Best Audio-Technica AT-LP5 Turntable Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023: The Audio-Technica AT-LP5 isn’t one of the most well-known turntables on the marketplace (yet), nevertheless, it’s more of a covert rock. Why? As it is brand-new and also not everyone has caught on yet.

Unless you’re looking for something very particular, there’s no reason that you need do not be consider this amazing bit of musical tool that offers a lot for its rate.

So let’s cut directly to the chase and discover what makes the AT-LP5 such an appealing alternative, and our selection to the very best turntable under $500.

Well, what’s not to adore concerning the Audio-Technica AT-LP5? It is unbelievably simple to make use of and also set up, however, the sound dynamics and info are a thing that gives also several of the more costly turntables a run for their cash.

Perhaps the only method to discover something much better than the AT-LP5 would certainly be to have a higher budget.

Below I have noted finest Audio-Technica AT-LP5 TurntableBlack Friday and also Cyber Monday deals 2023. Save approximately $100 on Audio-Technica turntables.

Best Audio-Technica AT-LP5 Turntable Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2023:

1. Record Player Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable

Record Player Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable with 36 Watt Stereo Bookshelf Speakers, Vintage Hi-Fi System with Magnetic Cartridge, Built-in Phono Preamp USB Recording RCA Output Adjustable Counterweight
  • 2*18W Matching Speakers: produce natural, well-balanced studio sound with massive bass, sounds with minimal distortion and decent tonal quality. Offer exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics, match room decoration.
  • Hefty Iron Platter & Accurate Counterweight: iron platter is designed to reduce vibration and increase the clarity of the hi-fi sound, better for stable and accurate rotation. Adjustable counterbalance of counterweight can independently adjust the tracking force of the needle accurately.
  • Moving Magnet Cartridge & Static-Balanced Tonearm: This magnet cartridge has a robust design, produces moderate to high output levels, works easily into standard phono inputs on a stereo amplifier or receiver. With high quality static-balanced tonearm and vibration-damping belt-drive system.
  • Bluetooth Streaming & Vinyl Recording via PC: the built-in Bluetooth allows you to listen to records via smart phone, tablet, computer or other compatible devices. It also supports USB to PC encoding, it can convert vinyls into MP3 digital files via computer and playback.
  • Built-in Phono Preamp & Analog Phono-Line Output: Built-in switchable Phono-line and pre-amplifier allow to connect with the set of included speakers, or If you prefer to connect with your speakers or stereo system, take advantage of the turntable’s RCA jacks.

The Record Player Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable is a fantastic addition to any music lover’s collection. It combines vintage charm with modern technology, offering a seamless listening experience. The built-in Bluetooth capability allows for wireless connectivity, while the 36 Watt stereo bookshelf speakers deliver rich and vibrant sound. The magnetic cartridge ensures high-fidelity audio reproduction, and the adjustable counterweight guarantees precise tracking. Additionally, the USB recording feature allows you to digitize your vinyl collection effortlessly. The overall build quality is solid, and the stylish design adds a touch of nostalgia.


  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming.
  • Powerful 36 Watt stereo bookshelf speakers.
  • Magnetic cartridge for high-fidelity audio.
  • USB recording to digitize vinyl collection.
  • Adjustable counterweight for precise tracking.


  • May lack some advanced features found in higher-end models.
  • Limited color options available.

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2. 1 BY ONE Bluetooth Turntable HiFi System 

1 BY ONE Bluetooth Turntable HiFi System with 36 Watt Bookshelf Speakers, Patend Designed Vinyl Record Player with Magnetic Cartridge, Bluetooth Playback and Auto Off
  • [Moving Magnet Cartridge] The included high-quality AT Moving Magnet-type cartridge and stylus produces rich, warm audio and outstanding sound clarity. While an universal headshell allows users to change cartridges with ease
  • [Bluetooth Connectivity] With Bluetooth functionality, you can pair with your Bluetooth compatible device like Android smartphones, tablets, PCs, USB-mp3 players and listen to your favorite music through the turntable’s speakers
  • [Great Connectivity Options] Built-in switchable phono line and pre-amplifier allow to connect with the set of included speakers or your own externally-powered speakers via the dual RCA output cables
  • [Solid Iron Platter & Adjustable Counterweight] The precision-manufactured iron platter is designed to reduce vibration for perfect stability and rotation, which brings high-fidelity playback to the next level. The adjustable counterweight produces smooth stylus movement better for skipping and distortion
  • [Built-in USB Digital Output] Connect this turntable to your computer via the included USB cable and encode vinyl audio into MP3s for digitalized storage and playback on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Listen to your vinyls no matter where life takes you

The 1 BY ONE Bluetooth Turntable HiFi System is a well-designed and feature-packed record player. The patented design is sleek and eye-catching, adding a touch of elegance to any room. The Bluetooth playback feature enables wireless streaming from your favorite devices, providing convenience and versatility. The 36 Watt bookshelf speakers deliver impressive audio performance with clear highs and punchy lows. The magnetic cartridge ensures accurate sound reproduction, and the auto-off function preserves the longevity of your vinyl records. Overall, this turntable offers a great combination of style and functionality.


  • Stylish and elegant design.
  • Bluetooth playback for wireless streaming.
  • Powerful 36 Watt bookshelf speakers.
  • Magnetic cartridge for accurate sound reproduction.
  • Auto-off function for record preservation.


