Best Corsair K63 Wireless Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The Corsair K63 Wireless keyboard is a wireless version of the K63 that we have already tested. It takes advantage of a few options that make it a very interesting choice in some cases, including use with a home PC.

Best Corsair K63 Wireless Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Blue LED, Cherry MX Red – Quiet & Linear

2. (Renewed) CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Blue Led, Cherry MX Red – Quiet & Linear

3. CORSAIR K63 Wireless Special Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Ice Blue Led. Cherry MX Red – Quiet & Linear and CORSAIR MM300 – Extended Mouse Mat

4. CORSAIR K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Backlit Blue Led, Cherry MX Red – Quiet & Linear. CORSAIR K63 Wireless Gaming Lapboard for K63 Wireless Keyboard – Game Comfortably From Your Couch

5. Corsair K63 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Backlit Red LET – Linear & Quiet – Cherry MX Red


In broad terms, the K63 Wireless is therefore a classic K63 with a wireless connection. We find its main strengths – including the mechanical switches Cherry. MX Red – and its main weaknesses, like the fairly noisy keys, with a small, clearly audible resonance effect. We therefore refer you to the K63 test to learn more.


We will focus here on the specifics of the K63 Wireless, starting with its wireless connection, which largely explains the additional cost required to acquire this version (130 €, against 90 € on average for the K63).

The connection is established either by wire – we will come back to this later – or wirelessly via Bluetooth, or via a USB stick delivered. The latter is preferred to take advantage of the best performance. It operates on the 2.4 GHz band with 128-bit AES encryption in order to eliminate the risk of hacking of information typed on the keyboard and to reassure the most worried users. With it, Corsair promises a response time of the order of a millisecond and it must be recognized that we were unable to detect the slightest difference between typing and effect on the screen, whether in game or in Frantic text entry.

And when we talk about the frantic use of a wireless keyboard, we necessarily think of autonomy. Corsair announces 15 hours with full backlight, 25 hours with light backlight and 75 hours without backlight. Figures that we were able to verify (within an hour or two). This autonomy is ensured exclusively by a built-in lithium-ion battery. It is therefore mandatory to go through a recharge in case of breakdown. Charging is carried out using a 1.8 m detachable USB cable in mini-USB / USB 3.0 format. This connection allows of course to use the keyboard in a wired way when the battery is discharged and to recharge it at the same time. A small green led indicates when the keyboard is charged. It turns red when the battery ends.


Thanks to a small switch located on the rear edge of the chassis, you can turn off the keyboard to make sure you don’t lose battery unnecessarily. It is possible to let the backlight switch off automatically after a specified time (adjustable in the Corsair CUE software), without hitting a key.

You may have noticed that the color of this backlight is blue here, while it is red on the wired version. This will ensure that you are at the first glance sure that you are buying the wireless version. Last difference between the two models: the K63 Wireless comes with a wrist rest, a little short and not very thick, as we have already reported in the test of the Corsair K68 RGB 

But what makes the K63 Wireless particularly interesting is undoubtedly its optional support K63 Wireless Lapboard  : just install the K63 Wireless to comfortably enjoy a real mechanical desktop keyboard while being comfortably installed in your sofa .

In the course of this test, it is moreover this use that we preferred as the hands naturally fall on the wrist rest and the padded covering under the support rests comfortably on the legs. A real success. This K63 Wireless Lapboard has an integrated mouse pad in standard format (approximately 26 x 21 cm) which can be easily replaced when it is worn out.


The K63 Wireless keyboard + K63 Wireless Lapboard support pair is without doubt one of the best current solutions for using a PC in a living room (multimedia or home cinema use, playing on the big screen on the TV, etc.). It will of course be necessary to complete this set with a quality wireless mouse. And even if you only have an occasional use of the keyboard in the living room, the K63 Wireless is precisely made to be easily shared between office and living room: it is used on the desk, in charge, with an office PC, by example, and when a desire for home cinema or video game arises, we insert it into the K63 Wireless Lapboard to switch to the living room PC.

Admittedly, the K63 Wireless Lapboard is not given. But we can already find it for less than 60 € on the web or benefit from a discount by buying the keyboard and the support in pack. And when we see that a majority of high-end gaming keyboard cost around 150 €, we say that spending the same amount in a quality wireless gaming keyboard (certainly without RGB or some small options sometimes negligible) and in a extremely well designed support is not illogical, and perhaps even more interesting when looking for a keyboard for this specific use.


  • Multimedia keys despite the reduced size of the keyboard.
  • Soft and pleasant punch.
  • Good general manufacturing quality.
  • Backlight key by key (but not customizable key by key).
  • Support K63 Wireless Lapboard which gives all its meaning to this keyboard and which multiplies the uses.


  • Resonance noise when typing.


If the K63 Wireless could be summed up as a wireless version of the K63 with a palm rest. It takes on a whole new dimension when we add the K63 Wireless Lapboard support. It then becomes a formidable living room keyboard, both comfortable and precise, which still suffers from this little resonance of the keys already present on the wired version, but which is no longer necessarily a problem once you have selfishly grabbed the big one home TV for your pleasure only …


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