Best Corsair HS70 Wireless Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The HS70 Wireless is Corsair’s second wireless proposal. Based on the manufacturer’s HS series, this version is an alternative to the Void Pro RGB Wireless , with a more sober, more conventional design, without forgetting the essential elements for playing in good conditions … well almost.

Best Corsair HS70 Wireless Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset – 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones for PC – Discord Certified – 50mm Drivers – Carbon

2. CORSAIR HS70 Wireless Gaming Headset – 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones for PC – Discord Certified – 50mm Drivers – Carbon (Renewed)

3. Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Se Gaming Headset, Cream (Renewed)

4. Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset – 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones for PC – Discord Certified – 50mm Drivers – Carbon (Renewed)

5. HS70 SE WIRELESS Gaming Headset (Renewed)


The HS70 Wireless comes from the HS line of Corsair, much wiser in design than the Void series. These headphones are almost identical to the design of the HS50 and HS60: a very classic look, ovoid ears protected by a metal grid, a hoop and aluminum hinges, completed by plastic shells with a soft-touch coating 

This type of coating has the advantage of not being sensitive to fingerprints, which is always a significant point. The quality of workmanship and finish is very honest. The headphones are solid and their weight is correct for a wireless model. On the other hand, its design would have benefited from being more flexible. No backlight or RGB here: the HS70 Wireless is discreet, which is becoming increasingly rare in the world of gaming devices .

The HS70 Wireless provides satisfying sensations of comfort. The helmet is naturally positioned on the head, the ear cups largely encompass the roof, the weight is well distributed and there is no significant clamp effect. The deployment of the notched arch is sufficient to suit large heads. Small heads can also put the helmet on without worry (about 35 to 43 cm, measuring from ear to ear and passing through the top of the head).

There are, however, a few small remarks to make. The headband foam is not very thick and that of the ears is slightly lacking in density. What is more, some people may feel slight discomfort at the lower level of the pavilion (antitragus and lobule area) due to the contact with the small plastic protuberance located at the grid. The passive insulation is far from incredible, just enough to reduce the noise level of surrounding noises a little. 


Getting started and using the HS70 Wireless is very simple. The headset communicates exclusively by wireless via the supplied USB dongle , just like Void Pro Wireless for that matter. Once switched on, the headset is immediately recognized on PC and PS4. The USB connection is only used to charge the headphones (during use or not) and there is no 3.5 mm mini-jack input. There is nothing to say about the quality and stability of the connection: no cut or loss of signal disturbed our test, even with a good ten meters distance between the headset and the dongleUSB. 

The control possibilities are reduced to a minimum, namely a button for switching on / off the headphones, a button for activating / deactivating the microphone – essential since there is no automatic mute – and a control wheel. listening volume control – which is not related to the general volume setting in Windows or PS4.

The minimalism also applies to the indications since there is only one light signal under the right atrium, one on the USB dongle and only a few sound indications. To benefit from voice alerts (English only), Corsair iCUE software must first be installed and launched. It also means that you won’t get any of that on PS4. Regarding autonomy, Corsair promises 16 hours of use after a full recharge, which is perfectly the case in reality, no more no less. Faced with competition, this value is very correct, but not at the level of the best in the field, which can offer up to 24 hours of use (the RIG 800 HD for example).

Software quality

Like all Corsair gaming devices that communicate via USB, the HS70 Wireless comes with CUE or iCUE (Corsair Utility Engine) software on Windows. With one as with the other, the options offered for the HS70 Wireless are very similar to what can be found on other models, such as Void Pro Surround . The navigation and the use of the software, not always very clear and intuitive, are still current.

We find the volume control, the volume control of the return of the sound captured by the microphone in the headphones, the activation or deactivation of 7.1 virtual surround and the 10-band EQ. When we browse through the advanced settings, we find an indication of the remaining battery level, the activation or deactivation of voice indications and the programming of automatic headset shutdown.


The HS70 Wireless has a nice frequency balance, which can be enhanced with a touch of correction via the EQ integrated in the application – the last active setting remains in memory. Unfortunately, that is not all and is not enough to achieve very good sound performance.

The HS70 Wireless is not in the whimsical. In terms of frequency response, we are dealing here with a rather wise gaming headset , which draws a small trend in V. With a little bit of EQ, the balance is there.

Unfortunately, there is a little catch. The HS70 Wireless is far, far from being precise. These headphones show difficulty reproducing the lowest frequencies. It is not really the depth of these that is lacking, but the mastery in reproduction. The distortion immediately points to the tip of its nose, and with it the loss of precision. As often in this case, the bass materializes in the form of an imposing mass which is complex to decipher (the sources which operate in this region agglutinate; one thinks in particular of the bass, the bass drum and the large percussions, double bass, cello, piano, synthesizer, blast effects of explosions, humming of motors, etc.). In other words, the bass is soft and takes up space.


The observation is a bit more satisfactory in the midrange and treble. Even if precision is still not on the agenda, the distortion is very low. The timbres are well respected, the voices are clear and intelligible. There is no dull, dull, cut-off effect at the higher frequencies, as can be seen on many gaming headsets. This makes it possible to have a sharper, more snappy sound reproduction, to correctly appreciate the distances (especially in proximity) and to enjoy a wide sound scene. There is still a bit too treble and shiny treble, which can be softened slightly with the EQ if necessary – always sparingly, because the correction applied by the EQ can quickly become brutal. 

Unfortunately, we can never take away their “chemical” aspect, hissing because of the lack of precision. 7.1 virtual sound spatialization is still not convincing on this model. It is more difficult to discern the different elements and to identify their trajectory than in stereo. What is more, activating this mode awakens sibilance and some metallic sounds, which is far from


The Corsair HS70 Wireless has the good idea to offer a detachable gooseneck microphone. Its metallic sheath is extremely flexible, very easy to handle and it stays in place once positioned. No windshield is provided, however, and there is no way to quickly know if the microphone is muted (no light indication on the tip, for example).

The microphone offers a good quality of recording for a wireless headset. The captured signal is relatively strong and clean. Although we feel a very clear focus on the mediums, which results in a nasal tendency, the voice is well transcribed. It is intelligible in all circumstances, even when there is noise around, which is significant. The presence of a windscreen would not have been too much to reduce the sensitivity of the microphone to plosives (“p” sounds for example), as you can hear on our extract. To limit the phenomenon, take care not to place the microphone directly too close to the mouth and to offset it slightly.


  • Extended frequency response, balanced sound rendering.
  • Serious construction, neat finishes.
  • Very good feelings of comfort.
  • Easy to use, stable connection.


  • General precision to review, especially in low frequencies.
  • Anecdotal virtual surround.
  • A rigid coat design.
  • Few possibilities of control and indications.
  • No analog or USB connection.


The HS70 Wireless could have been a nice surprise in the world of wireless gaming headsets , if only the sound precision had really been there. In the end, we are left with a simple and honest proposal, which can satisfy you if you are looking above all for sobriety and you are not too stuck on the sound. Otherwise, head to other references, such as the G533 or the RIG 800HD .


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