 min, 1 h, 2 h or 3 h. The machine then consumes 0.5 W, which is far below the other measurements noted in our comparison when the devices are in standby. For example, the Jura Ena Micro 5  has a consumption of 4.2 W. 

Our consumption measurements take into account the ignition, preheating, rinsing of the nozzles as well as the preparation of 3 espressos and 3 long coffees. On this machine, we noted a consumption of 0.056 kWh, which generates a reasonable monthly cost of 12. EURO cents, at the rate of 6 coffees prepared per day.


This Delonghi coffee maker is barely noisier than its counterparts. We measured an average of 65 dB (A) during the grinding of the grains and 53 dB (A) during the extraction. And because the comparison is good, the  Saeco Minuto HD8761, it reaches 73 dB (A) and 70 dB (A) respectively.


Unlike the previous Magnifica. ESAM 3000.B, this version manages to stand out thanks to the presence of its. LCD display which streamlines the use and maintenance of the machine. But above all thanks to all the options it is equipped with (adjustment coffee intensity, coffee temperature, fineness of grind, water hardness, etc.). Fast and silent, the Magnifica S benefits from an excellent quality / price ratio for those who wish to equip themselves with an automatic coffee maker without breaking the bank.


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