Best MSI Vigor GK60 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The MSI Vigor GK60 is aimed at players looking for a powerful and complete mechanical keyboard, with 105 keys with Cherry MX Red switches. Complete does not necessarily mean bulky, thanks to its reduced width borders.


The GK60 was launched in late February / early March 2019 at a price of € 120. This high-end model is placed between the GK70 (TKL design without numeric keypad, frameless , with RGB backlighting, all for € 100) and the GK90 (105-key full keyboard with dedicated multimedia shortcuts and RGB, at € 140). Unlike these buddies, the GK60 only has a red backlight. It opted for a frameless design – that  is to say without a cover surrounding the keys -, Cherry MX Red switches, a numeric keypad and many integrated shortcuts. The manufacturer insists on two particularities: its “cable pass” chassis and the presence of 2 additional pads for perfect stability in all circumstances.

Best MSI Vigor GK60 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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The MSI Vigor GK60 has a fairly classic design for a keyboard of this ilk, but which is nonetheless neat and robust. It rests on a chassis almost entirely made of plastic covered with a very slightly grainy matt black finish. A brushed aluminum plate covers the entire upper part of the keyboard. Even if we see many assembly marks, especially on the plastic part, the quality of the finishes is very good. No pouch or case is provided to facilitate transport and protect the keyboard in this case.

The plastic used for the chassis is relatively dense, even if it sounds hollow when tapped. We did not notice any apparent or emerging defect / dysfunction during our test period (daily use ranging from 5h to 12h for three weeks, alternating office and game). Unlike the keys, the chassis does not particularly retain fingerprints. The weight of the whole is not anecdotal: the GK60 indeed weighs nearly 1050 grams. With the combination of the 6 non-slip pads located below (the usual 4 pads found on most keyboards, plus 2 added by the manufacturer at the space bar), the keyboard does not move a hair once installed.

Still at the bottom surface, the GK60 has another small feature. We can indeed see that the chassis draws a shape in the middle. This design acts as a cable gland to facilitate the use of a helmet or a pair of ultras. If it is not too thick, the cable can thus pass through the keyboard, without bypassing it. Like many new models of the genre, the GK60 benefits from a so-called frameless design , with no top cover surrounding the keys.


However, it stands out with fairly fine borders. Nothing new, but this design makes it possible to obtain a keyboard which occupies less space on the desk compared to certain older models: it measures 44 cm in width and 13.3 cm in height approximately. The thickness of the chassis (without the keys) is approximately 2.15 cm at the lowest point (just above the slope formed by the keyboard at the front) and 2.45 cm at the highest point ( at the Function keys), even 3.85 cm when the feet under the keyboard are extended.

As on all mechanical keyboards, here we have the right to high keys with a slightly curved profile. If these keys are taken into account, the thickness increases to 3.3 cm at the top of the lowest key and 4.3 cm at the top of the highest (about 5.5 cm when the feet under the keyboard are extended ). The edge closest to the user forms a relatively steep angle. The palm of the hand is therefore not hampered by a right angle when it approaches the keyboard. However, no palm rest is provided and its presence would still not have been too much for more comfort and a flatter striking surface, especially on long sessions of use. Otherwise, we would have liked to find feet to raise the front of the keyboard.


Unlike its two brothers, the MSI Vigor GK60 skips the RGB backlight. Red reigns supreme here. The backlighting is still done key by key and remains very neat. The diffusion is homogeneous and no character is truly forgotten. The main characters are naturally highlighted by the secondary characters by the backlight: the latter is slightly less pronounced on the latter. Many possibilities are offered for lovers of exotic light effects (7 modes are available). The setting is done directly via the shortcut keys on the keyboard, or on the manufacturer’s application (mode, speed, intensity, direction, fade in, fade off). 

There are also complete multimedia shortcuts (playback management, listening volume, navigation between tracks, stop and mute) as well as a shortcut for game mode (deactivation of the Windows key and certain shortcuts). Unfortunately, these are not dedicated keys. The three status LEDs, also backlit, are perfectly visible. The GK60 is connected via a non-removable USB cable with a length of 2 m. The cable consists of a very classic rubberized plastic sheath. There is no USB port or 3.5mm mini jack input or output on this model.


The MSI Vigor GK60 is equipped with MX Red Cherry switches whose striking quality and durability are no longer to be proven. Their lifespan is guaranteed for a minimum of 50 million activations. These are linear type switches, without click, with an activation point at 2 mm and which require a force of 45 cN to depress them. Unfortunately, unlike other competitors, the manufacturer does not offer alternative versions with MX switches Brown, Blue, Speed ​​or Silent to name a few. It is especially on this point that the GK60 loses a star.

The MX Reds have many qualities, but not that of being silent. Therefore, if you want to be sure not to disturb your surroundings (whether it is someone who works nearby or who plays right next to you without headphones) while having the sensations of a mechanical keyboard, it is better choose a keyboard with silent mechanical switches, like the MX Silent to name a few. The GK60 is not particularly noisier than another mechanical keyboard equipped with MX Red, let’s say that it is in the middle high. The sound intensity produced by the action of the keys obviously depends on the force with which they are struck, but the chassis has a slight tendency to sound like a sound box. As often, some keys are a bit louder than others. 


MSI delivers 4 special keys with its keyboard to place on the famous ZQSD quartet. These keys draw a slightly different profile from the original ones, with a metallic surface and a mark. A tool to dislodge keys is provided. The difference in touch with the standard keys is not striking, contrary to what has been observed in Corsair or HyperX for example. The surface is indeed a smoother and more pleasant hair; it is very difficult to perceive the marks engraved on the other hand. Nevertheless, there is a slight, but audible gain in discretion: the sound produced is a little more muted.

Finally, note that the MSI Vigor GK60 benefits from a complete anti-ghosting with N-key Rollover (NKRO); for simultaneous consideration of all the keys on the keyboard, without interpretation error.


  • Careful design, good desk stability.
  • Good typing quality.
  • Full backlight management, directly accessible on the keyboard.
  • The “cable gland” can be handy.


  • No headphone or microphone jack or USB port.
  • No feet to raise the front of the keyboard, no palm rest (even optional).
  • Software very poor in functionality.


The MSI Vigor GK60 is a good mechanical keyboard which offers a good typing quality for the game. However, the competition is very tough, especially at this price level, and often offers much more advanced software. In the same style, but more complete with a softer price, we find the K70 Lux and the K63 from Corsair or the HyperX Alloy FPS . At an equivalent price, we can also mention the excellent K70 RGB MK.2 or the K63 Wireless , for wireless.


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