Best Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

With each generation of PlayStation, Sony offers at least one more compact version, called “Slim” of its console. The PlayStation 4 (CUH-1000A) is no exception to the rule and therefore returns with a smaller size (CUH-2000), a revised and more sober design, as well as reduced consumption and noise pollution. On paper, this new PS4 surpasses the first version on all points, so let’s see how it translates into practice.

Best Sony PlayStation 4 Slim Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

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In the same spirit as the PS3 Slim, the PlayStation 4 Slim is much more sober than the first version. No more shiny plastic on part of the upper shell, the light border or the touch buttons, place an entirely matt black shell, uniform, with slightly grainy coating.

The luxurious aspect of the PlayStation 4 is no more, but there is no doubt that some will prefer this greater sobriety – a finding that can also be done with the Xbox One S. The general shape, however, still resembles that of the PS4 first of the name and we thus find bevelled edges, as well as a groove all around the console and welcoming the connectors as well as the orifice of the Blu-ray player. The latter is, moreover, always of the slot-in type .

Of course, the advantage of this new version also lies in its smaller size. The PS4 Slim thus measures 10 mm less than the PS4 in width, 17 mm less in depth and is refined by 14 mm, for total dimensions of 265 x 288 x 39 mm. The console also loses 700 grams (2.1 kg). Compared to its competitor the Xbox One S, the PS4 Slim is especially much thinner (-23 mm), a little less wide (-30 mm), but on the other hand much deeper (+58 mm).

Regarding the connectivity, few surprises, the PS4 Slim retains its two USB ports (3.1 Gen1 against 3.0 previously) on the front – this time widely spaced from each other – its auxiliary port (to connect the PlayStation Camera, always optional), its Ethernet port and its HDMI port compatible HDR, but loses its optical output. 

A slightly improved DualShock 4 controller

The Sony PlayStation 4 Slim comes with a new version of the DualShock 4 controller. It can now be used directly via USB, without necessarily going through the Bluetooth connection – the USB connection was previously only used to recharge the controller. Aesthetically, the controller is also a less deep black. But the biggest visual difference can be seen on the top of the touchpad, now incorporating a thin translucent strip allowing the light to pass from the light zone located in front of the controller. More convenient to observe color changes indicating the battery level or different events in certain games (standard of living, etc.).

The DualShock 4 remains otherwise a pleasant to use and well finished controller, which does not have to be ashamed in front of the Xbox One / One S controller.


Unlike the Xbox One S which took advantage of its slimming cure to improve – very – slightly its performance, the PS4 Slim does not gain a megahertz and its components are simply engraved more finely (16 nm against 28 nm previously) in order reduce their consumption and thus the heat they give off. However, this is not a problem insofar as the PS4 was already more efficient than the One anyway (1.84 TFlops against 1.31 and 1.4 TFlops respectively for the One and the One S). The games will be neither smoother nor more beautiful on PS4 Slim compared to the PS4. To take advantage of better graphics and higher fluidity, it will be necessary to turn to the PS4 Pro, which does more than double the performance of the PS4 (4.2 TFlops).


The cooling system of the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim maintains the operating principle of the original PS4, with a turbine type fan of equivalent diameter and a ventilation tunnel. The components of this Slim version are less energy-consuming, they also heat less and the fan does not need to rotate as fast as that of the first PS4 to effectively cool the machine – the radiator of the main chip does moreover no more need for heat pipes either. This results in less significant noise pollution, especially when the console is under heavy stress. No more airplane turbine noise at takeoff, the PS4 Slim can finally remain discreet, even if it does not reach the silence of the Xbox One S.


In addition to noise reduction, the advantage of this Slim version is also found in terms of energy consumption. The console does not consume a watt once turned off (some devices continue to consume 1 or 2 W, or even more) and only 2.3 W in standby mode allowing a faster restart (the games remain paused). It’s almost 3 times less than what the very first PS4 (6.6 W) requires and still much less than the Xbox One S, which it needs 10 W to stay ready for action.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Slim is also much less greedy when it is on and displays its main menu, since it is content with 49 W, against 80 W for the 1st PS4. Consumption found in Blu-ray playback, which unfortunately is always much higher than that required by a dedicated Blu-ray player (only ten watts on average). The Xbox One S is a little more sober also with 37 W.

In game, consumption increases logically to approach 80 W with the most greedy titles, ultimately not much more than what an Xbox One S requires. Here too, the 1st PS4 is much more energy-consuming since it has need about 125 W or more on certain demanding titles.


Logical evolution of the PS4, the Sony PlayStation 4 Slim significantly attenuates the main defect of the first version, namely the operating noise. She is also more discreet in a TV cabinet and knows how to stay sober in terms of consumption. On the other hand, the absence of UHD Blu-ray player is a big lack compared to its direct competitor the Xbox One S. Cheaper, better than the first on almost all points – apart from design considerations -, this version So especially interest new buyers who do not already have a PS4.


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