Best Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Mainly known for its smartphones, Xiaomi is now embarking on a completely different field, that of the electric toothbrush. The Chinese manufacturer has unveiled its first model, the Mi Electric Tootbrush, which is obviously a connected model. What is Xiaomi’s first BDE really worth? Response at the end of this test …


Xiaomi has the wind in its sails and refuses nothing. While it recently marketed the Mi A2 smartphone in France , it is now embarking on the oral hygiene sector by presenting its first electric toothbrush, the Mi Electric ToothBrush. If the BDE (electric toothbrush) have the reputation of being relatively expensive, Xiaomi offers here a device at 35 €, enough to make some manufacturers fade, especially since this model is connected. It can thus display brushing reports on a smartphone app.

The Mi Electric ToothBrush incorporates sonic technology, which means that the user will still have to perform rotational movements by hand although the bristles of the brush oscillate at a rapid frequency. Xiaomi’s electric toothbrush comes with its induction charging base and a single brush head. It is sold separately for € 26.68. It takes less than € 10 for the lot of 3 heads. 

Best Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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3. Xiaomi Mi Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush – Bluetooth App Control Wireless Charge IPX7 Waterproof


The design of the Mi Electric Toothbrush is very simple, without frills. All dressed in white, this BDE is therefore particularly sober and discreet, unlike a more original design that Forea offers for example with the ISSA 2.

Unlike other models, such as the Panasonic EW-DM81 , the Xiaomi BDE is small (9.5 cm with the head) and light (120 grams). The handle is pleasant in hand and the small non-slip studs on the back promote better grip. 

Xiaomi highlights the simplicity of using its brush and is content with two brushing modes: soft and standard. The single button placed ergonomically at the thumb allows to switch on, off and change the brushing mode. A press on this button makes it work in standard mode, two presses to access the soft mode and the third press allows you to customize your brushing mode via the dedicated application, Mi Home. The dedicated icon lights up according to the mode selected by the user. 

We regret that the icons representing the brushing modes are not very explicit, which could disturb some users who are not used to BDE. In addition, the fact of going through several “chain” modes can be restrictive when you have to suddenly stop it: if it is in standard mode, you must therefore press the button three times to switch it off. However, just like on the Philips 1 Series, we appreciate the low number of features which makes it possible not to get lost and not to have to carry out plethora of manipulations.


In use, we appreciate the simplicity of use of the Mi Electric Toothbrush which does not require referring to the manual. Xiaomi has chosen to automatically stop the Mi Electric after two minutes (recommended duration of brushing), which is not the case with all manufacturers (including  Oral-B ). Like the Foreo ISSA 2, we also appreciate the emission of a vibration every 30 seconds to warn the user. That it is necessary to change the brushing area. 

The sonic technology used here is reputed to better fight against dental plaque than the oscillating-rotary technology thanks to the bristles of the brush vibrating at 31,000 movements per minute. To use these sonic BDEs correctly, apply the same movement as with a manual brush. A technology that can be less confusing than the others since the user does not change his gestures.

We particularly appreciate that the toothpaste does not “squirt” everywhere when the user turns on the Mi Electric without it being already in the mouth. An inconvenience that we find for example on the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean , but inherent in many electric brushes.

It should also be noted that sonic technology offers a softer and more pleasant sensation than tilt-and-turn technology. Xiaomi also prides itself on providing a brush head with 40% more hair – which we could not verify. However, we regret that the manufacturer only delivers one head with the BDE. Knowing that the life of a brush is estimated at around three months. The user should therefore get new ones soon after purchasing the Mi Electric. Toothbrush, or consider purchasing a set of replacement brushes along with the toothbrush.


When the battery icon flashes red, the Mi Electric Toothbrush needs to be charged. Xiaomi prides itself on ensuring an autonomy of 18 days at the rate of two brushings per day. During our test, after fully recharging our BDE, we left it on non-stop until the red light flashes, a little more than 60 minutes. For two brushings per day of two minutes, the user can therefore use his electric toothbrush for 15 days without having to recharge it; a relatively long time for an electric toothbrush. We find almost the same autonomy on the Oral-B Teen . 

As a reminder, the icon is lit in blue when the toothbrush is fully charged. It flashes when it is charged at more than 60%, it turns orange when it goes below the 60% mark and flashes red when it has only 20% of autonomy. It then takes 12 hours to recharge the brush. 


By placing the sound level meter 20 cm from the Mi Electric Toothbrush. We measured 46 dB (A), which is relatively discreet for a BDE. For comparison, the quietest BDE in our comparison to date is the Kolibree which emits 42 dB (A). If the Mi Electric Toothbrush is discreet, the sound emitted is also pleasant, far from being aggressive. 


For a first, Xiaomi is doing it hands down! The Mi Electric ToothBrush has the advantage of being easy to use without sacrificing quality of use. Indeed, the feeling of a complete brushing is at the rendezvous and the sonic technology used does not irritate the gums. However, fans of multiple features will have to turn back since the Mi Electric Electric Toothbrush only has two brushing modes.


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