Best JBL E55BT Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales 2020

1. JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Black

2. JBL T750BTNC Wireless Over-Ear Headphones with Sound Cancellation – Black

3. JBL Live 650 BT NC, Around-Ear Wireless Headphone with Noise Termination – Black

4. JBL E55BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones Blue (Restored).

5. JB Live 500 BT, Around-Ear Wireless Earphone – Green.

JBL E55BT Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals & Sales Revies

JBL thoughtfully comes close to consumer audio needs with the E-Series line. This plastic collection looks for to fulfill our demands by providing affordable Bluetooth products without giving up audio high quality or capability. The E55BT model is a jack of all trades. The earphones are MultiConnect-enabled as well as are dressed up with 50mm vibrant vehicle drivers. They do every little thing all right. Yet you know what they (that are “they” anyhow) state: jack of all trades, master of none. Is that the case for the JBL E55BT?

Who are the JBL E55BT Black Friday for?

Any individual out there for budget-friendly headphones that put sound high quality over build high quality. In a perfect world, both would certainly always be top-notch, however, several budgets– mine consisted of– do not always permit that sort of financial liberty.

Pupils: With five colorways (black, red, blue, teal, and also white) there’s bound to be a seek you. The Bluetooth is hassle-free, so you do not have to stress over cables when evacuating from one class to an additional. And also, we 20-somethings maintain a shateringly limited spending plan, typically not voluntarily, so if worth is essential, keep analysis.

Commuters: Sound seclusion is impressive with the E55BT. Securing pressure stays out an excellent portion of ambient noise without causing headaches. The capacity to switch from one tool to an additional is valuable if you’re enjoying a video on your tablet as well as obtain a contact your phone. No more screwing up to fret about, just click that MultiConnect switch.

What’s Within

JBL consists of the necessities with the E55 BT: a 3.5 mm stereo jack as well as mini USB billing cable television. Don’t understand what to do with the cardboard box? Offer it to your child niece as a gift, it’ll maintain her amused for hrs.

Build & Style

These are practically categorized as budget plan headphones and it reveals. Though the plastic housing squeaks and also creaks in the hand, it thankfully vanishes when wearing them. It’s cool that the material headband matches the tangle-free cable television, however it stops working to give any kind of type of cushioning. Generally, this would certainly be problematic as the majority of us have a low resistance for headphone discomfort, yet due to ergonomic weight distribution, the E55BT can be used for a hr and also a fifty percent without exhaustion. Afterwards, the cushion-less headband ends up being a genuine pain. Similarly to the Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO, JBL has actually selected synthetic protein leather earpads. Not only does this keep costs down, it appeals to a broader range of customers.

Design-wise, they’re nothing to write home about. It makes good sense that JBL would certainly give up pandering to aesthetes in order to please ears. Yet the proportions are just silly. The 50mm motorist real estate protrudes way too much about the level headband. Functions are slim.

If you desire a corny joke, looks like your gon na have to phone dad due to the fact that JBL doesn’t include virtual assistant compatibility.

That said, they do fold flat as well as up at the joints, to make sure that’s nice. The right ear cup is furnished with the power button, fundamental playback controls, as well as a MultiConnect switch. All three of the playback regulates sit perfectly flush with each various other, making it nearly difficult to compare them. Utilizing them was a complete “assumption and check” process. I didn’t like it in senior high school algebra and do not like it currently.


Connection lags however unlike JBL’s Under Shield Sporting activity Flex wireless earbuds, it doesn’t drag. If you’re streaming video, there’s a 0.5-1 2nd hold-up. Not perfect, particularly in a $120 pair of headphones. Personally, I would certainly’ve chosen aptX compatibility over MultiConnect performance. Although, switching between devices works smoothly with the E55BT. I desire I could claim the very same for the general connectivity. Despite the source device no greater than three feet from the headphones, fixed disrupts the signal numerous times a minute. If you reset the earphones, it does remedy this for a while though.

The tangle-resistant cloth cord is useful, includes a mic and single-button remote, and also one end flexes at a 45 ° angle. Both jacks are enhanced with strong stress reducers. The optimist in me believes that it’ll hold up for a while.


With volume at half, I had the ability to wear down the full 20 hours of songs playback from the earphones. Keep in mind: also at 50 percent, these are loud. There’s no way that anybody might securely pay attention to that for more than a few minutes, tops. I normally located myself floating at a quarter of the volume. When you do lack juice, it takes two hrs using micro-USB for the earphones to top back up. C’mon, JBL, micro-USB? Can we make the button to USB-C, rather please?

Sound Top quality

Looking beyond the iffy connection, JBL has actually tuned the JBL E55BT Black Friday headphones to have a transformed noise trademark. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing, as it’s enjoyable and fulfills what most consumers like: highlighted bass as well as highs, about the mids. Just do not anticipate to get a good mix out of them; these don’t reference headphones.

The supra acoustic design assists produce a seal, isolating the listener from the setting, contributing to the bass. This additionally aids to develop a broader soundstage, the illusion of a regarded 3-D room, by taking advantage of the all-natural contours of the ear. Leveraging our composition assists to duplicate the all-natural hearing process.


The JBL E55BT deliberately distort the bass, and also Katy Perry’s “Swish Swish” is a prime example of just how this modified sound can be beneficial for certain genres. Apparently an action to Taylor Swift’s “Negative Blood”– if you’re one for celebrity fights–” Swish Swish” depends on an energised (120 bpm) pace to lug the nightlife-inspired beat.


Though not a radio hit, Lorde’s “Sober” has plenty of dynamic variety to examine the fidelity of the mids. Like “Swish Swish,” the tune is surpassed by exaggerated lows. While appealing, this standard beat damages Lorde’s vocals, triggering them to sound recessed. It’s an injustice to Lorde’s depiction of dependency within a mutually violent connection, “Jack as well as Jill get f **** d up when it gets dark … however what will we do when we get sober?” Preventing the vocals isn’t normally a huge concern with poppy rhythms like this (see above), but the song itself is so lyrically driven that it just does not function.


Edgar Meyer and also Chris Thile perform a deft duet in “Why Just one?” The bass and also mandolin pairing illustrates the transformed nature of the JBL E55BT. Both musicians play in tandem from the 12-second mark on. JBL’s E55BT recreation of Meyer’s upright bass efficiency, perceptibly lops off detail from Thile’s active mandolin selecting.


Though the weak plastic is typically a little also flexible, the reality of the matter is that if you get on a spending plan but want to dip your toe, or even your whole foot right into the next echelon of audio, the JBL E55BT are a worthy adversary of likewise valued choices.

Rendered more open than the ATH-M40X, the E55BT replicates an outstanding soundstage. Excellent sound top quality is always a wager with Bluetooth earphones, especially because of unforeseeable interference issues, however when the E55BT make points work. Yes, yes, yes. The sound isn’t level, however it’s not indicated to be. If the poppy color choices really did not indicate this well enough, the E-series line is an enjoyable, budget friendly collection that brings MultiConnect capabilities, convenience, and also excellent noise to the table.

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