Best HyperX Alloy Core RGB Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

HyperX’s Alloy Core RGB is a membrane keyboard for gamers that intends to offer most of the functionality of higher-end mechanical keyboards while remaining below the € 60 mark.


The Alloy Core RGB is the entry level at HyperX, below the Alloy FPS and Alloy Elite RGB mechanical keyboards . It comes in a traditional format (44.3 x 17.5 x 3.6 cm approximately) without palm rests or additional connectors (USB or 3.5 mm mini-jack input / output). However, it incorporates an RGB backlight and dedicated multimedia keys.

Best HyperX Alloy Core RGB Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Membrane Gaming Keyboard – Comfortable Quiet Silent Keys with RGB LED Lighting Effects. Spill Resistant, Dedicated Media Keys, Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 – Black

2. HyperX Alloy Origins Core – Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Software Controlled Light. Macro Customization – Compact Form Factor – Linear Switch – HyperX Red – RGB LED Backlit

3. HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset – Dual Chamber Drivers – Durable Aluminum Frame. Detachable Microphone and HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Gaming Keyboard – Quiet & Responsive – 5-Zoned RGB Backlit Keys

4. HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame. Gun Metal and HyperX Alloy Core RGB – Gaming Keyboard, Quiet & Responsive, 5-Zoned RGB Backlit Keys

5. HyperX PERIPHERIQUE Gaming Alloy CORE RGB Membrane


Although it does not box in the same category as its big mechanical brothers, the Alloy Core RGB benefits from a careful design. Its design is also reminiscent of the most upscale model Alloy Elite of the brand, with its ribbed profile and its light strip. Not surprisingly, the materials used are not the same, but the keyboard remains robust. The chassis rests entirely on plastic which seems relatively dense and resistant.

During our test, we did not notice any manufacturing defect (the chassis does not “crack”, the paint is uniform …). The work done on the finishes is also neat. We can see some traces of assembly when we scrutinize the keyboard in detail from all angles, but nothing unsightly or that compromises the solidity of the whole. The chassis is pleasant to the touch (very slightly grainy matt plastic). It does not particularly retain fingerprints or dust.

The Alloy Core RGB occupies a most conventional place on the desk, its size is also the same as that of the Alloy Elite without the palm rest: 44.3 cm in width and 17.5 cm in height approximately . The thickness of the chassis (without the keys) is 1.7 cm at the lowest point (just after the slope formed by the keyboard at the front) and 2.5 cm at the highest point (at the multimedia keys), or even 3.4 cm when the feet under the keyboard are extended.


By taking into account the keys, the thickness increases to 2.7 cm at the top of the lowest key and approximately 3.4 cm at the top of the highest (about 4.1 cm when the feet under the keyboard are deployed). A palm rest would not have been too much to have an ideal typing position and comfort of use at the top, but the keyboard remains pleasant to use. Four non-slip pads are positioned at the four corners under the keyboard (and one on each leg used to tilt the keyboard), ensuring good stability when placed on the desk.

Gaming keyboard requires, the Alloy Core RGB does not ignore the famous RGB backlight. Here, its interest is mainly aesthetic since it is done through 5 LED bars integrated into the chassis, and not touch by touch. The distribution is nonetheless homogeneous and very clean (apart from the multimedia buttons, no character is forgotten), but it is not possible to personalize the lighting to illuminate only certain zones or keys, for example. You have to settle for six lighting modes and three intensity levels.


The Alloy Core RGB is sold by HyperX as ” a versatile multimedia keyboard for players”. It is therefore not surprising that there are several dedicated multimedia keys directly accessible on the keyboard. The list is complete with two buttons for controlling the listening volume and one to mute and restore the sound, two buttons for navigation between tracks, a play / pause button and a stop button. Although we are not entitled to a potentiometer to manage the volume, the adjustment is done with precision (steps of 2 notches out of 100 each time). There is also a button for game mode (deactivation of the Windows key and certain shortcuts). The status indicators are perfectly visible. The Alloy Core RGB is connected by a braided USB 2.0 cable with a length of 1.8 m.

Disappointment on the software side, however, since this model is not compatible with the HyperX NGenuity application. The features and customization options are therefore very limited, too bad!


Even if it is primarily intended for players, the Alloy Core RGB opts for rubber dome switches connected by a membrane. So don’t expect the same responsiveness and endurance that mechanical switches offer, especially if you’re looking for performance first. The typing is softer, with a more “spongy” feel. The activation of the button requires a little effort at the start, then it descends directly into abutment with a reception slightly damped thanks to the rubber used. 

However, for a model of this type, it must be recognized that the striking remains pleasant in all circumstances thanks to a very correct rebound of the domes after each pressure. Note that the anti-ghosting function (advertised as “multi keys”) is present and allows several keys to be pressed at the same time without error in interpretation by the computer.

Without being ultra-reactive, dome switches have the advantage above all of being quieter than their conventional mechanical counterparts. However, there are silent mechanical switches , such as the Cherry MX Silent that can be found. For example, on the Corsair Strafe RGB Silent  and the Cherry MX Board Silent. Compared to “classic” mechanical keyboards, the sound produced by the activation of the keys is here more muted, clearly less metallic, even if we still perceive the click with each press. 

This remark applies to all the keys, except obviously to the multimedia keys (which are very silent). But also to the space bar which turns out even more discreet when activated. No unsightly resonance coming from the chassis is noticeable. So you can use this keyboard without risking annoying those around you.


  • Nice and quiet typing for a keyboard of this type.
  • Dedicated multimedia keys.
  • Neat construction.


  • No compatibility with the HyperX NGenuity application (no customization).
  • A palm rest would not have been too much.
  • No additional connectors (USB, audio).


With the Alloy Core RGB, HyperX offers a neat membrane keyboard, pleasant to use and fairly well equipped. However, unless the remote multimedia keys are a determining factor in your research on these types of models, we invite you to take a look at the side of the Razer Cynosa Chroma . At a very similar price, it takes advantage of configuration software to personalize the RGB lighting key by key and create macros.


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