Best Astro A50 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The A50 is far from a revolution since it incorporates the physical characteristics of the A40. The real changes are in its wireless function and its controls directly integrated into the helmet. Real advances or marketing arguments?

Best Astro A50 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 & PC – Black/Blue (2017 Model)

2. ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station for PlayStation 4 & PC – Black/Silver (2019 version)

3. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition Headset For Xbox One and Future Console, PS4, PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch – PlayStation 4

4. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset with Astro Audio V2 for Xbox One, PC & Mac


Unlike the A40 , the A50 is only available in its wireless version and directly integrates all the controls on the shell of the right atrium. The functions that can be found there are the volume control, as well as the mixer of signals coming from the consoles (chat and ambience). 

The MixAmp TX is the box which always has the role of centralizing the different sound sources. Good idea from the manufacturer, the optical input – to be used as a priority – is coupled to an output. It is therefore possible to insert the box between a console and a Home-Cinema installation without juggling the cables. It will however be more complicated in multiple sources: no way to connect a PC, a PS3 and an Xbox 360 at the same time while taking full advantage of the different multi-channel sources. Another regret, it is apparently no longer possible to create a discussion in a private circle as proposed by the A40 . 

On the helmet side, even if it gives pride of place to plastics like a “toy”, the A50 is entitled to an exemplary finish. The materials are of quality and the assembly perfect, even if one could for example have added screw covers. The external plates of each speaker are however no longer interchangeable because of the insertion of the controls on the headphones. No more switching sides of the microphone. It is nevertheless possible to fold it up; which cuts the sound automatically. 

The articulated ear cups do not pose any problem of contact with the ears and the wearing is very comfortable, suitable for small as well as large heads. 


In “normal” mode (filter 1), the audio part of this A50 is similar to that of its little brother. That is to say that its sound is dynamic and fairly bright without being excessive. The bass is controlled on this filtering (we will come back to this). This provides good accuracy and a very acceptable soundstage width, especially since the stereo rendering is very good. 

The curves below show the three possible filterings which are directly accessible from a button on the helmet. These filters create, in a way, an increasingly pronounced V signature and have the effect of inflating each end of the spectrum (bass and treble). This allows you to “fix” the sound when you listen to music and “improve” the overly neutral sound that you could blame the A40 .

However, on filter 3, the mids are set too far back, which disturbs listening and distorts the signal too much. Filter 2 seems the most balanced and pleasant to listen to music, since Filter 1, as explained above, lacks bass.  

The distortion is very well controlled even if there is a peak around 4 kHz which increases a little as you go up in the filtering modes. However, this has no impact on listening.

The 7.1 rendering uses a DSP produced in collaboration with Dolby. It is directly integrated (only possible via optical connections) and cannot be controlled by software. It delivers better spatialization without revolutionizing the genre either.


For those who may have escaped, this helmet is open, which means that there is no insulation and a lot of leaks. It will therefore not be suitable for people who use it in a noisy environment or who do not wish to disturb those around them. 

In summary this headset is oriented towards the high level player without really reaching it since the ProGamer will not be oriented towards wireless products. We can also find three times cheaper ( Corsair Vengeance 2000 for example) if we want at all costs wireless and 7.1 sound on PC.


  • Audio rendering.
  • Comfort.
  • 3 Filters for 3 different sound renderings.
  • Good construction.


  • No customization possible.
  • Limited connectivity.


A derivative of the A40 but without personalization, with more limited connectivity for compulsory wireless use. Elements far from convincing. The pro player, and a lot of amateurs, will certainly go their way.


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