  • Limited color options available.
  • Some users may prefer a fully manual turntable for more control.

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3. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black, Hi-Fi, 2 Speed, Dust Cover, Anti-Resonance, Die-Cast Aluminum Platter
  • input voltage:100 -240V.Power consumption : 1.0 W, Signal-to-noise ratio > 50 dB (DIN-B)
  • Experience the high fidelity audio of vinyl
  • Fully automatic belt drive turntable operation with 2 speeds: 33 1/3, 45 RPM
  • Anti resonance, die cast aluminum platter
  • Redesigned tone arm base and head shell for improved tracking and reduced resonance

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK is a fully automatic belt-drive stereo turntable that delivers exceptional sound quality and ease of use. With its black finish and sleek design, it fits seamlessly into any home decor. The two-speed functionality allows for playback of both 33-1/3 and 45 RPM records, catering to a wide range of vinyl collections. The anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum platter minimizes vibration and ensures accurate playback. The fully automatic operation simplifies the process, making it ideal for beginners. The dust cover protects the turntable from debris when not in use. Overall, this turntable offers excellent value for its price.


  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Two-speed functionality for versatile playback.
  • Anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum platter for accurate playback.
  • Fully automatic operation for ease of use.
  • Dust cover included for protection.


  • Not suitable for advanced users who prefer manual operation.
  • May not have as many advanced features as higher-end models.

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4. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK Direct-Drive Turntable (Analog & USB), Fully Manual, Hi-Fi, 3 Speed, Convert Vinyl to Digital, Anti-Skate and Variable Pitch Control Black
  • Experience the high-fidelity audio of vinyl
  • Direct-drive, DC servo motor with selectable 33/45/78 RPM speeds. Damped base construction for reduced low-frequency feedback coloration
  • Fully manual operation featuring adjustable dynamic anti-skate control, variable pitch control with quartz speed lock, and balanced S-shaped tonearm with hydraulically damped lift control and lockable rest
  • Convert your vinyl records to digital audio files by downloading and using the free Mac- and PC-compatible Audacity recording software (or software of your choice)
  • Includes: USB cable, detachable RCA output cable (dual RCA male to dual RCA male), AC adapter, 45 RPM adapter, counterweight, felt mat, and removable hinged dust cover

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK is a versatile and feature-rich direct-drive turntable suitable for both audiophiles and enthusiasts looking to digitize their vinyl collection. The fully manual operation allows for precise control over playback, and the three-speed functionality covers a wide range of vinyl formats. The built-in USB output allows for easy conversion of vinyl records into digital files. The anti-skate and variable pitch control further enhance the playback experience. The sleek black design, sturdy construction, and removable dust cover make it a reliable and stylish choice.


  • Fully manual operation for precise control.
  • Three-speed functionality for versatile playback.
  • USB output for digitizing vinyl records.
  • Anti-skate and variable pitch control for enhanced playback.
  • Sleek design and sturdy construction.


  • May be overwhelming for beginners due to the manual operation.
  • Higher price point compared to entry-level turntables.

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5. Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable, Black
  • Take your analog listening experience to the next level with advanced features not typically found on automatic turntables, Damped base construction for reduced low-frequency feedback coloration
  • Balanced straight tone arm comes with a 1/2" mount universal headshell and AT91R Dual Moving Magnet phono cartridge, giving you excellent high-fidelity performance
  • Hydraulically damped lift control allows the stylus to be precisely and safely lowered and raised at any point on a record
  • Offers fully automatic operation; simply press the Start button to begin play and the Stop button to lift and return the tone arm and shut off the turntable
  • Constructed of anti-vibration damping materials that limits low-frequency feedback

The Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK is a fully automatic belt-drive stereo turntable that combines simplicity with performance. Its black finish and sleek design make it a visually appealing addition to any home setup. The fully automatic operation ensures hassle-free playback, making it suitable for beginners. The balanced tonearm and dual moving magnet phono cartridge deliver impressive audio quality. The built-in switchable phono preamp allows for easy connection to a wide range of audio systems. Overall, this turntable offers a user-friendly experience without compromising on sound quality.


  • Sleek and visually appealing design.
  • Fully automatic operation for easy playback.
  • Balanced tonearm and dual moving magnet phono cartridge for impressive audio quality.
  • Built-in switchable phono preamp for versatile connections.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • May lack advanced features preferred by experienced users.
  • Limited color options available.

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Audio-Technica supplies an excellent discount on Audio-Technica AT-LP5 throughout Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. You can conserve up to $100 on choose Audio-Technica earphones. So check this out best Audio-Technica AT-LP5 TurntableBlack Friday as well as Cyber Monday deals 2023 above.

Final Thought

In conclusion, all five products offer unique features and functionalities to cater to different preferences and needs. The Record Player Vinyl Bluetooth Turntable stands out with its Bluetooth connectivity and USB recording capability, providing convenience and versatility. The 1 BY ONE Bluetooth Turntable HiFi System impresses with its sleek design and patented features, offering both style and functionality. The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK provides a user-friendly experience and excellent value for its price.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB-BK appeals to audiophiles and digital enthusiasts with its manual operation and USB conversion capability. Lastly, the Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK offers a hassle-free and beginner-friendly experience without compromising sound quality. Ultimately, the choice depends on individual preferences, whether it’s wireless connectivity, advanced manual control, digitization capabilities, or simplicity of use.

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