Best Sony MDR-1AM2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Despite a mobile audio market resolutely geared towards wireless, some manufacturers still offer wired alternatives. This is particularly the case of Sony with the MDR-1AM2: a helmet displaying high ambitions at a modest price.


Released in April 2018, this successor to the MDR-1A is announced as a very comfortable helmet incorporating the anthology of proven technologies from the manufacturer, with the added bonus of a remote control and an integrated microphone to meet smartphone usage.

It is now available at 110 €, a little more than half of its launch price: that is to say that it was high time for us to assess whether the quality / price ratio justifies returning to connect a cable.

Best Sony MDR-1AM2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B)

2. Sony Stereo Headphone MDR-1AM2-B (Black)?Japan Domestic Genuine Products? ?Ships from Japan?

3. Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B) (Renewed)

4. Sony MDR1A Premium Hi-Res Stereo Headphones (Black)


From the grip of the helmet, we recognize the classic design of its predecessor and the same quality of finish. The care taken is such that materials, however modest (aluminum, plastic and imitation leather) become as pleasant to touch as to look at. The MDR-1AM2 is an extremely light over-ear headset (187 grams) which responds robustly to handling and twisting. It therefore inspires confidence in its long-term reliability.

The hinges pivot generously on the vertical and horizontal axis, allowing a natural positioning. The ear cups can be oriented flat for easy storage or for more comfortable wearing around the neck. However, it is impossible to fold the ear cups towards the headband. The shape of the latter and its generous deployment make the helmet compatible with all head sizes. The memory foam pads, constituting a major argument for the manufacturer to highlight the “anti-pressure” aspect, are detachable and therefore potentially replaceable: another good point for the life of the helmet.

Once the helmet on the ears, we see that there is no clamping effect, and practically no pressure of the headband on the top of the skull. The pads are soft. Overall, this featherweight is very comfortable and will quickly be forgotten. It’s a bit annoying because it generates a reflex for fear that the helmet will fall.


The MDR1A-M2 offers a rich and faithful sound, with great precision, all in a philosophy very close to that of a semi-open / open headphone

The frequency response has a very reasonable V-shape, with a slight withdrawal from the aggressiveness zone and an accentuation of the well-measured bass which, added to the fidelity of the transients, favors a precise and punchy bass, generous and ample, but not at all intrusive. 

The entire second part of the spectrum also benefits from high precision. The zone of the high mids is very subtly set back, just enough to maintain a listening at the same time natural, faithful and soft, without being blunted (no exaggerated attenuation of certain instruments such as brass, saturated guitars or snares, for example). The treble is clear, fine, well ventilated, without excess.


The MDR1A-M2 is one of the best wired portable headphones in terms of sound performance, which even brings it to the level of certain hi-fi and monitoring headphones. Beware, however, of the most restless nomadic uses and extremely noisy environments: these are fields of application in which it shows its limits.


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