Best Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

With the Mi Smart Band 4, Xiaomi brings a lot of new features to its entry-level activity sensor. There is thus a color Oled screen and an improved interface. What make it a good product? Answer here.


After a convincing Mi Band 3 for its price, here is the Mi Smart Band 4, its successor. With this new version gaining a “Smart” in passing, the activity sensor of Xiaomi has a slightly larger Oled screen and more functionality. Enough to inflate the price of 10 €, to reach 40 €. At this price, competition is rare, but good products are also complicated to emerge. The Mi Band 3 sinned by its interface and the precision of its measurements. What about here? You have come to the right place to find out. 

Best Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker, Newest 0.95” Color AMOLED Display Bluetooth 5.0 Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor 50 Meters Waterproof Bracelet with 135mAh Battery up to 20 Days Activity Tracker

2. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

3. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Fitness Tracker Newest 0.95 Inch Color AMOLED Screen Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Monitor 50M Water Resistant Activity Tracker Sports Watch

4. MI Xiaomi Band 4 Smart Bracelet Smartband Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor Fitness Tracker 3 Color AMOLED Screen 5ATM Waterproof Band4 Black Global Version

5. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 AMOLED Color Screen Wristband BT5.0 Fitness Tracker Smart Wristbands (Black)

Ergonomics and design

For its Mi Smart Band 4, Xiaomi offers almost the same design and ergonomics as those of its predecessor. The only small difference is the button whose design has been slightly modified on this model. Better integrated into the capsule, the latter is also still effective and benefits from haptic feedback in certain situations.

But apart from that, the Mi Band 3 and the Mi Smart Band 4 are strictly identical. So here we find the formula with an oval sensor encapsulated in its bracelet. It is possible to remove the sensor, but it is necessary to force it out. Fortunately, the bracelet is flexible and flexible enough to withstand all the tortures on offer. The latter is also perfectly compatible with that of the Mi Band 3. All plastic, it is rather pleasant on the wrist and does not irritate in any case, even wet. It also has enough notches to fit all wrist sizes. 

At the back, in an oval growth, are the two green LEDs that are used to calculate the heart rate. And like the previous models, the Mi Smart Band 4 is waterproof up to 5 ATM.


If there is one point on which the Mi Band 3 needed to progress, it’s good on the interface. Monochromatic and refined to the maximum, it was a little too limited to be truly pleasant, the Mi Smart Band 4 offers a real evolution compared to its predecessor. There is thus a 0.95 inch color Oled screen, with a definition revised upwards (120 x 240). This provides certain comfort. Xiaomi even offers 45 different home screens via its Mi Fit application. All have the common point of proposing at least 4 “complications” (time, date, percentage of battery and number of steps taken). Some add live heart rate. We are therefore far from the Mi Band 3.

For its Mi Smart Band 4, Xiaomi has not revolutionized its navigation. However, the manufacturer has greatly relaxed and developed the possibilities on the wrist. The multi-level menu is therefore more extensive. A vertical movement on the touch screen thus gives access to an overview of the data collected during the day, heart rate, weather, notifications, the menu of physical activities and options. It is possible to customize the order of the screens, in order to make the most used accessible. A welcome effort. It should also be noted that the touch screen reacts much better than on the Mi Band 3. Here, the gestures are correctly interpreted and do not need to be repeated. 

Small novelty of this model, it is now possible to control his music directly from his wrist. Spotify, Deezer and Xiaomi and Google music apps are also compatible. To do this, all you need is a side movement on the touch screen. The functionality is perfectly responsive. However, it deactivates during physical activity for an unknown reason. 


With the Mi Smart Band 4, the Xiaomi app, Mi Fit, has a new look. The opportunity to “modernize” aesthetically. We therefore find a visually pleasing application, but which has become a little more clutter. Not enough to really annoy the user, but the regulars of the previous version will have to get used to some paths. Apart from that, the application remains very complete. 

All the information collected by the Mi Smart Band 4 is synchronized with the Xiaomi application. This provides access to reports on various subjects. We therefore find the history of the heart rate of training sessions or sleep. The application also takes the opportunity to calculate averages, trends, which proves to be rather relevant for a “lifestyle” use.

In addition, Mi Fit offers a large amount of options. It is possible to configure notifications (application by application), alarms, screen unlocking, goals, etc. It is also possible to configure the frequency of cardiac readings or to program the night mode, disabling the screen alarm clock. during a wrist movement. As many very relevant possibilities and making comfortable the use of the activity sensor.

As on the previous version, Mi Fit still presents a rather guilty tone. The application thus spends its time commenting on the behavior of the user by indicating to him that he “sleeps better” than his “competitors”, that he “is lighter” or “heavier” than others. Go to bed late and she’ll tell you that going to bed after 10pm is unhealthy. These are little things, certainly, but which unnecessarily encourage a comparison, or even a competitive relationship.

Uses and precision

To measure the performance of the Mi Smart Band 4, we compared its results with those of the Polar H10 chest belt, which we consider to be very reliable in terms of measurements. We measured the running by linking the laps on a 1.9 km circuit. Regarding cycling, we have a typical circuit of 3.12 km.

If it is not intended for the sportsmen, the Mi Smart Band 4 embeds nevertheless some sensors. We thus find an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor based on two green LEDs, as well as a gyroscope, a small novelty compared to the previous model. However, there is still no GPS on the program. It is therefore necessary to go out with your smartphone to hope to obtain a geolocation. A gap certainly, but understandable for a product offered at 40 €.

The Mi Smart Band 4 therefore puts everything on the heart rate monitor. During a walking session, the Xiaomi sensor offers results very close to those of the Polar H10. There is thus a margin of error around 3%. Nothing too serious. Things get complicated during a running session. The margin of error rises to 12%, enough to represent around 15 beats apart. More relevant to gentle activities, the Mi Smart Band 4 is not suitable for interval training. In this case, the management becomes more inconsistent. And its data is no longer usable.

Note that the Mi Smart Band 4 heart rate monitor calculates a heart rate even when the sensor is removed from the wrist. This is sometimes around 80 beats per minute, sometimes around 50. This is a recurring problem on sensors and connected watches which even the Apple Watch Series 4 is a victim.


Tested at the end of 2018, the Mi Band 3 was already an activity sensor with impressive autonomy with 10 days of intensive use; the Mi Smart Band 4 is still a little stronger. Surprisingly, because we expected lower results, especially because of its greener Oled color screen. Finally, it took us a week to bring the activity sensor to 50% of its autonomy. And this despite intensive use, with reception of notifications, daily physical activity and sleep monitoring. And it is finally at the end of 10 days that the activity sensor flirts with the 20%, testifying to a faster exhaustion in the last 50 percent. A feat therefore for the 135 mAh accumulator housed in the small sensor.


With the Mi Smart Band 4, Xiaomi achieves the feat of offering a good activity sensor … provided you do not rely too much on monitoring the heart rate. It is therefore a terminal dedicated to more “lifestyle” use. And in this niche, it is quite complete thanks to its beautiful screen, its quality ergonomics and its simply monstrous autonomy. Athletes, they will have to turn to the Band 3 Pro from Huawei , more expensive but more competent on the side of the heart rate monitor.


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