Best Panasonic Lumix FZ82 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020:

Successor to the Panasonic Lumix FZ72 , the FZ82 bridge takes the same 60x zoom equivalent to a 20-1200 mm f / 2.8-5.9. It embeds a new BSI CMOS sensor 1 / 2.3 “with a definition of 18 Mpx, coupled to the same Venus Engine processor. The definition of the viewfinder and the display screen increases and Wi-Fi finally makes its appearance. The big news appears on the video side, now able to shoot in 4K / UHD 30p and take advantage of 4K Photo functions.


Launched at the same price as the Lumix FZ72 in September 2013 and in view of the many developments, the FZ82 has every chance of reaching the head of bridges with large zoom. The arrival of 4K functionality places it directly in front of the Nikon B700 bridge 

Best Panasonic Lumix FZ82 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ82 4K Bridge Camera


2. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 4K Digital Camera, 18.1 Megapixel Video Camera, 60X Zoom DC VARIO 20-1200mm Lens. F2.8-5.9 Aperture, Power O.I.S. Stabilization, Touch Enabled 3-Inch LCD, Wi-Fi, DC-FZ80K (Black)

3. Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 Digital Point & Shoot Camera – Bundle with 16GB SDHC Card. Camera Bag, Cleaning Kit, Memory Wallet, Card Reader, PC Software Package

4. Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ80 Digital Camera (DC-FZ80K) – Bundle – with 64GB Memory Card + LED Video Light. DMW-BMB9 Battery + Digital Flash + Soft Bag + 12 Inch Flexible Tripod + Cleaning Set + More

5. Panasonic LUMIX ZS80 20.3MP Digital Camera, 30x 24-720mm Travel Zoom Lens, 4K Video. Optical Image Stabilizer and 3.0-inch Display – Point & Shoot Camera with Lecia Lens- DC-ZS80S (Silver), Black


The Panasonic Lumix FZ82 bridge is one of the longest bridges to initialize. It takes 2.34 seconds to deploy its 60x zoom and start to fire, causing it to lose its fifth star. However, once on the way, the bridge does not disappoint. Whether at wide-angle or telephoto, the shutter is almost immediate. In low light, the performance of the autofocus is also honorable. Finally, the latency between two views leaps forward. You no longer have to wait 2.24 seconds between each JPG, but only 0.74 seconds, which remains in the good average. The arrival of the latest generation Venus Engine processor and the efficiency of stabilization give a boost to the responsiveness of the device. 

The burst modes are rather convincing since it is possible to reach up to 5 images per second in JPG and almost 4 images per second in RAW + JPG on 15 views. To achieve even faster frame rates, 4K Photo mode offers 30 frames per second recording at 8 MP resolution.

Image quality

The FZ82 has the same DC Vario 20-1200mm f / 2.8-5.9 lens as its predecessor FZ72. The BSI CMOS 1 / 2.3 “sensor evolves and climbs to 18.1 Mpx, accompanied by the latest generation Venus Engine processor. The maximum sensitivity remains blocked at ISO 6400. It is a strategic choice. Obviously, Panasonic prefers to clamp its rather than displaying higher sensitivities which generate images which are too noisy and often unusable. Note that the Nikon B700 only goes up to ISO 3200. Like its rival, the Lumix FZ82 is capable of recording in RAW + JPG. 

No doubt, the images provided by the FZ82 are more precise and more detailed than those generated by the Nikon B700 bridge. From 80 to 400 ISO, they take advantage of clear micro-contrasts. From ISO 800, smoothing gradually disappears the details. Electronic noise and desaturation make images unusable at ISO 6400. The FZ82 does it with dignity, even if the diffraction is visible from f / 4. Prefer the maximum aperture f / 2.8 for optimal quality. We also observe a slight yellowish cast over the entire image.

At full zoom, stabilization plays a significant role in rendering images. At 100%, the images reveal a little grain and a few colored artifacts, but the rendering is generally pleasing. The shallow depth of field at telephoto gives relief to the images. And even if the latter sometimes lack a bit of brightness, recording in RAW format can make up for this slight difference. The Panasonic Lumix FZ82 reveals images that are both sharp and detailed. At such a focal length, it’s amazing. The image quality at full zoom is close to that of the Canon Powershot SX60 with 65x zoom.


In addition to 4K Photo features, 4K / UHD 3840 x 2160 px video in 30p is emerging. The video limitation is not as important as on the Nikon B700, which is content with only 7 minutes and 30 seconds of film, but it will not be possible to film beyond 15 minutes. In Full HD and HD, you have to be content with 30 minutes of filming. Too bad. Make sure you have a UHS-I memory card if you want to shoot in 4K.

In 4K / UHD, the maximum wide-angle is increased to 28mm instead of 20mm due to cropping. A 4K cropping sub-function allows you to reduce the field of view a little more. As in the photo, the rendering is satisfactory. Continuous autofocus is responsive and quiet. The sound reproduction is also very correct. The voices are clearly distinguished from the background.


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