Best Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

The T.Flight Hotas X is the premium price joystick-throttle set from the manufacturer Thrustmaster. PC and PS3 compatible, it is aimed at casual players who want to take advantage of a Hotas system (Hands on throttle and stick), more comfortable than a joystick for flight simulators.


Marketed at only € 59.99, the T.Flight Hotas X is positioned at the same price as the surprising T.16000M , which won us over with its precision – exceptional enough for such an inexpensive product – and its ambidexterity. The T.Flight Hotas X does not put forward the same arguments and instead puts on its throttle which makes it a real Hotas, particularly affordable compared to products of this type usually sold two to three times more expensive, at the bottom word ( Saitek X52 Pro and X-55 Rhino , for example).

Best Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

2. Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS One Ace Combat 7 Edition (XOne, PC)

3. ThrustMaster ThrustMaster Full Flight Kit – T-Flight Hotas X + TFRP Rudder Bundle – PC; Mac; Linux

4. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas 4 (PS4 and PC)

5. Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas 4 Flight Stick for PS4 & PC


As is often the case with entry-level products, plastics are fairly basic here; the T.Flight Hotas X consists entirely of hard plastic black, void of particular texture to the joystick handle the level or the throttle ( throttle ). We would have appreciated a soft touch or a rubber texture. But the price constraint had to be too strong to add these elements of comfort. The finish is also correct, with no assembly flaws, even if we obviously stay far enough from the more high-end models of Saitek and Thrustmaster already tested in our comparison of joysticks .

On the design side, a few touches of red brighten up the whole, which remains relatively sober despite an undeniable toy appearance.

The T.Flight Hotas X consists of two parts (joystick and throttle ) connected by a cable and which cannot therefore operate independently of each other. It is possible to use the assembly by spreading the modules well on a desk. But one can also choose to connect them so that they stand in one piece. The latter solution makes it possible to gain stability, even if it remains satisfactory when the modules are separated. Despite their slightly light mass of around 780 grams each (1,566 g once connected, including the cable that partly winds under the base) the two parts are relatively stable and do not lift too much during sudden movements, thanks in particular to a low resistance of the axes.

Installation and settings

No fixing solution is provided on the T.Flight Hotas X, you must rely on the non-slip pads (5 per module) to ensure good grip on smooth surfaces. This is nevertheless sufficient in practice, even when the tension of the joystick handle is set to its maximum level – via a wheel located under the base.

The installation is done simply by connecting the device to the PS3 or to a Windows. PC (XP and later up to Windows 8.1) after installing the Thrustmaster driver .

The settings are however very meager side software on PC. Everything is done directly on the joystick which records the programming in its internal memory. Better to have the user manual in front of you to understand how to change the allocation of keys. The manufacturer provides an online user guide to make the right settings in the PS3 Ace Combat Assault Horizon game . It also indicates the default mapping for the Flight Simulator X game .


With its modest 9-bit precision (512 x 512 values), the T.Flight Hotas X cannot compete with the T.16000M and its 14-bit Heart technology (16,384 x 16,384 values). The presence of a dedicated throttle despite the same sale price is to the detriment of the sensors and this is quickly felt in the game. It is therefore better to be content with games rather typed arcade, for which precision is less important. Although it will always be difficult to properly adjust its trajectories and / or its target. The first degrees of inclination are even less precise, when this is where we would need more finesse. A bitter observation, especially since the joystick is nevertheless pleasant to handle, with a smooth stroke, including with the highest axis tension adjustment.

Precision is also lacking in the throttle, too flexible and not adjustable in hardness. The transition from the central position to the high and low positions is too abrupt and without sufficient resistance, so that it is difficult to correctly dose the thrust with such a handle. We get out of it all the same with an adaptation time. But we should not count on a millimeter precision. Fortunately, this is better than most of the small controllers integrated into the first price joysticks.


When most joysticks are content with a small throttle at this price level, the T.Flight. Hotas X offers a real throttle for comfort and, in principle, better precision. Alas, this is paid for in the niche of precision, which reserves this model for arcade-oriented games, even though its nature also predestined it for simulation.


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